Author’s Note:

Prior to the posting of this essay, consider the following. In just recent days it is revealed that Facebook is using the Southern Poverty Law Center, a once prestigeous group that has slipped into Antifa tactics, is now controlling information allowed on that medium.

Twitter has just suspended the account of a user that criticized Democrat “Impeach 45” Maxine Waters.

Youtube has given three strikes and will delete the account of Alex Jones Infowars for criticizing CNN’s attack on a woman that attended a pro-Trump rally.

Consider what you have when a Muslim child is told from birth that Jews, and anyone else not adopting Islam, do not deserve to live.

From Within
Mar 4, 2018

I remember Nikita Khrushchev saying, “We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within” This is all coming to pass because one political entity, the Democrat Party, is making it happen.

The Subtle Seduction Becomes Manipulation

Technology is changing our world so rapidly it is often hard to keep up with the changes. For a country once believing in the Flag, Democracy and Freedom, we are devolving to a place where those very things are being destroyed. The country has become so engrossed with in-fighting we weaken ourselves as a unified country – and that of course is the entire plan for some.

The tools for sowing divisiveness have been around for a long time but enhancements in this modern age has made the tools so much more effective in creating change – and that of course is the entire plan for some – now employing tools in ways unseen until now.

A little bit of history will help here. In 1898 the United States went to war after American newspapers blared across the country how Spanish saboteurs in Havana Harbor blew the battleship Maine apart. That never happened as a later study showed it to be an internal explosion inside the ship. Nevertheless, America went to war with another foreign power. People were killed – all based on a lie.

After the telegraph helped connect the nation through wires, radio came into being and pretty soon people in their homes and automobiles could receive information via this medium. In those early days a level of decorum was enforced in the radio and movie industry.

Television became popular and now hardly a household is without one. Do you remember ever talking to a co-worker the day following the shooting of J.R. on the show, ‘Dallas’? This medium became the frontrunner in dissemination of information.

While in High School I listened to the female students – not discussing news events – but what happened on their favorite soap opera. We were becoming conditioned and receptive to information and media.

You may be old enough to remember the words frequently quoted on television over a commercial using the words, “Mother, please! I’d rather do it myself!” Media disseminated information easily entered the mainstream lexicon.

For years, retailers have conducted studies that would help them determine packaging and colors that would make the customer reach for their product on the store shelf. For years those advertising in almost any medium employs the same tactics.

Today’s advanced marketing includes the infamous ‘butt shot’. Watch many a commercial on TV and you’ll frequently see a female cross into view, wearing skin-tight pants showing their buttocks – while walking right in front of the model car being advertised. This aspect of advertising is proven to get the attention of the male eye – visual manipulation at its best.

Addiction to electronic Video gaming has already been identified in young people who retreat into a world of make believe. Within my extended family is one who can play video games for hours on end yet is unable to hold a conversation. What that yields is a person adept at slaying on-screen adversaries but a student that doesn’t know math.

As time progresses and our dependence on electronics will cause our ability to question and rationalize to diminish – even disappear. A few days prior to writing this I had looked at living room recliners online. Today I see advertising on the Drudge website – for recliners that I had viewed on the JC Penny website.

This is done by the use of “Cookies” – the method of the JCPenny website planting information on my computer – without my permission – that tailored advertising on unrelated websites. These “Cookies” can be cleaned from your Computer but the browser people at Google don’t make it easy – first hiding this function in the “Advanced” section that years ago used to be listed right out front among your Browser settings. But advertisers don’t want their cookies erased and Google helps them by making you search for that function.

And don’t you just love it when advertisers try to tell you something is affordable by saying “for only” or “save”, by spending money? Words are used to manipulate your thoughts on spending.

While early on the broadcast industry was ruled by regulations for decency, almost anything and everything is available on Cable and Streaming television shows. Slowly the regulations went away and opened the floodgates to uncensored information. Cable television, unrestricted by communication regulations put upon broadcast networks can say whatever they want.

Our Education system has jumped on the propaganda bandwagon also – including stories on childrens’ shows about same sex couples for Kindergartners – slowly indoctrinating young and impressionable minds that something that is not normal, now is – just because they have an agenda.

