6-10-2018 Minority Retort

Since the 1960’s I have heard the word “minority” used to equate any race of people that are not equal to white people in numbers as victims, disadvantaged, discriminated against, marginalized and oppressed. The Liberal propaganda wants us all to automatically pity anyone of color just because they are not “white”. Democrats and the propaganda media paints anyone of color or any identity proven to be in the minority as being privileged, more deserving – just because they are not as many in number as white people. That’s like the coach letting a totally unqualified player be quarterback simply because he is the only one on the team with red hair. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But that silliness is endorsed and leveraged against those of traditional European background simply because there are more of them. Lesbians, Gays and Transgenders are truly a minority in the country but Liberals are bending over backwards to push their lifestyle upon us and our children.

This explains Democrats creating Sanctuary Cities and States, drawing more black and brown people lacking skills and education to their regions to live off America’s taxpayers. They are only waiting for Conservatives in Government to cave and grant amnesty – then granting the right to vote. And based on what is happening in Washington that result may not be far off. Once millions of black and brown people who came here illegally are granted those rights the downfall of America will be at hand. Just think; Venezuela – and why people are leaving Blue States in droves.

There are numerous examples of people using an imbalance in numbers to claim discrimination and thus making demands to correct ‘unfairness’. Among them are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, our Federal legislators and Barack Obama. Each of these organized blacks to shake down businesses for exclusive privileges.

But the consequences do not at all bother Democrats as their lust for power and money far outweigh what is right and good for the country. Their hatred for Trump and how his policies are already empowering our nation makes them side with those hating our National Anthem, making them hate the religious freedoms within our Constitution, the Family and traditional marriage. Instead they speak for illegal immigrants, MS-13 gang members, an Iranian regime and the Palestinian Hamas that wants us all dead, and those poor Chinese who only want to steal our technology.

History has always featured strange bed partners – but never until now willfully inviting someone into your bed with a knife to slit your throat. In a capitalistic country free enterprise grants everyone the same opportunity. Communist Democrats hate opportunity – replacing it with a gratuitous outcome – just because their skin is not white, not Christian or Jew, not heterosexual – and that’s how you get votes.

If we allow our culture to be so overwhelmed by numbers that cause Liberals to push agendas on us it means we abandon merit based advancement and replace it with quotas. If that is the agenda of the left why are so many in the NFL and NBA predominately Black? Where are the quotas for white athletes? If you need to hire a Black, Muslim or Hispanic teacher that is not qualified in lieu of one qualified, how does that help your kids? Oh, that’s right, Liberals don’t care about kids – aborting thousands annually because it is an inconvenience.

Examples of those imagining discrimination:







What? A Black Person Lied About Being Abducted And Beaten By White Supremacists?