Lions, Wolves and Sheep
Feb 11, 2018

For the sake of a political narrative, I will be identifying people in America by three classifications; those named in the title. Many events happen politically in our country daily. How the three types of people I’ve chosen to label have differing roles in how political events are either hindered or nurtured.

The Lion; borrowed as a description to describe those who can act, think and rationalize on their own. The Lion in the wild hunts its own food, provides nurturing and care for the offspring, teaching them while young the skills needed for survival.

The Wolves; People who swoop in to feed off of an abandoned carcass or hunting in a pack, employing strength in numbers to give themselves an edge. Wolves in our society and in the political landscape can lie, cheat, steal and seek to indulge childish whims to achieve their ends.

The Sheep; In our country they are those who follow a shepherd. They do not act independently but are part of the flock, willfully surrendering their own initiative to accept whatever the Wolves throw at them without any desire to check on the veracity, the truthfulness or legitimacy of what they are told. They await being led to their next feeding ground.

This analysis is extremely blunt; the Lions of America are typically Conservative – having been taught and trained for self-reliance, adapted to absorbing and interpreting information to test its logic and common sense. They have learned to provide for their own existence.

Wolves are political predators. They know the sheep are timid and can be easily led without attempting to test what they have been told. Wolves in the American political mainstream are Liberals, believing the sheep should not be required to sustain themselves or be held accountable to behavior that mirrors the sentiments and propaganda of the Wolves.

The Sheep are many being taught in America’s educational system, happily accepting whatever the Wolves tell them – making no effort whatsoever to seek the Truth about what they have been told. They are typically Liberals because the Wolves tell them they have no obligation to sustain themselves or behave according to law. Snowflakes and Millenials highly populate this cross section of adults, and youth.

Throughout my lifetime and my study of history since our country began, Conservatives (Lions) are naturally Republican and Independent in their political party allegiance.

The Wolves in our country are members of the Democrat Party and are increasingly touting Communist and Socialist programs – in spite of those means of government having met failure each and every time.

The Sheep are primarily Liberals with a bent toward the Democrat Party. They believe the lies that are told repeatedly by the Democrat Party and their sycophant friends in the media. Because they are promised political candy in the way of “free stuff” – without looking at what happens to a country that follows this prescription and the mess that ensues.

The Lions in government since the election of Donald Trump have taken great measures to bring prosperity back to America by getting the boot of government off the neck of the capitalistic system – proven in history and fact to render the most benefit to a society and culture.

The Wolves in government are actually telling their sheep followers that them keeping more of their own wages will hurt the country. They make up fake news and fake intelligence reports in order to take down a duly elected President. Barack Hussien Obama, along with Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi can successfully look right at a television camera and lie. The Leftwing media simply picks it up and as a chorus spreads their propaganda for them.

The Sheep are taken, hook, line and sinker because they are dyed-in-the-wool followers – not thinkers. Often I look at the website, Campus Reform. They send folks to universities and colleges to question those in the midst of ‘higher education’ to garner their opinion. And, repeatedly, the young sheep will criticize something if told that it came from Donald Trump, only to gape open-mouthed when told it was done or said by a Democrat.

The Halls of Education are doing everything they can do teach untruths to the students of today; from teaching about trans-genderism to Kindergarteners, ‘white privilege’ to high school and college students and are actively replacing traditional education sources with communist doctrine – along with everything from peanut butter to sports as being ‘racist’.

It is equally disturbing as it is hilarious when I look at a website such as Daily they report on the lies, deceit and hysteria generated by the Wolves and the Jackals in the press that follow behind them.

Every day I attempt to hope that the Wolves would stop lying and the Sheep would stop accepting ignorance as a life’s goal. But, like a drug addict, sometimes a person, or a nation, must fall totally to the bottom where the only alternative direction would be up. I don’t expect my hopes to be realized – that’s why I advocate food, water and ammunition.

I guess, in some sense, I too, am a Dreamer. But you may ask what warrants my pessimism. It was the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, a policy change offered up by Democrat Ted Kennedy. It changed the source nations from which we allowed people into our country. When we used to allow those from Europe, bringing skills and their education, the law changed immigration to favor us bringing in people from Central and South America.

What the Wolf Democrats did was to stop bringing Lions to America and replaced them with Sheep – those uneducated and having virtually no skills to benefit our nation. This was done in order to bring more Sheep to the U.S. Sheep are needy, needing government to provide them with a ‘free ride’, paid for by the taxpaying Americans.

Why Sheep? Because Sheep are needy and know the Democrat Party offers the free ride. More Sheep to be legalized and given rights and it becomes predictable that at some future date there would be no more Lions in government, only Wolves.

Because once given the right to cast a ballot, the Sheep would elect those who would continue the government handouts – as long as their ballot was marked for another Wolf. That’s why the Wolf Democrats are for open borders and giving citizenship to anyone who came here illegally or by a false compassion for ‘refugees’ that would certainly swell the flock of Sheep – meaning sometime in my lifetime there will be no more Lions at the helm of government.

That is why we will fall as no lifeboat that is overcrowded and having no one willing to man the oars means that we will drift into storms of chaos – just as has happened in Cuba and Venezuela. Because that’s what Wolves do.

Author’s Note:

After proof reading this article I go to a news link on Drudge. The article talks about people enjoying pay raises and bonuses after Trump’s tax reform. But the first person quoted in the Reuter’s article is actually complaining about how small the bonus is. Planting negativity is what the Wolves and Jackals in the media are best at.