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Gwen Graham-Democrat

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Platform: 14 Items

According to Ms Graham she calls Florida to task for stealing lottery money meant for education. She is dead on here. She does promise to fully fund needs-based assistance but I am unclear exactly how that works. She also wants to support historically Black Colleges but she does not identify if that involves spending. Why do Black Colleges get priority unless it means harvesting votes? Her website also decries corporations that have for-profit schools, “making millions”. I find this totally disingenuous. As is typical for Democrats she wants to increase Teacher pay, which means higher taxes.

Ms Graham is rightfully concerned about protecting Florida’s environment. But she lies when saying that Fracking is contaminating drinking water, something roundly disproved via research. I have heard of no Fracking within Florida. She espouses working to stop “climate change” – an argument without evidence except the hysteria created in the minds of all who won’t do their own research.

Under this issue Ms Graham wants to increase the minimum wage, sponsor more vocational training and providing paid sick leave. All monies to do this of course comes from working Americans to it is more tax and spend.

Criminal Justice Reform
I found it easier to just copy and paste the long Liberal wish list.

Sentencing Reform:
Reduce sentencing for nonviolent drug possession
Decriminalize personal possession of marijuana
Reduce driver’s license suspensions for non-driving offenses
Perform a full review of all mandatory minimum sentencing laws for nonviolent offenses and again give judges discretion to depart from mandatory minimum sentences with a “safety valve” based on evidence in a particular case
Juvenile Justice:
Require each state attorney’s office to conduct a review process before a juvenile can be charged as an adult
Limit adult charges for juvenile offenders to those with past felony records or who have been alleged to have committed violent felonies
Expand flexibility in funding and investment in community-based programs
Increase opportunities for nonviolent juvenile and youth offenders to expunge criminal records, allowing them to find jobs and reduce recidivism
Law Enforcement:
Increase positive police/community encounters through the use of evidence-based strategies such as Problem Oriented Policing
Increase focus on law enforcement officer health and wellness
Victims’ Rights:
Structure the criminal justice system to ensure that victims are treated with dignity and respect and provided the choice to have their voices fully heard throughout the criminal justice process, receive appropriate restitution, and even, if they wish, provided the opportunity to be reconciled with first-time nonviolent offenders
Death Penalty:
Require state attorney’s office to get approval from a panel of attorneys within their offices before seeking the death penalty
Prison Reform:
Order a full review of department operations and procedures, and equip correctional officials with the tools they need to keep our prisons safe and functional
Increase pay for correctional and probation officers
Stop the expansion of private prisons and phase out the existing private prisons in use today
Expand re-entry, education, mental health and substance abuse treatment programs in prisons
Restoration of Rights:
Restore voting rights to returning citizens who have completed their sentences
Examine how to reduce barriers to housing and employment for returning citizens to Florida communities
Mental Health:
Invest in mental health services and the state’s mental health facilities
Bail Reform:
Increase use of community monitoring and non-monetary bail for misdemeanor and non-violent felony offenders
Eliminate the “poverty penalty” involved in locking up misdemeanor and non-violent felony offenders who cannot afford to post monetary bail

The entire list above only shows a softness and showing criminals as being victims. Besides raising taxes to pay for some of these things it only paints bad behavior as acceptable. The scariest proposal is the last, Bail Reform, certain to make sure criminals never show up to court because they have no skin in the game.

From her website: “With Donald Trump in the White House, Gwen is fighting against Republican attempts to replace Obamacare with legislation that will raise premiums and increase costs for Floridians over the age of 55.”

“As Governor, Gwen will expand Medicaid and work to hold insurance companies accountable. She’ll work to reduce the cost of premiums and medications.”

First of all, Donald Trump is not responsible for soaring healthcare costs – that is something squarely on the shoulders of Democrats. Blaming Trump is a lie to push the blame elsewhere. Expanding Medicaid means higher taxes on Florida workers. Premium and Medication costs are best lowed via competition because Government taking over healthcare is the very reason for the mess. Medicaid is not health insurance – it is free health care.

Civil Rights
Not a whole lot of beef on this burger. She is promoting letting criminals that have served their sentences to be again granted voting rights. She also promotes state-wide voter registration, increasing early voting and extending vote hours.

Gwen is campaigning to move Florida away from fossil fuels to solar power. She also backs Obama’s Clean Energy initiatives – ones that call for massive spending to change a society deeply entrenched in fossil fuel energy. It can be done over a long period of time but Democrats typically legislate a remedy that causes soaring prices and fewer choices. She campaigns against Fracking in Florida.

Women’s Rights
Gwen Graham is Pro-Abortion and wants taxpayers to pay for women aborting their children. Also a platform for her is the renewal of the Equal Rights Amendment, paid parental and sick leave, but no details on who will pay for her generosity. Passage of an Equal Rights Amendment would require women to register for the Draft – something I’m sure all women would approve?

LGBTQ Equality
The platform here calls for more rights for people who determine that they are not the sex they were born with but the sex they believe they are.

Gun Safety
Here are her salient issues for Gun Safety
Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines;
Implement comprehensive universal background checks on all gun sales to stop criminals and terrorists from purchasing guns;
Require abusers to surrender firearms when a protective order is issued against them to protect victims of domestic violence;
Invest in mental health and give law enforcement the tools they need to prevent those with serious mental illness from purchasing or keeping firearms.

I don’t see how anyone could argue against bad people getting weapons but often bad people are ignored, especially in the Parkland shooting when all officials involved did nothing to stop it. Also, you cannot buy an “assault weapon”. Only law enforcement or the military can do that. The assault weapon label is a Democrat ploy to pass more restrictions against the 2nd Amendment. Those who commit domestic violence really shouldn’t have a weapon but the proof of the violence must be ironclad to prevent ‘revenge’ reporting of said violence.

From her website:
“Gwen understands that Florida is stronger because of our diversity. She supports comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship.”

This is another example of Liberal mumbo-jumbo. How does ‘diversity’ help anything? This again is another way for Democrats to put a ‘victim’ label on anyone without white skin. We don’t need immigration reform – we need immigration enforcement – but this is how Democrats seek to expand their voter rolls so never again will we have a Conservative Government. Unless earth was struck with a meteorite a pathway to citizenship has been around since the beginning of our nation. She also fought against Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’, a name given by Democrats to those nations exporting terror.

Veterans and Security
Gwen launched a program for businesses to hire Veterans but I’ve never heard of it and here it does not have any name associated with it. It is indicated she supports affordable housing for Veterans but what does that mean? Does it mean passing a law or regulation that will put a greater tax burden on Florida workers? More details needed here.

The plan for Seniors calls for ‘strengthening’ Medicaid. This calls for more state spending and higher taxes. While her page declares she will fight to keep property taxes low for Seniors such a program already exists in Florida.

Ethics and Government Transparency
Ms Graham espouses transparency in Government – something most folks would agree with. It is indicated she proposed legislation to inhibit use of first-class flights and luxury car use by politicians. That is a winner.

False Advertising:
Thus far I’ve seen little advertising for this candidate. But one newspaper article says she will “invest” in various programs for Floridians. Why not call it what it is – more taxes.

Rating: Tax and Spend Liberal – In every election cycle some politicians like to paint many people as being victims of one thing or another, whether it is because they are a minority, a female or someone from another country. As is typical for Democrats and being true for Ms Graham offering respite for one thing or another only means spending and more spending. That takes down economies at any level of Government. I am singularly unimpressed with this candidate.

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