Fear And Greed Smell The Same
Oct 1, 2017

Do you remember the TV show, Twilight Zone? A five-story film version was made; using some of the same plots used in the original Rod Serling series. One of the episodes was entitled, “It’s A Good Life’, starring the young actor then identified as Billy Mumy. The Internet Media Database uses this synopsis to explain the plot –

“On an isolated family farm, a young boy with vast mental powers, but lacking emotional development, holds his terrified family in thrall to his every juvenile wish”

While the young man in the story scared the living daylights out of his family, most of them feared any attempt to knock the psychic brat off his pedestal. In the program little Anthony could terribly disfigure anyone challenging him – or, just make them disappear. The fear they felt was very palpable.

In today’s political arena the Leftwing in America mimics little Anthony’s behavior. If a Conservative wants to speak at a University, unruly students riot. If the President defends Conservative values, he is a racist. And, if you don’t agree with overpaid whiney baby millionaire athletes disrespecting our nation and our flag, then you are a white supremacist.

The Left has metastasized from a section of Americans holding Liberal beliefs into an armed camp, willing to shout down, harass, throw bottles of urine and rocks at police, all in the name of ‘social justice’.

There are two separate reactions by people who run up against the bullying from the Left. One prominent politician actually apologized for saying, “all lives matter’, instead of the politically correct, ‘black lives matter”. It was his fear of reprisals, which came anyway, because he did not want his values to not correspond to the hype of he Left.

The aforementioned candidate was in fear of not reaping the voter support he desired. But what he stood to lose was a lucrative position in today’s political hierarchy.

The foul stench of fear is unrecognizable from the putrid odor of greed.

The speech scheduled at Berkeley by Conservative Milo Yiannopoulos was cancelled due to Leftwing rioting. The rioters also got Ann Coulter’s speech knocked off the rails. Just like Anthony’s family in the Twilight Zone episode, the leaders of the school caved to the rioters – setting a precedent of success for those who would assault or riot against a Conservative.

The mayhem in St. Louis and Baltimore resulted when the black leadership in each city was too afraid to enforce the law against rioting blacks. After all, it might cost them their cushy government jobs so let’s just give them space to destroy.

There have been numerous attempts by the Left to control Conservative voices in the media. Advertisers left the Rush Limbaugh show, temporarily, because they feared a boycott by Liberals.

When football whining baby, Colin Kaepernick, refused to stand for the National Anthem he was roundly criticized by people because his judgment of injustices put the entire nation at fault. The Leftwing propaganda machine jumped into action because very few people had the nerve to speak up on behalf of these United States.

The NFL games broadcast on September 24th were replete with rich football players disrespecting the flag and our country. When a former Army Ranger of the Pittsburgh Steelers defied the rest of his team and went to the tunnel, hand on his heart, to honor the Flag he fought for in Afghanistan – the coach of the team one who hosted a Hillary fundraiser starting at $10,000, another coward, indicated his disfavor with his player not abiding with the will of the rest of the jerky, whiney baby players.

The Pittsburgh coach was afraid to speak up against his players – relegating himself to the cesspool of the Left, too cowardly to stand up for all of the great values America had – that are now fading.

Some of the NFL owners have taken the side of the predominately black player-protesters – instead of defending the President defending our Flag and Anthem. They too are afraid – because any on field problems may lead to a revenue loss if those funding major sports – the fans – were to end their financial contribution to wealthy crybabies.

In the course of military conflict most any soldier facing combat can tell you they are in dreadful fear during battle. Guess what, they continue the mission, in spite of the fear.

All too often the fear is because businesses sense they may lose revenue and that really scares them. I’ve read Twitter posts by leftists saying that the players’ protests are their first amendment rights. Try telling that to the shopkeepers who have been sued into oblivion because their first amendment rights about marriage and religion brought them financial loss and ruin.

Barack Obama was extremely successful in controlling the Leftwing mindset during his presidency. He made a statement saying the police ‘acted stupidly’ when arresting professor Henry Louis Gates – a black man. He said if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon Martin and sent his DOJ to St. Louis when thug Michael Brown lost his life attempting to combat a police officer.

He started all of this and it may quite possibly lead to further bloodshed and turmoil within our borders – exactly as he planned from the time he went across the world to tell everyone how terrible the United States was in his infamous ‘apology tour’.

When rich Liberals take the side of disrespect to America, rest assured the heart of the matter is the money. Follow the money and you will determine where some of the nations wealthy business people get their policy on Making America Great Again.

Whether it is genuine fear or it is because of money, fat cats will take the side of those who threaten them, because to them, fear and greed smell exactly the same.

Let’s just take another look at the TV episode synopsis but with a few changes.

“In America, Leftist children with vast Storm Trooper powers, but lacking emotional development, holds the United States in thrall to their every juvenile wish”

I don’t know about you, but I feel better now. I am not afraid and greed has never had a foothold in my life. The day may be soon upon us when someone will attempt to take my American Flag away from me. I will respond with all of the force available to me – and, be warned, Liberal fruitcakes, I’m a damned good shot!

Like the signers of the Declaration of Independence, I pledge my life and my sacred honor to defend these United States and the Judeo-Christian values upon which they were founded.