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Florida’s Environment
Mr Levine wants no oil drilling off the shores of Florida. He wants to “invest” in clean energy and wants to sue “fossil-fuel polluters”. He also wants to ‘prioritize’ funding for Florida Forever, a conservation program and to fight ‘toxic algae blooms’.

No off-shore drilling follows the mantra of NIMBY or “Not In My Back Yard” I would ask anyone in the state if they can see any off shore drilling sites from land. To ‘prioritize’ funding means more taxes and spending. How you fight algae bloom is beyond my pay grade.

K-12 Public Education
“It’s time we pay our teachers fairly, reform high-stakes testing, improve our facilities, and take an innovative approach to building a system that works efficiently.“

What does it mean to pay teachers fairly? That’s an open question without numbers added. I don’t know what he mean by “high-stakes testing” unless it is to promote testing that does not reveal how the children are testing below grade level? Improving facilities costs money. Who’s paying for that? And, nothing Government does is efficient.

“Philip believes it’s time to take our public school funding off the back-burner and make the much-needed investments in our public education system so that everyone can have the same opportunities to advance. Funding public education, paying teachers fairly, investment in our business of public education must be a top priority. It’s time to end the flow of taxpayer money to unaccountable, for-profit charters and private schools and adequately fund our public schools, our teachers, and our children’s future.”

Clue to voters; When politicians say “invest” it means spending tax dollars. Most Democrats oppose Charter schools because Charter schools out perform public schools so its not about being fair – its about Union dues going from Teacher’s Unions to Democrats. Do your homework and you will see.

“Florida must invest in more virtual school programs, apprenticeship and vocational programs, and make serious investments in a top-notch voluntary pre-kindergarten program to ensure our kids are being taught a curriculum that works best for them.”

Again, “investing” means spending taxpayer money. A pre-kindergarten program would add a whole year of additional costs to education. The curriculum best for them is things like teaching the joys of LGBT and left-wing agendas. Check your local school to see what the curriculum is. Changing some curriculum to teach vocational skills might be a winner for future job-seekers.

Higher Education
“Providing students with a scholarship if they pledge to work in our state after graduation is a common-sense idea that will allow more children greater opportunities while helping to boost our state economy.”

Someone merely taking a pledge is under no legal obligation to use his or her skills within Florida.

“Apprenticeship programs and vocational training schools are avenues for students to develop valuable skills and land high-paying jobs”

Such programs might prove beneficial but what funding would be necessary?

“With the proper investments, all of our colleges and universities can have innovation zones that serve as entrepreneurial hubs.”

This statement is lost on me as I don’t know what he considers an “innovation zone”.

Affordable Healthcare
“As Governor, Philip will direct the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration to work with the Federal Government and expand Medicaid and help almost 700,000 Floridians gain access to the care they badly need.”

While the US Government helps financially when Medicaid is expanded the very same people that pay taxes have to cover this expense at the state level then the Federal level. All in all, it is all borne by the taxpayer. And watch out again for the trap of “affordable healthcare” – its the same as trapping someone by asking them, “Do you still beat your wife?”. When proponents of expansion say the Federal Government helps out, where do you think the Federal Government gets its money? Anybody?

Under mental healthcare:
“A Levine administration will make this a top priority and take a forward-thinking approach to ensure all Floridians can access quality and affordable mental healthcare services.”

The Parkland shooter’s mental health problems stuck out like a sore thumb but no one at any level of government acted to help. If you spend that additional money there is no results guaranteed. What does a “forward-thinking approach” mean? Yes, more spending.

Better Jobs
“To create a state where we all rise together, Philip believes it’s time to raise the minimum wage in the state of Florida”

Raising the minimum wage always leads to job loss. He wants to be generous with other people’s money. This is a typical Liberal argument to gain votes.

“All across our state, the cost of living varies. But in almost every metro area, housing prices are too high. From Tampa to Orlando, to Sarasota to Miami, low-income Floridians are using nearly half of their income on housing. The costs are too high and are keeping families from getting ahead and achieving economic security. Philip will make sure that the Sadowski Fund is used for its dedicated purpose and stop Republican leadership from sweeping it to fund their pet-projects.”

I had to go to http://www.floridahousing.org/FH-ImageWebDocs/AboutUS/SadowskiAct_Outline.pdf
to understand how this works. This an additional welfare program on top of other programs.

“Key programs include the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) Program, which receives approximately two-thirds of the funding; the State Apartment Incentive Loan (SAIL) Program, which receives about 20 percent of the funding, and other programs, including the Predevelopment Loan Program (PLP), the Homeownership Assistance Program (HAP), the Affordable Housing Guarantee Program, and the Catalyst Training and Technical Assistance Program. Sadowski funds also support homeless housing programs administered by the Florida Department of Children and Families, compliance monitoring for the SHIP Program, the Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse and the Affordable Housing Study Commission”

There are nine programs listed in the paragraph above. This is similar to the more than 80 US Welfare programs in force now. As stated in my introduction, to get votes legislators are forced to offer a new brand of candy to be favored by voters. This is more of the same. Who was Governor of Florida when this tax and spend program was signed into law – Lawton Chiles, Democrat.

