A sane and rational person might wonder if insanity is the new normal in the world. Around the globe we are witnessing some of the most illogical, nonsensical behavior by private citizens and Governments alike. While John and Mary Q. Public go about their day of going to work or raising children, paying the bills or tending the homestead, it appears just as many millions are off and about on idiotic endeavors that have no common sense explanation. Maybe its me but I am seeing across the world, day by day, a mass hysteria I cannot explain.

Take the women's movement for instance. Countless stories abound of how Muslims treat their women as chattel, make videos giving advice on how to beat their wives to guarantee their submission and make them cover themselves from head to foot in clothing with only their eyes being visible. Contrast that in America where women are clamoring to have control of whether the child carried inside them gets a thumbs up or down as to being able to live, railing against dis-proven claims of unequal pay and treatment in the work place, yearly adopting attire to show increasingly nearly every square inch of their bodies and adorning themselves in near-naked looking leggings. Yet a popular sports magazine features a Muslim gal in a 'burkini'; which covers everything except the women's face – and women's movements cheer this?

So what is it, girls? Are you wanting more freedoms or calling for less freedoms? That's a head-scratcher to me. And now I see Planned Parenthood partnering with Black Lives Matter for the 'Women's New Deal'. Is the feminist movement off their meds? Be brave and look into divorce and abortion rates among minorities prior to the Democrats “Great Society” giveaway in 1965. Go ahead, Ill wait right here.


Let's take a look at terrorism. Statistically not all Muslims are terrorists. But statistically most terrorism is committed by Muslims. There is a story in Germany of immigrants telling the media if the women wears a short skirt she deserves to be raped. In this sense, two wrongs don't make a right.

In European cities, once bastions of Caucasian inhabitants, thousands of Muslim immigrants are not only raping girls and women but without access to guns, they are stabbing people with knives. What is the reaction in Britain? Not to root out the cells of criminal Muslims infesting their cities – but they are discussing banning knives! Some European governments are moving to criminalize any criticism of Islam – because bowing to an oppressor will make them treat you better, right?

How about gun ownership? When the U.S Constitution was written the Colonists knew the fear of a despotic regime. Citizens owning guns was a way to prevent a monarchy or other dictatorial entity to overrun a population so the Founders made that the very second Amendment. We have seen people rising up against dictatorial rule in Iran and now more recently in Venezuela. Guess what? The people are not allowed guns in those countries so it is quite easy to put down legitimate revolt because the people have no defense.

In spite of this, the entire Democrat Party in America, and just about every Leftist candidate declaring a Presidential bid for 2020, want to disarm the citizenry. Do they think the common-sense American does not see through their intentions? A person kills another person. Whether it is done by a gun, a knife, a hammer or a paperclip, it is an act performed by a human. In some governments they take away the person responsible, either by incarceration or execution. But still, the rabid Left is now openly advocating gun confiscation. What will follow; knife confiscation? Or, hammer confiscation? Or, because thousands die annually in auto accidents, automobile confiscation? (Actually, the Green New Deal does exactly that but by professing it will save the world).

Looking at gun violence even government statistics say that more young black men are killed by other black men but this bit of common sense is completely ignored by those with a maniacal agenda. Just the other day, the constantly racist, whiney baby, Juan Williams, was lamenting the fact that more people of color are incarcerated than whites. Juan is not a three-year-old but his intelligence level is that of the Emotionally Retarded. If more people of color are incarcerated, Juan, it is because they commit more crimes! Now, see how easy that is?

The favorite target today, in the minds of so many among the hysterical masses, is that all blame for all world woes can be placed at the foot of the 'white man'. Even educators are conducting classes blaming the white race for any imagined injustice and advocate the punishment of white men; and while we're at it, let's confiscate money from them and make them pay for slave reparations – although no one living today is, or was, a slave before the hundreds of thousands died to end that practice. Evil people are leveraging mental midgets to believe that everywhere they turn there is some form of 'social injustice' and that someone, not people of color, of course, should pay up. If this is not insane then the moon is made of green cheese. A Democrat politician has indicated men in general should be castrated and charged fees for sperm storage. How does someone this crazy get elected?

