Liberalism Analogy:

“Lord of the Flies” Comes To America
(No Date as this is timeless)

Sometimes in history people rise up against oppression; a leader that imprisons his or her enemies, confiscates their assets, forces them into submission by dictatorial rule with the threat of physical attack and being killed – leaving the population to starve while basking in opulence.

Since our current President has been sworn in, none of those things have happened. Yet the desire to destroy the current administration has reached a fever pitch.

In the book, “Lord of the Flies”, schoolboys are stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash. Some of them turn wild and menacing – to the point of harassment – and murder. After all, they are children and children can go haywire without adult supervision.

Now Conservatives in America are seeing the level of hostility and violence escalating – being spurred on by the American Left – simply because they did not get their way!

As Hitler’s chief propagandist once said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Here is the Analogy:

A child is sent to his room for misbehaving:

Hillary lies, breaks Federal laws but avoids prosecution – DNC dirty laundry is posted on Wikileaks – Hillary loses the election.

The child can be heard from outside his room, yelling and screaming in protest:

All Democrats, the Mainstream Media, racist blacks and Millennial Snowflakes launch a campaign of hysteria – accepting that Trump colluded with the Russians to give him the Presidency – calling for investigations and inquiries for which there is yet no evidence.

The opposition to government funding abortions is broadcast as Trump hating women and disregarding their health needs – that making changes to a horrible Health Care law will result in people dying, and that an archaic belief in religion or the traditional family must be eradicated – supporting the impossible notion of Government providing cradle to grave sustenance to the citizenry.

The parents can hear crashing of items from inside the child’s room:

Democrats and Liberal judges block the Border Wall and a ban blocking radical Muslims from Jihad sponsoring countries – teaming up with Liberal, violent activists such as Black Lives Matter, resulting in physical assaults, rioting and property destruction. Liberals across the spectrum condone these activities. Any action by Trump to help our economy and national security is met with calls for impeachment.

As a means of protesting his parent’s authority – he sets fire to the house. The house is burned to the ground.

Democrats and Liberals declare victory – after making America a pile of rubble and ashes; and the way things are going this is already happening.

Why are the Democrats and the mainstream media manufacturing new Trump scandals almost daily?

The American voters overturned the desire, the dream, and the hope that Hillary Clinton would be president and take the final steps to transition the U.S. into Socialism/Communism – whereby the Mainstream Media would enjoy unfettered propaganda – because a Communist country can shut down any conservative media voices.

How dare Americans interfere with the Left’s agenda! They are so flummoxed that anything and everything about Donald Trump deserves Impeachment! For the eight years of Obama Millenials and Snowflakes were spoon-fed the mantra of victimhood while Obama imposed his mini-dictatorship. The Trump presidency has unleashed a Leftist tantrum – because being rational is an unknown concept to them. If their cause is so just why do they cover their faces ala ISIS?

As do the violent Liberal protesters – the leftwing in America will burn down the house just to rule over the ashes.

25 Obama Actions That Did Not Induce Impeachment are listed at the following link.

Crimes committed by Democrats: Okay
No Crimes committed by Trump: Calls for Impeachment.

A former President spelled it out long ago.

Ronald Reagan: “Fascism will come in the form of Liberalism”