“Diversity” is now reaching religious heights as that message is spouted daily from the entertainment industry, Democrats and the Mainstream Media. The effect has even reached adolescents, who, with numbskull parents, believe eight-year-old Johnny wanting to be a girl is legitimate. The power of Liberal persuasion has now become an open threat to our culture.

Social Media has so hypnotized people with untruths it is alarming. I abandoned Facebook after a nephew stated that Republicans abandoned the inner cities. When I pointed out most cities experiencing crime and massive debt where Democrat bastions, he changed the argument that Republican states drew more from Government than Democrat states. Can’t win the argument – change the subject. That is how brainwashed those are that subscribe to Leftwing propaganda.

Worse than that, the use of “Bots”, or falsely generated identities, allows one person to send e-mails professing one Liberal misdirection after another – seemingly convincing companies that they should adopt Liberal policies – while using even thousands of fictitious names to carry their message. It was revealed that people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama enjoyed millions of ‘followers’ – but ones generated by only a handful of individuals.

Slowly our population has adapted to and succumbed to the mass of misinformation raining down upon the country. People became comfortable with radio, television and then the Internet as being sources of information. The main problem leading to the woes in our country is that far too many people don’t ask, “Is that true?”

The seduction has now reached new heights - with the advent of Alexa and the Echo Dot. These are electronic listening devices that allow you to verbally hold conversations. A look up on Google calls it an ‘intelligent personal assistant’ – but, indeed, people are actually conducting conversations with machines – and therein lay the dangers – because behind an artificial intelligence is a human being controlling that intelligence.

As time goes by more and more people will become accustomed to conversing with an artificial intelligence. It was explained recently that one device could identify religious icons in history but was stumped when asked about Jesus Christ. Evidence proves that the answers given an inquiry lean totally Liberal – and that too, is the whole plan.

This is controlling the information received via an inquiry. If the saying, “It must be true. I saw it on the Internet” has some relevance now, what will happen when more Americans employ such as device – allowing its responses to be commonplace.

When that happens those not asking, “Is that true?” will have been seduced by the information the tech company behind the device wants people to hear – and then adopt – and then repeat.

One of most annoying is when calling Spectrum Cable Service and others. A machine answers and wants me to answer questions from the machine instead of letting me talk to a human being. Add to that the host of American companies that hired people in other countries to do their customer service – people who can speak English but do not know colloquial English, leading to misunderstandings.

Behind all manipulation of course, whether in politics, media and advertising is, the almighty dollar. If money is involved they will save a buck in order to give you lousier service or spoon-feed you on Liberalism.

“Is he grasping at straws here?” one may ask. Consider this; the self-driving car is making inroads into our culture. Along with so many other skills once had by humans to transport themselves – the day might come when no human operates a vehicle at all.

Once that happens, any tech giant with blessings from a Communist loving government can send out orders for some cars to self-crash. Now, isn’t that a nice thought? But the tech company can certainly record a conversation when a ten-year-old asks one of the devices, “Why does my Dad hate my Mom?”

Privacy? Forget it. You have been seduced.

All of this paints the picture of most electronic media to replace people’s common sense. Without common sense it is easy for people to believe that our President is a white supremacist or a racist or a rapist – simply because someone said so. Add that to the robotic explosion in manufacturing and it relegates humans to the heap of antiquated methods.

The efforts of those among the Leftwing in America are already enjoying great success in painting things that are false as truth thanks to so many electronic platforms. Can you imagine what would happen to you if you entered North Korea illegally, marched to their capital and demanded citizenship, free food, free education, free healthcare and housing?

Your chances for survival might be gauged in days, but that is what is happening when those from Mexico, having entered our country illegally, now demand special treatment in spite of their wrongdoing. But that is exactly what the Leftwing is pushing via their information outlets.

And all of that is okay with one political party because once legalized to remain in America the next right sought will be the vote. Once Democrats have the voting strength to turn the political tide, Communism and Socialism will come to the forefront – putting us on a direct path to the fate of Venezuela.

We are so busy with anyone other than a white male in America deserving preferential treatment that anyone in a group considered “diverse”, which is Lesbians, Gays, Transgenders, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and gang members being given a platform for complaint.

