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Chris King-Democrat

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Platform: 14 Items

Gun Safety Reform
“Enough is enough. For too long, Florida’s political leaders have cowered before the NRA. Chris won’t take a dime of their money. Chris proposed the most progressive gun safety reform in the race, taxing ammunition and gun sales to pay for the “Every Kid Fund” for Gun Violence Prevention. He’ll demand a ban on assault weapons, challenge the legislature to pass universal background checks on all gun sales—both public and private—and expand Medicaid to provide mental health services for hundreds of thousands who need them.”

Mr King won’t take NRA money because they have not offered him any money. Of course higher taxes for guns and ammo. A ban on assault weapons have been around for nearly nine decades. Expanding Medicaid for mental health services means another tax increase also.

Criminal Justice Reform
“Florida has become a leader in locking people up. That has to change. Chris wants to reduce mass incarceration by 50% in ten years. He’ll reform sentencing, phase out private prisons, legalize and regulate the sale of marijuana, and end the death penalty. With the savings, we can reinvest in our communities—education, opportunity, and additional funding for law enforcement.”

How does he quantify that first sentence? Reducing mass incarceration is by letting criminals off the hook. Look how it works in Chicago. Phasing out private prisons only puts it in the hands of government so it would only balloon in costs and require higher taxes. Also, we sure need more young people smoking pot. Anytime government moves something from the private sector under the auspices of government it turns into a money pit.

Affordable Housing
His claim is that government has squandered ‘affordable housing funds’. Now, just look at the last sentence in the previous analysis – it only is confirmed here. What does “affordable” mean? To people making twenty grand a year it is one thing – to those making a hundred grand a year it is something else. When politicians use the term “affordable” it is a socialist trap to increase taxes to pay for a specific range of people to benefit – namely those marking the ballot for the one making the most promises.

“For 10 years, a bill to protect LGBTQ individuals from discrimination has been in the Florida legislature waiting to be passed. As Governor, Chris will make sure that bill is passed so every Floridian has equal protection under the law.”

Some folks of differing sexual orientation are not out marching and getting in the face of anyone disagreeing with their lifestyle. If they suffer discrimination let them sue.

Our Environment
“Climate change is bad for our future and bad for our economy. Despite rising sea levels, an imperiled everglades, and crisis-level algae blooms, Tallahassee leaders continue to advance policies that fail to protect our environment. Chris is proud to be the only gubernatorial candidate to earn an endorsement from Bulllsugar. He has led the charge to oppose Big Sugar and hold sugar corporations responsible for their abuses of Florida’s environment.”

Climate Change is a different description given to Global Warming when it was revealed to be a hoax perpetrated by scientists. If the sugar industry is harming the environment then take them to court. Rising sea levels? Okay, show me. Algae blooms are a product of nature – what does he propose for this?

“No one should have to go to the ER for routine health care. Even though nearly 2.6 million Floridians have no health insurance, Tallahassee turned away federal funds that would have provided low-cost preventative care and expanded healthcare access, all while creating thousands of jobs.”

People go to ER’s because the law says they cannot be turned down for treatment. The Federal funds for expanded Medicaid was temporary – intended to get the State hooked on free healthcare. Creating thousands of jobs? Another mystery statement.

Homegrown Jobs
“Tallahassee has showered incentives on out-of-state corporations that pay low wages and export most of their profits. As a progressive entrepreneur, Chris knows we need to refocus on homegrown businesses that create jobs and prosperity here at home.”

There are no numbers to confirm the statement above. Jobs and prosperity come when Government stops stepping on the neck of capitalism via high taxes and onerous regulations.

“Chris sees how Tallahassee leaders have used public office for private gain while letting Florida’s economy decline. It’s time to extend bans on lobbying by former public officials, keep them from getting extra pay-outs, and force government out of the dark and back into the sunshine.”

Getting rid of public officials who dip into the government cookie jar belong in prison. I’m all for that but believe lobbying should be outlawed. It is only big money buying political favors. See: Clinton Foundation.

Workforce Training
“In a rapidly changing economy, many workers are finding it nearly impossible to find a job that can support a family. Chris has a plan for new institutes located and administered in our state’s community college system to equip workers with career-ready skills and connect them to well-paying jobs.”

In the old days one would seek an apprenticeship or train for a job that would allow rising wages as the worker’s skills and experience are enhanced. Paying someone enough to buy a house and car and feed a family right out of high school is ridiculous. If a college student seeks a degree in Social Justice and can’t find work that is their fault. Check the market while young to see where the best paying jobs are. Asking Government to give you a ‘living wage’ is Communism. Changes to more vocational training can be done at the local levels. When young I took Auto Shop and Electrical Shop. Where are those programs today?
Affordable College
“Kids strive for the opportunity to follow their dreams and employers want more educated workers, yet higher education is unaffordable for too many Floridians. Chris’ college access program has built a model for students to graduate without crushing debt, pursue their careers and energize our communities.”

Here we go with the term ‘affordable’ again. As in all instances when this term is used it means increasing or starting a new program that takes money from taxpayers and transfers it to those voting for this candidate.

Veterans and Military
“Our service men and women risk their lives for our country, and they deserve the absolute best health care and career resources when they return home. Chris will work to improve support services for our veterans and military families.”

There is nothing definitive in the above statement – except, ‘improve support services’ involves more spending and higher taxes.

Elections and Voting
“Chris believes our leaders should be in the business of expanding the right to vote, not suppressing it. As Governor, he will restore voting rights to nonviolent ex-offenders, expand early voting, and make it easier to register to vote.”

The right to vote is a Constitutional guarantee. I don’t want Government to spend a penny getting citizens to vote – that is their responsibility and civic duty. Expanding early voting costs more money and making it ‘easier’ to register to vote? Like registering illegal immigrants to vote at the DMV?

A Fair Economy
“As Governor, Chris will encourage a fair economy for all Floridians. With well-paying jobs disappearing, Florida needs to raise the minimum wage and create jobs that can actually support families. Chris’ business has done it, and Florida can’t stay afloat unless its economy works for all and not just some.”

Clue to Mr King, the economy is booming. Raising the minimum wage always puts people out of work. Mr King knows this but lies anyway. There is no way that an economy ‘works for all’. Again, that is Communist doctrine.

Gender Equity
“Florida can only take the lead when all its people, especially women, are treated fairly. Chris will work to protect the right to choose, end workplace discrimination, and close the pay gap, so everyone can reach their fullest potential.”

This is pandering full blown. The right to choose means spending my tax dollars to kill unborn children. I don’t endorse that.

Rating: Tax and Spend Liberal-More of the same from another Democrat. Read through each of the statements from this candidate and just say “cha-ching” every time ‘helping’ someone means taking money from one and giving it to another. This man is more qualified to shovel manure.

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