Fake News in a Fake World
April 4, 2017

The expression “Fake News” has been added to the American lexicon – indicating so many news stories that create a news narrative with very little substance or none at all. This is not new. Ever since some have chosen to perform as “news” outlets, the lines between truth, speculation and outright propaganda have blurred.

An infamous example in American history was the “Remember the Maine” hue and cry, leading the United States to war with Spain – based purely on speculation. An explosion on the battleship Maine occurred in Havana Harbor just before the turn of the twentieth century. While findings today indicate the ship’s explosion to have been accidental, “yellow journalists” printed stories of the ship being sabotaged by the Spanish in Cuba. The nation went to war based on that speculation.

Another sterling example is the Vietnam War – having nearly led to the defeat of Communist-backed North Vietnam via the bombing of North Vietnam and the drastic losses suffered by the Communists during the last gasp Tet Offensive of 1968 – the American media made it a point to illustrate the U.S. casualty count but underreported the U.S. victories. The rest is history – with American campuses and the leftwing in general crying out in agony over the devastating price paid by American youth on the battlefield.

This writer in 2013, after seeing so many disgraceful lies, deceit and censorship by the bulk of America’s media led to a three week study of this – as was detailed in the Media Study shown on my website, CGLogic.com. I found so many distortions of the truth by the Obama-loving media it almost made me vomit.

For the eight years of the Obama administration – while the country doubled its debt, encouraged open borders, taxed and regulated American free enterprise ad nauseam, lied to the American people of the dangers of radical Islam, punished political adversaries through the dictatorial use of government agencies, incited racial upheaval and an attempt to make national healthcare a quasi-communist program – the media daily painted a picture of how brilliant and wonderful the first black president of America was.

In spite of our national news reporting having such a degree of a fake element – being fake in America has permeated the entire nation through the advertising and entertainment industries – and more glaringly of late – by the mainstream media. So much of what is fake in our lives has become so culturally ingrained it may fly under the radar of the typical U.S. resident.

Television advertisers in my youth were extremely blatant in faking representations to sell a product or service. The housewife using Mop A was unhappy with her mop’s performance – this being accentuated by her depiction as being unkempt, made to look unattractive with messy hair, dowdy attire, a frowning face and perhaps some large horn rimmed glasses.

When the advertisers showed you Mop B, the one they wanted you to buy – the mop’s user suddenly became very attractive – wearing well-fitted clothing, with beautifully coiffed hair, earrings, lipstick and bearing a dazzling smile – while mopping floors no less.

This advertising method is still used today – and still makes me laugh uproariously at the depictions they attempt. The common practice includes throwing out dubious claims such as, “number one recommended formula” or “the number one selling car dealer in the state!” One that makes me laugh is the fast food advertisers – displaying a box of fried chicken overflowing its container – or the burger with toppings appearing nearly four inches tall – only to find your particular french-fry dispensing food source gives you burger smooshed to nearly the thickness of a DVD!

And if I hear of another new medicine advertised that ends in the letter “a”, I’m going to go apoplectic. Carmakers employ the same mind control – the Elantra! The Accura! And in medicines; Latuda, Allegra, Antara, Belsomra, Activia and on and on. Just what is it about the ‘ah’ sound that invites so many consumers?

Everyday on television we are ‘faked out’ by the broadcaster. You are watching a commercial and might be tempted to change the channel – when up pops the logo representing the show you wanted to see. But that logo immediately disappears, having convinced you the program was resuming – only to make sure you did not get up to make a baloney sandwich, thereby missing their all-important advertising. Once they lure you into believing the show is resuming they throw out another three or four commercials. It brings to mind the Vance Packard book of the sixties, “The Hidden Persuaders”. This book detailed how advertising and product representations were designed to be manipulative.

To anyone having to visit a Doctor’s office you are again lured into a fake misconception. If your appointment is at ten in the morning most likely if you get into the Doctor before eleven in the morning it would be breathtaking. They pile on the appointments, giving time between clients perhaps ten or fifteen minutes – or even giving multiple clients the same appointment time. And of course you’ll notice they collect the visit fee BEFORE you get to see the Doctor.

The powers that be in Hollywood continuously trot out characters in movies and television with one component – that the young actors and actresses must by what society deems as “good looking”. While there are exceptions among those with a few years under their belts – Morgan Freeman and Meryl Streep for instance, most of the young up and comers are eye candy for the camera.

