Looking Back Predicts Looking Ahead

(excerpted Foreword from the
book, “Groupthink vs Truth”)


Imagine you are sixteen years old and
just recently got your driver’s license. Your parents trust you to
borrow the car and you go to a friend’s house where they are having
a party. Even though the partiers are underage, there is alcohol
there and a group of your friends are indulging.

They pass a bottle of booze around,
each in turn taking a hefty pull from the bottle. The bottle then
comes to you. You shake your head no, knowing the risks - the trust
of your parents and the legal ramifications.

“Come on! Take a pull!” comes the
chorus of your friends.

Will you resist the temptation or raise
the bottle to your lips?

If you resist the temptation, knowing
it is the right thing to do, you’ve stood up for your own
individuality and rationality. If you raise the bottle and take a big
swallow, you’ve surrendered your individuality to appease and be
part of the “group”. This is “group-think”.

Imagine you are on a rafting trip on
the Colorado River with nine others. When your group rented the raft,
the rental folks advised you that at one specific point in the river,
the rapids on one side posed a great danger, with some rafters dying
when having risked that part of the waters. Your group is advised to
use the far side at that point in order to guarantee safety.

Once along the trip some of the group
expresses a desire to throw caution to the wind and risk taking that
part of the dangerous rapids. Out of the ten members, four are for
taking the safe side and six for risking the dangerous part. In a
vote, it is decided to take the risky avenue.

In this instance the group, via
majority, have decided the course for your trip down the rapids. You
and the others desiring a more conservative trip are overruled by

In America, when we pursue knowledge on
how to vote and who to vote for in our country, be it at the local,
state or national level – we have an option – just as the
teenager at the party. Which choice shall I make? Shall I accept the
thinking of the group or think for myself?

After an election, those voting for
specific candidates that are in the majority have put you on their
raft and you are along for the ride. In your choice of voting, you
are the teen at the party. After the voting, you are on the raft and
subject to the dictates based on the choices that more of the “group”

Watching and interpreting history can
help you make conservative judgments in political choices. If too
many are in the opposite “group”, we are only along for the ride.

When that happens - hold on!

Here's the Update: Just in time for April Fool's Day

We now have 18 declared Democrats
running for President in 2020.

Here's their cumulative Agenda so far:

Eliminate the Electoral College

Open the border to illegal immigrants

Allow abortion up to and right after

Free child care

40% employee control of corporations

Universal Healthcare

Free College

Gun Confiscation

$15 minimum wage

Guaranteed income/$6000 each for middle

Slave reparations

Net Neutrality

Internet Privacy

to 18-year-olds
Legalize Marijuana

all U.S. infrastructure for Green New Deal in 10 years

more gas engine cars – no airplane travel

to those unwilling to work

in new taxes

Illegal Immigrants into Social Security

$1.5 Trillion in Student Debt

voting age to 16

the Supreme Court

could let out with a huge “Wow!”, but the bigger wow will come if
the 2020 popular vote for Democrats is bigger than votes for Donald
Trump – thus proving that Emotional Retardation has produced more
fools than one can imagine.