I, along with many other Americans, have been watching a man on the Jeopardy game show rack up over a million dollars in winnings due to his treasure house of knowledge. How does a man named Charles Lane treat him? By calling him a 'menace'. That's right, a man achieves something and he is a menace. Leftists cannot tolerate achievers – those who bring themselves up in life by diligence and hard work. The Left needs the needy, those who have nothing to contribute and require Government handouts – and that's where the Socialists step in, to make every little booboo feel better. Is Charles Lane, the columnist condemning achievement, in an insane asylum? No, he's a columnist for the Washington Post – well, same thing.

Perhaps someone is putting something in the water we humans on planet earth consume because I have no other reasonable explanation for displays of absolute silliness. While tens of thousands have and continue to invade our southern border, we have the Left-wing of politics and most of the media telling us how wonderful it is? Just ask the Europeans how wonderful this is. Do Leftists and Fake News specialists drink different water than I do? It is no different than government showing up at your house with a migrant family and ordering you to house them, feed them, provide them health care and education – all out of your own pocket. Then they have the audacity to tell you how wonderful this is for you and the country! Cue the Twilight Zone background music.

The greatest level of insanity, however, is one gripping the entire country and having ripple effects around the world. That is, when a non-politician won the 2016 American Election for President. Lord, God Almighty! You would think that science just predicted the earth would end just because of this evil man, and don't even get me started on the climate change crazies.

Donald Trump was not supposed to be President. The members of the United States Gestapo, operating under the guise of legitimate Government law enforcement agencies, attempted to undermine the Electoral process. When Trump was ushered into the White House under the rules of the Electoral College, those same deep state moles and their willing partners in Congress and the Media launched the most unprecedented attempt at the overthrow of an Elected President. The level of hysteria and maniacal behavior exploded with the opposition party and most of the media, creating from nothing, a litany of wrong-doing, with no corroborating evidence; that this man should be forcibly removed from his position. The degree of mass hysteria reached a level never before seen on Earth – in other words, they lost their minds.

While Donald Trump has, by actual evidence, in spite of tremendous opposition and mass-propaganda, increased the number of working Americans, reduced tax burdens for a huge majority of workers and businesses, exploded the GDP and reduced the welfare rolls – the insane Left, taking another gulp of whatever poisoned water they are drinking, has produced story after story of how destructive this man is for America and that he should be taken down.

Every day that I receive my daily dose of the insane running the asylum, I sometimes wonder if one day I woke up in a different country from the one I was born and raised in. Since third grade when I received my first history school book I was hooked. I marveled at the stories of great achievements and great social failures – with always, and I mean always – lessons to be learned. But now, let's tear down statues of Confederate heroes, or Christopher Columbus. Let's burn the books of history and rewrite them so that no lessons will be learned. Let's make laws to have me imprisoned because my expressions of Conservatism has hurt some poor, millennial's feelings!

I know, its nuts, isn't it.

But that is where the decades of spoiling our children, and not teaching them that their own life's success comes from their own incentives, is leading us. Let's adopt the idiotic promise of socialism and live in a country where everyone drives a BMW, just because an evil wannabe leader says it can happen. Its crazy and its getting crazier.

Conservatism and Capitalism has given us the richest nation on earth. What else would I call someone who believes in a fairyland life of everything free? Insane.

What would I call someone espousing the same destructive paths taken by those nations that failed because of their false promises? Evil.

Put the two together and we will experience the utter downfall of the United States because the Evil ones, even for the duration of their limited existence on earth, will benefit temporarily from the luxuries of life provided them by their cadre of Useful Idiots. Evil leaders in America take full advantage of the Products of Stupid, carefully crafted to be mindless, self-absorbed, mentally unfit, senseless and greedy Takers. Just as Adam and Eve fell for the Serpent's lies in the mythical Garden of Eden, we too, will suffer from the results of believing in what came forth from the Serpent's tongue.

Like I said, maybe its something in the water. Since I drink the same water perhaps there was something in my upbringing that inoculated me against this modern insanity – or maybe I enjoy a specific gene in my DNA that protects me. Either way, here I am in front of my keyboard, spouting non-insane, non-crazy, non-idiotic common-sense – for as long as I can before they arrest me.

But, hey! I can tell them it was my keyboard, not me! Or better yet, I can plead insanity!

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