Welcome to the "Good Clean Fun" Educational Game Disc. Questions in this game are asked in Literature and History for four different age groups. You can possibly pass all four levels and earn a Degree from CGLogic University!

This game disc is presented to you on the honor system. If you are knowledgeable about computers and software you can cheat to get to the final questions and submit for a prize. However, cheating does not help you learn and to learn you must complete the Levels honestly. Questions are given with multiple choice answers. You can repeatedly give the wrong answer but are given the opportunity to go back and choose the correct answer. You can learn by your mistakes. Remember, every success begins with an "attempt".

Level 1 - Ages 6 thru 9
Level 2 - Ages 10 thru 12
Level 3 - Ages 13 thru 16
Level 4 - Ages 17 thru Adult

The "Good Clean Fun"
Game Disc by
CGLogic University

An educational tool for ages
6 thru Adult, featuring learning in literature and history

When reaching the end of any level of play please go to
to request a prize

When finishing any level of play,
request a "University Degree"
from CGLogic University

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