The May Day Hat Trick


Today was an extremely interesting day in American politics. A feature was the testimony of Attorney General William Barr before the Senate Judiciary Committee. As expected, the Democrats came armed with innuendo and imaginary charges of deceit, dishonor and calls for the resignation of the A.G.

It was another sad representation of Democrats displaying Emotional Retardation – acting like spoiled children being told they won't get their desert unless they eat their vegetables.

The first goal deals with the lies and misrepresentations of one, Juan Williams, a left-wing columnist for the He, like all Liberals and most of the media, is a proven liar. This retired Certified Nursing Assistant will take him down without any effort.

The second goal scored will be pointing how how the once trusted Drudge Report has joined the Never-Trump effort by attempting to control the narrative.

The Hat Trick goal carries featured article from It shows in black and white the lies, distortions and outright Fake News propagated by the Fake News media and their buddies in the Democrat/Communist Cabal.

I do this because I am so sick and tired of lies and liars in America. The deceit in politics and the media is now at unprecedented levels.

Dismantling Juan Williams' Lies


Let's just take apart paragraph by paragraph how racist Juan Williams takes the low road of lies and distortion. He is a Democrat and true to his allegiance he will foster propaganda upon the American people.

Here is his article, I mean his List of Lies for the;

Juan Williams: The reality of the Trump economy

By Juan Williams, opinion contributor — 04/29/19 06:00 AM EDT

Do you recall this golden promise from Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign?

“We’re going to make America wealthy again,” he promised. “You have to be wealthy in order to be great.”

Well, Trump voters, how is that working out for you?

After almost two-and-a-half years with Trump in the White House — including two years with Republican control of both houses of Congress — the middle class is getting squeezed to a pulp.

(This is total BS. Government reports show higher employment, a 3.2 GDP, and rising wages)

The rich got their Trump tax cut. GDP looks good. And the stock market is doing great for people with money to invest. But it is only the rich who get the big rewards in Trump’s economy.

What about the middle class?

Wages remain stagnant. Trump’s trade wars are hurting farmers. Coal mines keep closing. Teachers in several states have been on strike.

(Again, BS from JW. Wages are NOT stagnant, show me the evidence of farmers being hurt. Don't you and your Socialist friends want coal mines to close? Why are Teachers on strike, Juan. Not because they want more money, is it?)

Housing prices are up; prescription drug prices and healthcare costs are up; gas prices are up and student debt is soaring.

(Housing prices rise due to greater demand, Juan. Take a course on Economics, for God's sake. Healthcare costs are up because Congress has yet to unburden the American people from Obamacare, the sacred cow of the Left. Gas prices are up the most in tax-happy California, Juan)

This is the reality for the middle class.

(No, this is the reality of your twisted mentality)

Meanwhile, never forget that 83 percent of the benefits of Trump’s tax cut will in the long run go to the nation’s wealthiest 1 percent, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

(If Mr Ordinary Citizen pays little to no taxes, wouldn't 10% of $1000 be far less than 10% of $100,000? Do you raise your children to be this dishonest? Oh, that's right, you have a Son who is Republican, don't you?

This is quoted from and is written by the Washington Post's own fact-checker, Glenn Kessler when reviewing Joe Biden's campaign claims:

As we have explained before, any broad-based tax cut is going to mostly benefit the wealthy because they already pay a large share of income taxes. According to Treasury Department data, the top 20 percent of income earners paid 95.2 percent of individual income taxes in 2017. The top 10 percent paid 81 percent. The top 0.1 percent paid an astonishing 24.1 percent of taxes.”)

That adds up to a big fail on Trump’s promise to boost the middle class.

(Check the numbers on retail sales and the GDP, Juan. These numbers rise specifically due to people having more disposable income)

But get ready for Trump to sell the same stale promise of economic revival for the middle class in his 2020 campaign.

(So this report is Trump propaganda? Private payrolls surge by 275,000 in April, blowing past estimates )

And why not? Trump’s handling of the economy and unemployment are his strongest selling points.

Fifty-one percent of Americans approve of how the billionaire is steering the economy, according to the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average of polls.

Keep in mind that Trump’s overall approval rating is stuck underwater at 43 percent, while 53 percent disapprove, according to RCP. But Americans give Trump a good grade on the economy.

(The same pollsters that told us Hillary would crush Trump in the 2016 Election, Juan?)

That is why Trump uses the economy as his magic answer to every question.

“The stock market hit an all-time record high today and they’re actually talking impeachment?” he said in a tweet last week. “Will I ever be given credit for anything[?]”

Do people who watch the markets agree with Trump?

Not Rick Newman of Yahoo Finance. He wrote in his column last week:

(Yeah, Yahoo, Juan. Weren't they the same source used to justify the FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign?)

“If Trump deserves credit for a roaring stock market then Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan do as well. In fact, all of them presided over more total highs in the S&P 500 than Trump so far.”

And there is more bad news for Trump in a Fox News poll released earlier this month.

It showed “a majority, 53 percent, believes GOP policies benefit the rich and powerful rather than everyday Americans (32 percent), while voters are more likely to see the Democratic Party as being for everyday Americans (40 percent) than the rich (34 percent).”