“With an $89 billion budget, it’s time we stop giving away taxpayer money to special interests and start investing in the people of Florida. By investing resources in public education, healthcare, and in protecting the environment, Philip knows we can create a state where businesses small and large can flourish and thrive. We’ll build a state where the most admired companies in our country won’t just want to move to Florida — they’ll start here.”

You have to love that word, “invest”. It really means more taxes and spending and is common catch-word attempting to disguise taxes and spending. We know how Obama killed the national economy using this very same tactic and here he is proposing the same. Fortunately for Democrats, their voters are profoundly ignorant about history.

Common Sense Gun Reform
“As governor, Philip will:
Ban assault-style-rifles in the state of Florida.
Institute universal background checks for all purchases of firearms.
Reverse preemption and empower local governments to establish common-sense rules that work for their communities.”

The above includes some uncommon-sense. What is an “assault-style rifle”? If I kill someone with a rock is that an assault rock and they need banning also? Background checks are not common in private sales. How to enforce that is beyond me. The last line is almost meaningless.
Criminal Justice Reform
“The state of Florida’s corrections system has much need for improvement; our state has almost 100,000 inmates and the highest voter disenfranchisement rate in the nation. As Governor, Philip will conduct an extensive, top-down and bottom-up review and investigation of the Department of Corrections. It’s time to audit the private prison scheme to identify fraud that is costing taxpayers money, review the vetting of visitors, so it treats families with respect and dignity, and review and decriminalize minor offenses, so we don’t clog our prison system with non-violent offenders who pose no real threat to the public safety.”

In his first sentence here he complains that felons have lost the right to vote for Democrats, (You don’t hear Conservatives complaining). He wants those votes so badly he calls it “disenfranchisement”. Sir, they broke the law! Auditing prisons and looking for fraud is something that should be routine. And, Sir, minor offenses are called “misdemeanors” and carry less punishment. A drug-dealer might not have ever assaulted someone but is this the type of individual you want released among the public? Democrats are never tough on crime – to the advantage of the criminal elements in society.

“Philip firmly believes that we are a nation and a state of second chances. Great leaders do not work to keep their people down; they create environments where everyone has the opportunity to rise. In a state with the highest disenfranchisement rate in the country, where 1 in 5 black adults are deprived of the right to vote, Philip supports Amendment 4. He will do what is right and restore the voices of those who have made mistakes and served their time.”

Look at previous assessment, rinse, repeat. The 1 in 5 black adults he mentions is because blacks typically vote Democrat – thus him wanting more votes from reprobates.

Government Accountability
“ Tallahassee has not been working for Floridians. Under Republican control, the Legislature has been run by an unaccountable majority, cutting deals behind closed doors and giving tax-breaks to special interests. Philip thinks it’s time to change that. As Governor, Philip will fight to make sure that the legislature is held accountable for its actions.
To make Tallahassee serve the people best, Philip proposes using the same standards local governments use and ensure any and all visitors speaking with elected leaders must be publicly available information.
Also, because the Governor and the Cabinet have a very real influence on legislation — to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, no statewide elected official should be able to fundraise during legislative session.“
An “unaccountable majority” are the voters who don’t look to see what their elected officials do. Please show evidence of “cutting deals behind closed doors and giving tax-breaks to special interests”. If you accuse someone you must show the evidence. I truly do not understand the meaning of the last sentence. Is he saying fundraising can only be done while State Congress is not in session? I can’t imagine any Republican or Democrat agreeing to cut off their own chances of raising money. Perhaps because he can afford his own campaigning allows him to say this. This report puts his net worth at $133 million. (http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2018/06/levine-discloses-his-net-worth-at-133-million.html)

Immigration Reform
“We are a state and a nation of immigrants, and the American Dream is the ability to move and immigrate to the United States. As a long-time resident of South Florida, a multicultural melting pot in one of the most diverse states in the country, Philip knows that diversity is our strength and a competitive advantage.
As Governor, Philip fully supports a path to citizenship for those who are here and want to contribute to our society. He will stand strong against President Trump to defend the thousands of DREAMers who were brought to our country for a better life.”
Saying that diversity is our strength and competitive advantage is claptrap. How? When will he admit that giving economic and social advantages to “Dreamers” means favoring a special interest group. I’m sure its frustrating when truth is revealed. Also, we are not a nation of immigrants – just because he says so.