Have you looked at the magazines on sale next to the cash register at your favorite food-shopping outlet? Magazine cover after cover shows young women, extremely attractive women, gracing nearly every one. If aliens visited Earth from somewhere outside our solar system and only had those magazine covers for reference, they would believe that every young man in America was square-jawed with a muscled frame – every female would be stunningly gorgeous without a winkle in their twenty-something, tight-assed, perky-breasted or cleavage-abundant bodies.

And now to address fakery in a way certain to infuriate many.

Throughout history women have “faked” their desirability via makeup, adornment and fetching attire. Part of the attempt to camouflage what they are doing is by creating some “feminist” mantra about equality. During my childhood, a stay-at-home Mom was the order of the day with me having a plethora of memories from my own loving Mother and the Mothers of my friends and classmates. To feminists today that borders on something on par with slavery. Wait until they all come under Sharia Law!

Women’s use of a myriad of means to make themselves desirable to the opposite sex is as old as Cain and Abel. We have eyeliner, fake eyelashes and fake boobs. Today the level of fakery is at extreme proportions – making this man wonder, “How far will it go in the future?”

Today women use piercings – once relegated to the ear lobes – for most any part of the body that will draw attention to them – the eyebrow, the navel, the tongue or the nostrils. In the future those wearing such a degree of hardware may have to register as scrap-metal dealers. But the tattoo, once a signature of pirates or sailors, can be found on many a female just by visiting a shopping mall.

Breast enhancement has become so prolific I’ve read of Mother awarding such a surgery for a daughter’s graduation. How does a girl expect to attract attention if nature’s assigned breast size is inadequate for copious displays of cleavage – not only in the bedroom – but also at the shopping mall? And if that attention she draws results in an unwanted pregnancy – don’t worry – we have a government-sponsored company that will kill the unborn child for you.

And throw in those skin-hugging yoga pants or leggings and a man might think a female is advertising herself for intercourse – for a fee. But just try commenting on such an arrangement in public, Mr. Common American man – you just might be under arrest!

Besides the allure of makeup, metal piercing and revealing clothing a male might believe she’s available for love making – even though she may be sporting a wedding band and is legally betrothed to another man – she can fake her availability through allure.

Not to pick on women so much but I find it unusual that having sex with an underage female can land you in a prison cell, but the girls too young to legally have sex are advertising themselves nonetheless. And while having sex with a young girl is illegal, take a look at most any pornography outlet and you will see shaven vaginal areas – a natural feature most likely for a girl ten and under.

Throw in all of the beauty enhancements sold nationally to make women look “young” and it all adds up to showing very little respect for the natural aging process of the human female. To top that off, men are now adopting the effeminate traits of adornment and hair treatments – attempting to make themselves over into women! This is all being done in an attempt to make a fake representation of reality.

The advances in technology have enhanced the delivery of fakery. This is done by Hollywood. Of course I understand that in a video game or on the big screen, the depiction of blood flying everywhere in a hail of bullets is not real. But for an impressionable child – not withheld from exposure to violence – they might easily adopt those fictional happenings as something they can recreate in reality.

In spite of all of the “fakery’ being thrown at the American people – what is worse than the misrepresentations – is the fact that so many impressionable people buy into it. Do you take the picture from the advertisements of Kentucky Fried Chicken when you buy a meal package there – telling the management you insist on being served the food as depicted in the advertising?

When the fake mainstream media tells the American people that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to win the Presidency – yet show no proof – do you buy into that? When news anchors attempt to make the Trump election win invalid – without proof – do you accept that premise? Did you believe Susan Rice who made the TV news rounds to tell Americans the Benghazi issue was because of a video – and is now at the heart of another dirty politics scandal?

Being willing to accept what is fake when it comes down to a hamburger and fries is one thing – after all, it’s your money you are spending. But if you are willing to accept the fakery taught daily at colleges and Universities – you are being faked out. And when the issues that are fake may have drastic consequences concerning our national security and the well being of our economy and culture we still have many who blindly allow themselves not to question what may or not be fake.

That old adage, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me” can be relevant today for our nation. Which group might you fall into, the one being fooled once or the one being fooled repeatedly?

You’ve heard of a fake orgasm? We have been dumbed down so much in our country many may not realize they are living in a fake reality. This may not have serious consequences – unless you adopt what you have failed to discern as truth comes back to bite you, and our nation, in the ass.