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Adam Putnam-Republican:

Website Home Page for Adam Putnam (https://adamputnam.com/)

Platform: 5 Items
After two clicks into Adam Putnam’s website three issues are displayed: Gun rights, Veterans, the Economy. Looking at Gun Rights first he states that Gun Rights are inalienable rights and that he acted on behalf of concealed carry gun owners, supporting the NRA and expanded hunting on Florida lands.
When I clicked the Veterans link I am directed to the same page as before but to find his platform you will click on “Learn more” to find the nuts and bolts of his intentions for Florida. Here I find in PDF form that he is for;

Right-to-Life initiatives
Mr Putnam is obviously Pro-Life and while being so will incur the angst of all Liberals.

Defending Constitutional Freedoms
With Free Speech under attack by Liberals daily – wanting only Socialist voices to be heard, we certainly need someone to protect the rights of those with differing viewpoints.

Removing Activist Judges from the bench
As an example there is the Federal Judge ruling that the Trump administration must fully reinstate the DACA program. This program is unconstitutional and the Judge is attempting to write law from the bench.

Faith-based and Community-based initiatives
Private organizations manage charitable work much more effectively than Government so this would be a plus for communities. More details required.

Reduce the bureaucracy impeding home schooling and school choice
Democrats and Liberals hate school voucher systems, allowing parents to choose the school best for their child. What is does is remove funding from public schools that goes to teacher unions that help fund Democrat political campaigns. More school choice might mean students will actually learn.

False Advertising:
From what I’ve seen advertised on behalf of Adam Putnam on television and the Net is taking fellow Republican candidate, Ron DeSantis to task for proposing a 23% tax increase. Are you horrified that a typical Republican platform calling for less taxation is the opposite here? It is true Mr DeSantis proposed a 23% tax on consumption – paying a tax on what you buy. But Mr Putnam’ followers are somewhat over zealous and withhold information from the voter. The tax would have replaced other taxes. The narrative in this Orlando Sentinel Newspaper ad, (http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/politics/political-pulse/os-putnam-desantis-sales-tax-20180724-story.html), blasts the destructive “tax increase” but you actually have to read the article where it states, “ which would have replaced income and corporate taxes”.

Rating: Conservative – I don’t find anything in the above platform that costs taxpayers more money but the programs that are Faith-based or Community-based would have to be shown in greater detail for that analysis. What is also lacking are his takes on Education, Taxes, Economy, etc. I don’t see much if not nothing in those areas. He really needs to say more about these things.

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