Here’s How It Works
April 2, 2017

Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill is initiating a probe into opioid producing Pharmaceutical companies due to the massive amounts of opioid deaths in the country. She is looking at five major producers as part of her probe – but not the top producer – in her own state. Follow the money. That’s how it works

Republican Devin Nunes revealed documents that indicated leaked information on surveillance of Trump and his campaign staff. After sharing this with his fellow Intelligence Committee member, Democrat Adam Schiff – Schiff makes an announcement whining about not being shown the information before Nunes shared it with the Trump White House. Democrats aren’t looking at the law-breaking leakers – instead they shoot the messenger because it revealed the ugly truth about the Obama administration. That’s how it works.

New Democrat National Chairman, Tom Perez, made a political speech seeming to blame Donald Trump for everything under the sun, saying Republicans don’t “give a s**t” about people. The rest of his rants were commensurate with a little playground bully. So, that’s how Democrats work with Republicans to move the country forward.

Senator McCaskill stated she opposed the Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination because he didn’t share her “values”. Perez said the same about Trump. Isn’t that hilarious? Democrats have no values and that’s why the country is right where Obama and the Democrats took it for eight years – racist blacks, illegal migrants demanding the rights of a U.S. Citizen, doubling the national debt and liberal judges blocking the administration’s attempts to keep radical Muslims out of America. That’s how it works.

On a Sunday morning news program a Democrat member of the Senate Intelligence Committee expressed he was not interested in the unmasking of people being through surveillance by the Obama administration, a Federal law violation – but was instead wanting to seek information of the Trump collusion with the Russian government – for which no evidence has been presented. That’s how it works.

Here’s a report of 100 once-deported sex offenders caught again crossing into the U.S. But, Trump is the bad guy. As he said, no wall, no country – and that’s what Democrats want – because they are not actually Democrats – they are Communists.

I cannot figure out how one absolutely greedy, lying and economically destructive political entity can be so prevalent in America.

I cannot figure out how so many willfully ignorant people throw their full support behind the Party that is taking America down the path of destruction.

I cannot figure out how the majority of the media is so untrustworthy – seeking to make news – not report news.

I can only figure out that there is some wisdom in the words of the American comedian who said, “You can’t fix stupid”.

And that’s how it works.