That’s why Jamie Dimon, the chairman and CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase, wrote in his April letter to shareholders that the American Dream is alive but “fraying for many.”

He explained that 40 percent “of American workers earn less than $15 an hour, and about 5 percent of full-time American workers earn the minimum wage or less, which is certainly not a living wage.”

(This only proves how many Americans don't look at facts but accept Fake News)

Consider one more economic fact.

Last May, the Federal Reserve Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households found that 40 percent of American adults would not be able to afford a $400 unexpected expense without borrowing or selling something.

(So, you want to blame American's penchant to not save money on the President? I have family members close to me that average nearly $100,000 a year but don't have a penny saved. Is that Trump's fault?)

Trump’s failure to deal with the economic squeeze on the middle class gives Democrats a wide opening.

Income inequality is a hot political topic “now that we have the Trump tax cuts that are driving inequality even more,” Neera Tanden, head of the Center for American Progress, recently told The Washington Post.

(The Center for American Progress is the child of the Clinton's and funded by George Soros, liar! Don't even get me started on the Washington Post – the leader of Fake News in print)

The Democrat running for president with the best ideas for helping the middle class is Sen. Elizabeth Warren [D-Mass.].

(Even God does not have enough money to fund her pipe-dreams Government)

Last week, she unveiled an ambitious proposal to forgive $640 billion in student loan debt. Student loan debt is a key factor preventing millions of Americans — especially millennials — from making their way into the middle class.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 44 million American borrowers collectively owe $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. Republicans immediately denounced Warren’s plan as unrealistic even though they have no plan of their own.

Warren is on the right track in reminding voters that Trump defaulted on his promise to help the middle class. But Democrats can expect Trump to point to low unemployment and label them “socialists.”

And economic policy, while important, can be boring — especially when it is competing head-to-head with Trump’s twitter feed.

So far, Trump’s distracting Twitter feed — with its attacks on the media and Democrats — is keeping his base voters comatose to the economic ills of the middle class.

What happens, though, if Trump’s base voters wake up to the real state of the American economy?

It will be the end of Trump.

(Juan, American voter woke up to the threat of Socialism in 2016. That's what gave Trump the Presidency)

Juan Williams is an author, and a political analyst for Fox News Channel.

Drudge Fudge


I used to view the Drudge Report as a middle of the road news source – actually an accumulation of news links from a variety of sources. Over the last year, however, it seems Drudge is purposely yielding the lead sources to the left-wing of, ahem, journalism.

Here is what I mean based on those links prominently displayed at the top of the Drudge Report on May 1st, 2019. I used to see some balance in these links but as I've said, increasingly the most prominent links are to left-wing sources.

Examples follow:


The above is from the anti-Trump agency named the Associated Press, a proven biased reporting medium.

Opening statement...

The next one is to Never have I seen this agency report anything positive about our President.

Read Mueller letter to Barr...

The boldly red headline above is naturally to the all-time anti-Trump Associated Press.

'It was MY baby!'

This gem above is to the notoriously Trump-hating UK Daily Mail. A group spouting nonsense from the time Trump arrived on the political scene.

Pushed AG Twice to Release Summaries...

The next one listed is from the saintly, holier-than-thou, infamously Fake News New York Times.

Just 2 lawmakers have seen less-redacted report...

Next above is, another Trump-hating left-wing opinion source.

Professed ignorance prompts calls for resignation...

Another left-wing beauty from the Laredo Morning Times – but the story itself comes from the ever-so-honest Kings of crap, the Washington Post.

AG says he DID NOT exonerate President...

Who can we trust more about truth in news reporting? All Socialists and Communists agree; its CNN!

Agreement reached to have Mueller testify before Congress... Developing...

Camouflaging itself in the above headline is, in actuality a Reuters offshoot and another anti-Trump agency.


Last but not least is spin from another spin-happy agency, The headline size has been reduced to more easily fit this page but the original font was a whopping size 36. The headline is of course false and deceptive because Mueller has to date not said anything to dispute the findings of Barr's summary. The use of the word 'spin' in this link is purely – spin.

And that, ladies and gentlemen of America, is a prime example of how a new source controls the narrative. Once trusted, now busted, the vainglorious Drudge Report.

Here's a screenshot taken just after writing this down. The headline below Mueller's picture has changed, adding another pot shot at Trump from the UK Guardian, you know, where they are talking about banning knives instead of going after the Muslims stabbing their innocent citizens.

This of course begs me to link to the another assessment of world events written the same day, May 1st, 2019. That title can be read at Its Something in The Water.

Hang in there, Conservative America. Once Liberals destroy our nation they are sure to call on you to fix it.

Newsbusters Today


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My Final Note:

For all of the clamoring by Democrats, the Fake News Cartels in America and the Hollywood Elite who have lost touch in knowing fact from fantasy, I ask one simple question about their insatiable desire to destroy the President; Show Me The Crime!

But, if you look at his opponent and her Government moles in the 2016 race, well, we've got a ton of crimes there, haven't we. 'Nuff said.