What must be remembered when discord is encouraged by false requirements for validation and special treatment is that people can disagree. Disagreement can turn to argument, argument to assault and assault to mass insurrection.

That is why we are being destroyed from within. All our enemies have to do is bide their time – until we start killing each other over our differences. At that time our enemy can just march in and take over.

One does not need to look far for those sowing seeds of division or how media is overloaded with false information in daily spews of Leftwing vomit. These are headlines taken from websites during the last days of February 2018. It is indicative of how effective Progressive propaganda has become:

Gun laws cancel Revolutionary War re-enactment
The anti-gun left wants guns completely wiped from history – while giving Hollywood and video game makers a pass.

 CNN’s Chris Cuomo pushes false story about buying AR-15 without ID, then lies about it
Truth is the enemy of Liberalism. Lies permeate the Leftwing media as never before.

 Democrats say America is the worst Western Country for mass shootings
False. America is not even in the top ten – but what does truth matter to Liberals?

Boy bullied at Philly school wakes up to racist graffiti on home
This problem is reinforced by politicians and media; claiming that Black people cannot be racist.

Harvard Community disappointed after white male selected as University President
At one time minorities claimed they wanted equal opportunity. Now they openly call for white people to be killed.

Opposing Obama is racist, even for black people
No one and no race is immune to the racist label if it contradicts the motives of their personal savior, Barack Obama.

Transgender high school wrestler booed after beating girl for State Semifinals
We go from people coming out of the closet to them being granted special treatment.

Liberal Firearms “Expert’ warns AR-15’s fire 10 rounds per second
False. Automatic weapons have been banned since the 1930’s.

Trump approval slides to lowest point of Presidency
A CNN internal viewer poll – meanwhile Rasmussen reports his poll numbers at an all time high?

Dan Rather: ‘Delusional’ Trump is like a ‘Fertilizer spreader in a windstorm’
The Left has been reduced to name calling and made up reports of misbehavior – the typical resort when Truth counteracts their claims. So far the Trump/Russia collusion effort points straight to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Exploring Mars another example of male entitlement
What? What? What?

Florida school shooting survivor blames Trump, NRA for massacre
This kid has the makings for a future Dictator. The greatest tragedy is – he believes himself.

And; a prime example of how social media can control behavior:
Leftists Bully Silver Medalist into Deleting Photo with Ivanka Trump, Sarah Sanders

How totally dumbed down has America become?

Not only dumb but increasingly attacking people for not adopting their ideology. It has already been shown on college and university campuses that the Constitutional right to Free Speech only applies to those with Liberal thought processes. We have already seen censorhip, property damage, assaults, rocks and bottles and death threats.

Now, let some years go by and more and more artificial intelligence permeates the nation. Already people receive death threats for supporting law enforcement. Once law enforcement is crippled, lawlessness will ensue. Government will have to enact Martial Law. And heaven help us if the Democrats are in power at the time because that is their true objective. Remember when Democrats single-handedly passed the burdensome Obamacare? That will seem like child’s play should they come to power again.

Do I see it happening? Absolutely, because too many are out there comparing Conservatives and Constitutionalists to the very thing they have become – liars and thieves. And remember, Congress exempted itself from Obamacare. The common folk are in no way privileged enough to live like the Royalty of Government – having placed themselves above the law.

Liberalism is a weakness because Liberals do not subscribe to thinking and sorting things out. If leftwing scientists announce that climate change is raising the levels of our oceans, Liberals will believe because they subscribe to letting another person, or now, an electronic talking device telling them so.

The greatest threat to America is this willing subscription to ignorance. When a Parkland school- shooting survivor says the NRA is responsible for the act of a nut job, the saddest part of it is – he believes himself. That is what we will be up against in ever-increasing degrees. Today, the movements against anyone not toeing the Liberal mantras will be subjected to ever increasing danger.

Homosexuals used to be in the shadows. Now, if I am NOT homosexual, I don’t deserve to live. Hitler put forth the same doctrine against Jews, homosexuals and the mentally ill. Where did that take our world?

If you seek out many news sources and opinions on the Internet the level of nastiness, especially against anything Conservative – has resulted in rants and an unprecedented use of profanities that in yesteryear would have gotten people a good beating.

