Does anyone recognize the similarity of these TV Show Titles: Matlock, Petrocelli, Perry Mason, Boston Legal, L.A. Law, Eli Stone, The Defenders, JAG, Ally McBeal and Better Call Saul.
The common denominator is they are all programs about fictional lawyers and law firms, featuring weekly scenes of courtroom drama, not to mention the real Court TV programs such as Judge Judy and others.

If you are a devotee of such television fare you might notice each of the lawyers and law firms depicted have a ‘Law Library’.
From a page on Wikipedia we are offered this definition:
A law library is a special library used by law students, lawyers, judges and their law clerks, historians and other scholars of legal history in order to research the law.

So why do law firms have law libraries? Because lawyers can look for “legal precedent” in arguing a case in court. Simply put, they look up a case similar to one on which they are currently working and how that particular case was ruled upon. This establishes the “legal precedent” lawyers and judges use in determining case outcomes. Its like, “Okay, this same thing happened in 1922. How did that case come out and what were the legal arguments that determined the ruling?” In other words, it is looking at History.

Should you find yourself either in some legal bruhaha or even a criminal case against you, you would want your lawyer or legal team to search for cases like yours in order to temper the decision of the Judge or Jury. That’s right – something in History can serve to keep you from financial punishment or imprisonment.

Why do I discuss legal precedent? Because I study History. If you want something favorable to you in court proceedings to bail you from a legal disaster, wouldn’t you want History to help you in other life decisions – such as political and voting decisions?

Unfortunately, many in America who would cry out for salvation via “legal precedent”, eschew the salvation that studying National and World History yields when entering a ballot booth.
The leading issue in History being ignored by millions of Americans is what Governments do that are beneficial or destructive for a town, a county, a city, state or country. If we ignore the precedents in History that detail what happens when Socialism, Communism and Dictatorship does over time in taking a once prosperous city, state or nation into economic hardship, national strife and violence – are we abandoning ‘precedent’?

Certainly, if one studies in depth the History of Communist China, Communist Russia, Communist North Korea, Communist Cuba and openly Communist Venezuela – won’t some precedent present itself? It certainly makes me question the rationale of a person who would demand legal precedent to save himself or herself from incarceration, yet believe and vote for Government that eventually destroys their freedom.

Why demand History for one outcome and turn your eyes away from History in another? Is this behavior a harbinger for national chaos in America? If you consider a woman who broke Federal Laws via an illegal mail server, raised Foundation monies from her office of Secretary of State, sold Russia 20% of our Uranium and cast blame for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi on a video – yet won the popular vote in 2016 - shouldn’t you ask why?

The current crop of contenders for President offer a fantasy land of a make-believe. Everything is free because it is a ‘right’; telling us all that the Communist Policies that have destroyed human freedoms in the past are now the answer to all our problems that Government created. At the same time their current Party members are in Washington working with Government Agency employees attempting to overthrow the duly elected President. The same way it is and has been done under Communism and Dictatorship.

It is time now to heed the words of a fictional creation: “Danger, Will Robinson!”