Idle Minds Are The Devil’s Workshop
Oct 22, 2017

Since the beginning of recorded history there have been mentions of the wealthy. In times past they may have been warlords or merchants or chieftains of marauding masses. For the most part, if you were not wealthy in the past you were most likely a survivalist – not like you see on the TV shows today – but people who had to earn their daily bread because they had to survive.

The earliest peoples had to tend fields or animal flocks that were part of the sustenance needed to feed, clothe and shelter family members. For the most part folks then worried about what the next day meant in their quest to survive.

This continued for millennia, even into the industrial revolution. Whether they toiled on a farm or in a factory it was necessary to earn something in the form of goods for bartering or cold hard cash. By day’s end most folks were too tired for the plethora of activities today that are not part of the survival game.

Capitalism has helped produce many advances in technology, medicine and science. Somewhere after 1900, men like Henry Ford began to pay his workers a great wage – allowing folks to embellish their daily struggles, i.e., refrigeration, air conditioning, radio and television. A new word came into the American lexicon – leisure time.

Americans didn’t need to be told what to do with their leisure time. They took to the highways, using the advances in transportation to explore America or even travel abroad. Some folks joined bowling leagues or attending boxing and wrestling matches.

What happened was, that advances in technology gave people more time. As a boy my Mother’s washday was a full day’s work. Now, throw the clothes in the washer or dryer and you can go shopping in the meantime. Meals were started early morning, the homemaker having to clean up afterwards and immediately began fixing the next meal.

Today a microwave oven has given way for more time because someone else would be paid to fix the meal – all you had to do was open a door and set the cooking time.

Before all of this technological largess arrived people spent a great deal of their waking hours in the game of survival. All of these advances for people gave them something money helped them buy – time.

That was then.

Looking back again, we have records of people rising up against corrupt leaders for honest to goodness reasons, like; starvation, dictatorial rulers and outright terror against citizenry. Their cause and complaints were legitimate – often paralleled with survival itself.

For most people in America and in many industrialized nations – technology has given them time – as it was typical for a farmer and his wife to work from sunrise to sunset in order to guarantee their survival. Today most folks work an eight-hour day – enough labor to pay the mortgage, put food on the table, have cable TV and in many instances send a son or daughter off to college.

There are so many unhappy people in America today, however, it makes one wonder as one who grew up in the 1950’s, how the younger generation views our world, and having never endured the sacrifices their ancestors did 100 years ago.

When I was young a college education came from a scholarship for academic excellence or Mom and Dad had to pony up the money to give little Johnny or Joan a chance at a better future than they had.

Now you can get into college just for being black or for having entered our country illegally. My first job paid 80 cents an hour but now young people who pass high school frequently can’t read or write at an eighth grade level. But, they want $15 an hour or else the employer is akin to a slave owner.

To summarize, young people today live in such a world of abundance they cannot even appreciate the toils of those who laid the foundations for their current life of cable television, smart phones or the latest $600 dollar video game player.

And in spite of having so much, many are still unhappy – because they have no historical perspective. What’s that old saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”?

Not all American youth are this way but a significant number are. Just review on your own how much welfare, disability and other wealth transfer programs have grown. The current generation seems to be willfully ignorant about the freedoms they enjoy – paid for by those who toiled under much more severity than they.

So now, many young people are out protesting anything that is common sense to an older generation. They want free college and a guaranteed income – believing the propagandist hype from the likes of Communist advocates like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. They want to party and have sex, then expect taxpayers to foot the abortion bill.

And why are NFL players protesting our country, our flag and our constitution when they for the most part are millionaires?

With too much time on their hands their boredom makes them seek out some imagined injustice. Back in my day we called those people spoiled brats. They were in the minority in my day. Today, Conservatives like me are in the minority.

The ‘spoiling’ of America is represented by the $20 Trillion of National Debt, doubled by just one Democrat during an eight year Kingship. When the nation is ruined completely by the Democrat/Communist leaders, folks will have plenty of time on their hands because there will be almost no jobs, no grocery stores teeming with packaged foods and very little hope.

To prepare, I suggest any common sense person, regardless of age, buy some books on gardening, canning of food, sewing and baking.

When those who became used to bounty and plenty have to bend their backs in toil like their ancestors did, they’ll be too tired to go out and make trouble for everybody else and maybe, just maybe, have an inkling of what those sacrifices meant for our country.

You may have to cram the lessons of survival that those a hundred years ago saw as commonplace. Don’t worry about the learning curve. You’ll have plenty of time on your hands.

Postscript: If you look at people in remote, sparsely settled lands such as in Africa, parts of Asia and extreme polar regions, these people may seem backwards, living by hunting, gathering fruits and nuts or making fire by rubbing sticks – but these will be the folks least affected by global calamity. Their daily lives involve survival tactics and will not be affected when there is no more food on store shelves across the planet.