I've had burning questions for some time now. Perhaps someone can clarify for me.

When a Democrat is discussing an issue in front of the cameras, what do they mean when they say, “we have to look at” something? Aren't politicians supposed to present answers to problems?

If the top ten percent of income earners pay roughly seventy percent of federal taxes, what do Democrats and Socialists mean by saying they must pay their 'fare share'?

If statistics indicate more whites are killed by cops than blacks killed by cops, why do Democrats running crime=infested cities blame cops for targeting blacks?

When Presidential Candidate, Kamala Harris, says we need 'smart gun safety laws' and wants to ban 'assault weapons', in spite of most crimes being committed with a handgun, what exactly does she mean by 'smart gun safety laws'?


What does Nancy Pelosi mean when she and other Democrats for years say we have to have 'comprehensive immigration reform'?

What does Bernie Sanders mean when he says “we can and must create an economy and government that works for all Americans and not just the 1 percent,” when unemployment is at record lows and wages are rising?

When Bernie Sanders proposed that 'Medicare For All' would cover illegal immigrants, just who has to foot the bill for this?

When Liberals push for a Universal Basic Income, doesn't that say that AOC's dream of people not having to work is a possibility? And if folks don't have to work, where does the money come from?

If a book written by an Obama adviser is number 1,030 on Amazon, why is it on the New York Times Best Seller List?

How is it that Police cars emblazoned in red, white and blue lettering is so upsetting to some in a California town?

Was anyone surprised when two young Muslim women got into Congress and immediately began causing divide and controversy?


Why is it Socialist policies always take a country into decay yet are labeled, 'Progressive'?

Is it really a good thing for America when Hollywood dramas portray thoughts on assassinating the President of the United States?

How many Americans have these same questions? Just curious.