'Tis The Season - August 2018

Ah, yes, once again that time of year rolls around – except, we're not discussing Christmas here. That comes around once every year. I'm talking about that season that comes around every two and every four years - Election time in America. It's that time of year when political hopefuls come out of the woodwork to seek one coveted political office or another. If you are interested in why so many seek political office please understand one thing; those put in charge of us, either at a town, county, state or national level, have the ability to legally gather money from working Americans to fund one thing or another they deem necessary.

With a little research you can find those in Government who amazingly have great increases in personal wealth while in office. And you thought they were conscience-driven to do what's right for America. When you consider our National Debt now exceeding $20 Trillion, those efforts by our public servants happily spend us right into unsustainable debt. And every two and every four years those seeking office must come up with a new brand of candy to offer voters in order to bribe them for their vote. That should explain how we now have more than 80 Welfare Programs run by our Federal Government. Each new program had to be created to convince American voters that their elected official is doing “something for them” - and each time that happens the cash register opens.

The problem is that there is no money in the Federal cash register – instead there are $20 Trillion in IOU's. Every election cycle I just shake my head as various candidates make promises to the voters. Often times the promises are not kept but enough vote-buying by those in Washington has put us that far in debt. To prove my point I decided to investigate those running for Governor in my state of Florida. I wish to use them as a representation of what goes on around the entire country at election time but can be succinct in not trying to investigate all of them. Just think of it as my investigative economy.

There are currently two Republican candidates for Florida Governor; Adam Putnam and Ron DeSantis - and five Democrat candidates, Andrew Gillum, Gwen Graham, Jeff Greene, Chris King and Philip Levine. It would be all too easy to look at the media and how they report on the candidates but with so much “not news, but opinion” prevalent today, and the brief TV advertising does not allow me to categorize and digest the information, I am obligated to view each candidate's platform at their official website. I want to see what each candidate proposes then check to see it what they propose is more taxes required from State workers to pay for their “generosity”. The information I reveal about each candidate follows no predetermined order – just to defray those who see racism in anything from clouds to corn flakes.

I will look at the message each candidate is wishing the public to see. I will then judge their proposals based on similar actions by those in Government and make comparisons. Although I am taking this on myself the only better course if for YOU to seek this information. Whenever any issue a candidate discusses calls for more taxes and spending I will represent this by little cash registers in the Rating for every time an issue will cost more money out of your wallet.

Without using history to tell what happened in the past when specific policies were enacted the voter will have no basis for comparison – sadly, an all too prominent reality in America. I will judge them by Falsehoods, in colloquial terms, lying. I will also judge them on Costs of Proposed Programs, since politicians just love to hide that from the electorate. As a Conservative I will rate each candidate based on my perception of the candidate being a Tax and Spend Liberal or Conservative, in other words, is the platform cost effective or does it mean more taxes and regulation.

(Analysis of candidates reduced to primary winners - CGK)

Ron DeSantis

Andrew Gillum