Loosening The Grip of Big Government
Sept 26, 2017

How did we get here? How did we get to the point of having so much government that it stifles free markets and free individuals?

Answer: When voters don’t pay attention they get rolled.

Get rolled? How? Why?

It is all of those well-intentioned people we elect and send to Washington – whose sole purpose seems to be making more rules, more regulations, expanding government and the costs associated with that expansion.

In the early days of our country there were four Cabinet positions under the President. Today there are sixteen, having employee rolls into the millions. If anything that would be identified as a Government success – it would be its proficiency at creating more of itself.

This became unwieldy as more Government agencies were born and staffed. The EPA makes rules and regulations for Americans, as does the Department of Education, the Department of Transportation; the Interior; Housing and Development – and on and on. A 2015 Study put the regulatory costs at $1.9 Trillion annually.

Somehow, somewhere, our legislators handed over the reins of government to bureaucrats– sidestepping the use of Congress to pass the laws for our nation. Barack Obama set the standard for this malady. The downside of this Legislative handoff has been a myriad of rules and regulations put out by leftwing zealots – like the ones who claim we suffer from global warning – in spite of evidence to the contrary.

So, here we are, now $20,000,000,000,000.00 ($20 Trillion), in debt and there is no end in sight. Unlike others who make it their bailiwick to complain about everything yet offer no solutions – I have solutions to offer.


If you are surprised you are probably a Liberal Tax and Spendaholic who sees no way forward for our society other than robbing Peter (the taxpayer), to pay Paul (the recipient of benefits from a long list of ‘programs’ meant to garner votes).

An immediate cut in the cost of government would come in two areas.

One, kill all government employee Unions. Government should not be held to account to organized attempts to better the lives of the selected elite, like Congress and their staffs not having to participate in Obamacare.

Wipe out the Unions from bargaining against its own government and we might get government workers pay and benefit more in line with Middle America.

Two, make any number, if not all government agencies, Advisory Bodies. The EPA can study the environment and submit their findings to Congress – and Congress will pass the Environmental Laws.

Make the Department of Education an Advisory Body and eliminate the gaggle of Socialists making up school rules and agendas. Take government out of the business of Communist indoctrination save for setting standards for passing sixth grade, eighth grade, high school; the earning of college and University degrees. Take away the power of the Teacher’s Unions who control inner-city schools, taking teacher’s pay and churning out uneducated, flag-hating Liberals.

Make the Housing and Urban Development an Advisory Body, with Congress passing laws that gives Federal block grant money to the states for administering. End the Fannie May and Freddie May debacle that is currently pouring money down the rat hole of bankruptcy.

Have the Department of Energy give advice to Congress and let Congress decide Energy rules. How is an out of work coal miner supposed to feel when there is no food on the table and a politician tells him, “Mmm, isn’t that fresh air wonderful!”

Don’t expect anyone in government reading this to give it any consideration. Year after year after year Americans vote for representation then if you’re a taxpayer, you can count on just about anything consumed or purchased costing more – with more and more being handed over to the ‘needy’, comprised to a great extent of those who have learned to game the system.

As opposed to smaller government, we can expect Washington, State, Local and City governments to pass more and more rules, costing more and more money – raising the sixteen-headed monster of government to eventually eat the poor taxpayers -that somehow did not do their duty enough to put everyone in the country into a lifeboat – a lifeboat with no oars – because government is there for you – with your vote given to Liberals who ‘feel’ they should not have to contribute (row).

Ronald Reagan said once, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem. It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't so.”

Those words were spoken in 1981 when the National Debt was $998 Billion. Now at $20 Trillion in Debt what has changed?

Only the faces in Washington who have so burdened America it is on a path of self-destruction. Is there a pattern here? Yes, it is the same as it has been for years – with only Conservative minded people in this country knowing the truth – and the danger.

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