Historical Forensics


Forensics is now an advanced science in crime solving. Fingerprints, a drop of blood, a skin cell, DNA – all aid the criminal investigator put the pieces of evidence together to bring the wrongdoer to justice.


Today a Doctor can diagnose from a myriad of aids – X-rays, EKGs, MRIs, along with the time-tested readings of temperature, blood pressure and observation. All act as evidence to support the Doctor’s determination about a patient’s condition and the remedy.


History provides a wealth of evidence and forensic data to see what happens in the condition of a nation’s moral and economic health. In many cases it is as easy as looking to see what those in charge of our nation propose and what has happened in the past when similar proposals were enacted.

If the criminologist ignores all of the forensic evidence in solving a crime, it is quite likely a criminal may go free or the wrong person is convicted of the crime. If the Doctor disregards all of the empirical data presented in diagnosis and cure, the chance of a happy outcome is extremely reduced.


When we vote for those in charge and do not look at the “evidence” of what they do in Washington on our behalf, we blindly disregard our responsibility to make the correct diagnosis and cure via the ballot box. If information to help us in our analysis is readily available – and ignored – that is a choice.


If our national moral and economic conditions continue to decline, shouldn’t we blame those who ignore the evidence and continue to place bad players in charge of our nation’s direction? You are welcome to read between the lines on the previous sentence.