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As in researching many candidates for office the primary message is to send them money. You have to find the issues on the website. The issues for Mr Gillum follow.

Platform: 10 Items

Criminal Justice Reform
Under Criminal Justice Reform the candidate talks about doing good things for young people to avoid crime. That is good. His suggestion of revamping the bail system for the poor people only means the offender will skip on a court date because if you remove the loss of bail then the perpetrator has no skin in the game. Not good.

Economy and Jobs
For Economy and Jobs the candidate recommends a tax cut for corporations. Not a popular message from Democrats. Tax cuts gave a boost to the national economy and should work also at the state level. Under the “Fair Share” plan teacher’s starting salary would begin at $50,000 along with a proposal to rebuild our schools in Florida. This only begs the common sense question; who’s going to pay for this? He also calls for the state to be a leader in solar power.

Under Education the candidate echoes the call for raising teacher pay and also calls for $1 Billion in school funding and to invest in vocational training, all of which calls for increased state spending.

For the Environment Mr Gillum wants to fight Climate Change, previously labeled Global Warming. This type of belief already ignores the United States as being one of the cleanest countries in the world. In order to “change climate” the entire industry of the planet would have to cooperate. He proposes a change to clean energy as soon as possible. Again, who pays for that?

Gun Safety
Repeatedly in television ads Mr Gillum claims he stood up to the NRA about shooting guns in public parks. When investigating the law suit Mr Gillum references, he was sued by two Gun Rights groups – neither one named the NRA. The law suit was not about the guns in public parks but was brought when state law was announced to supersede local laws and ordinances. Of course he gets more street cred for stating he took on the NRA. He opposes bump stocks and high capacity magazines – something a respectable Conservative could agree with.

Health Care
On Healthcare Mr Gillum truly goes off the rails, blaming Donald Trump for the sky-high insurance premiums under Obamacare. Mr Trump was not even a candidate when Democrats alone passed the Affordable Care Act – something predicted to be a disaster – and becoming a disaster, can all be laid at the feet of Democrats. Under Obamacare many states were directed to increase Medicaid eligibility. Governor Scott refused indicating the burden would impact state taxpayers. This refusal to expand Medicaid is typically reported as cutting healthcare. Here is how it is represented at the website:

“Florida never received the opportunity to benefit from the full impact of the Affordable Care Act due to Governor Scott’s refusal to extend Medicaid to over 1 million Floridians.”

Obamacare and Medicaid are separate. One is a national program, one is a state program. The above line is totally misleading.

Mr Gillum tackles immigration by decrying Trump’ family separation at the border. Where was Mr Gillum when Obama did it? The entire outlook here on immigration is one big ball of BS. By welcoming those less fortunate to reside in Florida again begs the question, who is going to pay for it?

LGBTQ Equality
Under the LGBTQ tab Mr Gillum’s proposals call for honoring the rights of Gays, Lesbians, Trangenders and Bisexuals. Under current agendas for these people they not only have rights but some imagined privileges since they can’t determine if they are boys or girls.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico needs more legislation and Federal assistance for the territory following a devastating hurricane. More money for Puerto Rico? Where is that coming from? And where is all the money that Puerto Rico had but spent by Democrats? I would want that answered before throwing more good money after bad. More spending would be required to fund Mr Gillum’s desire to hire more state disaster assistance case managers as well as providing 2 year and 4 year scholarship money for displaced Puerto Ricans – but not say who will pay for that.

Women’s Rights
Women’s Rights is the last issue listed on the site. This of course calls for equal pay for women when doing equal jobs. He espouses funding Planned Parenthood as part of women’s health – while ignoring the health of the aborted child. This is from the last paragraph:

“As Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew launched a Family Friendly Workplaces program, with over 100 businesses from the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Priorities like paid sick days, work-sharing, health insurance, mental health programs, safe and clean breastfeeding rooms, on-site childcare centers and subsidies for childcare, attract talent and limit employee turnover.”

These ideas; ‘paid sick days, work-sharing, health insurance, mental health programs, safe and clean breastfeeding rooms, on-site childcare centers and subsidies for childcare’ all cost money.

False Advertising:
Mr Gillum’s ads are alluding that the NRA was for people shooting guns in public parks. No lie is too big to be used by a Democrat. His advertising states he is for banning assault weapons, something banned from the public since the 1930’s.

Rating: Tax and Spend Liberal – This follows the same prescription that keeps deepening debt in the country. Candidates who espouse more government are only going to take away from the citizens. In spite of this being the go-to policy for Democrats since the last century no one asks where the money is coming from.

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