LGBT Rights
“Philip has always been a fierce champion for LGBTQ rights. As Mayor of Miami Beach, he led the first same-sex weddings in his city after the historic ruling in 2015. Under his administration, his city won consecutive perfect scores from the Human Rights Campaign for inclusiveness and tolerance––the highest in the state of Florida.
Just as he did as Mayor, Philip will make sure that Florida is a state known for its tolerance and inclusiveness.
As Governor, Philip will fight to make the Florida Competitive Workforce Act a reality, to ensure that no one of any gender or sexual orientation faces discrimination on the job.”
The Florida Competitive Workforce Act makes it illegal to discriminate against someone for sexual orientation or sexual identity. I would never discriminate against someone for their sexual beliefs or behavior but I don’t want it part of Public School curriculum either. Sorry, folks, nature determines sexual identity, not some of your brain cells.
Women’s Rights
“Right now, the state of Florida needs better leadership that will champion women’s rights and stand up for true equality, both in and out of the workplace. On his first day in office, Philip is committed to signing an executive order mandating Equal Pay for Equal Work, to ensure that everyone is paid fairly for their work.
After a year where politicians in Tallahassee made headlines for shameful and intolerable behavior with regards to sexual harassment, Philip’s administration will institute a zero-tolerance policy. This is a problem that affects women throughout our state; we must come together to make sure that no one is ever subjected to abusive behavior, in or outside of the workplace.
Philip is committed to standing up for a woman’s right to choose and will fight the legislature against any legislation that would infringe upon that right.
As in his previous public-sector and private-sector roles, Philip will make sure that his administration reflects the diversity of Florida.”
In a Capitalist system people are paid according to their skills and productivity. Placing a gender qualifier on it only means living under Communism. This is only pandering to get the female vote. This is the biggest puff piece among the issues discussed thus far.

Veterans and Military Families
“The son of a military veteran, Philip Levine appreciates the incredible contribution and sacrifice that our men and women in uniform and their families give to our country.
While the state of Florida has come a long way in how it cares for troops, veterans and military families, there is still much to be done.
Our men and women in uniform risk their lives for our country, and they deserve the best healthcare, quality of life, and career opportunities back home. Philip will work as Governor to make sure our 1.5 million veterans are cared for, and to provide affordable housing and support for our state’s many homeless veterans — the 2nd largest population in the United States.
Philip wants to ensure our retired military personnel are cared for and respected. A Levine administration will call for the establishment of a Retired Military Personnel Director to ensure that Florida’s population of retired military personnel can access healthcare services and other benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Philip will also ensure that the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs has enough Veterans Claims Examiners to handle caseloads and make sure our retired military members are prioritized.”
The Veterans Administration is a national program. We don’t need State Government to add another layer of Government. This only proposes creating a new program, something Democrats live and breathe for. Who’s going to pay for Mr Levines generosity – you are. As stated previously this is how the United States has more than 80 Welfare Programs running today. More Government = more taxes, more spending. Oh, that’s right, they don’t spend their own money – they spend yours!

Transportation and Infrastructure
“As a long-time resident of South Florida, Philip is all-too-familiar with our state’s chronic issues of gridlock and congestion, a huge drag on our economy and a major source of pollution. This is especially a problem in South Florida and Central Florida, where the average low-income working family spends over 70% of their income on transportation and housing.

Philip wants to drive Florida into the 21st century economy and believes that to do that, we need to connect our cities with modern transportation methods. High-speed rail, Hyperloop, and other similar initiatives can be a driving force for new jobs and economic advancement for regions throughout Florida. But Philip also understands that we must take our local communities into account as we move forward.
In Miami Beach, Philip expanded the use of bike lanes and instituted a free trolley program to connect his community. By reducing gridlock and carbon emissions, we can build a truly inclusive economy, and Philip will get it done through innovative investment projects and public-private partnerships.
Philip will also appoint a Secretary of Transportation who will be focused on getting things done, and working with local governments to streamline processes and cut through red tape.”

For God’s sake, please stop with painting low-income earners as victims. In my first job I started at 80 cents an hour and had $200 in the bank after 8 months. I acted to get a better paying job and entered work arenas where I could study and learn how to become more valuable to an employer. I took this upon myself and didn’t ask Government to see me as a victim. It took me nearly forty years to reach a pay level a little higher than what Democrats wish the minimum wage to be now. I did it without anyone’s help. I did it with my own initiative.

Let me see, what would entail more taxes and spending? High-speed rail, Hyperloop and other similar “initiatives”? “Investment projects”? More spending.

Cutting through red tape should make everyone happy – except those elected to Government who just love to create the read tape.

False Advertising:
“Philip is running for Governor and is ready to tackle climate change and sea level rise on the first day in office, the same way he did as Mayor of Miami Beach. As Mayor of Miami Beach, Philip worked with community stakeholders on an unprecedented solution to keep his city from going underwater by investing in seawater pumps, raising roads, improving building codes, and installing seawalls. It worked, and Miami Beach has become a model for cities around the world confronting climate change.”

Here’s another one with the hoax of rising sea levels. Does Mr Levine expect me to also believe in Unicorns and the Fairy Godmother?

Rating: Tax and Spend Liberal – I can’t add anything here except to hold a mirror up for nearly any Democrat meaning to make Government bigger. When government grows its like two divers being underwater and sharing the same oxygen tank. Every time Government grows it takes another gulp of air intended for you. They tax and spend to create problems then announce in the next election they will fix the very problems they created.

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