Now anything is allowed against Donald Trump, from accusing him of being a racist and white supremacist to lewd comments about his daughter and others in his periphery.

It is almost inconceivable to me that America will fall due to stupidity – but that is what is happening. The seduction is subtle – but not to one who still attempts to think and rationalize. Those of us who do are the targets for tomorrow

Does the reader want evidence of how manipulative media outlets brainwash the willfully ignorant?

How about college kids’ believing Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court? Or, they can’t name the three branches of government or even who their representatives are in Washington?

In days before the plethora of electronic communication if I stood in front of a man and called him a “Motherf**ker A**hole I could have counted on his fist flying at me. But today you can be as nasty and as rude as you wish because the Internet gives you anonymity. Just look at Liberal websites and see the mass of foul, rotten language and threats.

How about kids in higher education being told about Donald Trump policies – which they immediately trash – only to have a blank expression on their face when told the policies were actually attributed to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?

How about all the Liberals from coast to coast believing a semi-automatic weapon, one that can fire one bullet for each pull of the trigger, believe that a semi-automatic can fire multiple rounds per second?

Why do people send out tweets telling how Donald Trump signed a law making it easier for mentally ill people to get guns – when it is a totally false story?

Why does Facebook censor an artwork of a naked woman when a kid can just go online and see all the pornography the kid wants?

How many more young people are to be kidnapped, raped and murdered by Internet trolls because the young of today have not been taught discernment – instead given license by Moms and Dads who don’t pay attention?

Why is Youtube working to ban a user that corrected a Parkland shooting conspiracy theory? Because they are in control and your mind is only allowed to see Leftwing media.

Why does dialogue in a new TV show, “grownish”, a spin off of ‘blackish”, indicate that a campus drug crackdown following a murder is certain to target only minorities?

Why does Democrat Chuck Schumer claim he will not vote for a judicial nominee because the person is ‘white’?

Why is the student, David Hogg, from Parkland High School blaming the Florida Governor, the NRA and Republicans for the mass killing yet none of those parties had any part in the shootings?

The manipulators of today know they can put out anything regardless of truth and the mind-numbed generation of Liberals buy into it, hook, line and sinker. Their weapon of choice is untruth, which they wield with impunity. There are millions of pawns being used in this high-stakes game for power and money.

But, if you’ve ever played Chess, the Pawns are usually the first to die in battle – and that is just fine with Democrats. They can just invite in a new batch from somewhere else in the world.

With open attacks against white people; with Democrat leaders openly defying the Constitution and the desire to legalize and give the vote to those who illegally invaded our country – I would suggest the Left has enjoyed amazing success – to the detriment of the United States. With so many being welcomed to suck at the teat of government our downfall is guaranteed.

Postscript: Just as I am finalizing this writing, MSNBC carries a headline: “Cornered Trump proves himself to be dangerous”. Not a news story – an opinion – but listed first on their “news” website.

I see on how the IG in Washington is charging former Deputy Director of the FBI with leaking information to the press. I cannot find this story on MSNBC, CNN, ABC or CBS.

At the same time I read of Facebook threatening a satire website when fact-checking CNN. You cannot speak out against the Resistance Movement without punishment.

This summarizes how electronic information is in no way obligated to dispense truth – and that was the plan all along. America will never survive the Communist takeover – be it from a foreign nation or the Communist/Democrat Party.

(After finishing this article I go online to One America News, a conservative site – but Google is blocking the site from opening – after waiting for over 3 minutes I abandon the attempt – and that is the whole plan)

(I read of former Attorney General, Eric Holder telling an interviewer the Russians may have something to hold over Donald Trump. Still no evidence but his false statements will spread across the mainstream media like wildfire)

(I try to find data to compare U.S. tariffs versus foreign tariffs. Unfortunately I am using Google and nearly every link tells how Donald Trumps recent tariffs are harmful. Where is the flip side presented? Nowhere, because it is Google. After looking at four pages of links I accept the fact that Google will censor any positive aspect of this)

(I am searching Google for people killed by rifles in the U.S. annually. Same as above – all anti-gun links to a myriad of false reports)

If you have watched any of the Terminator movies in which an all-controlling artificial intelligence takes over the world, remember how closely art mimics reality.