Supplemental Information 1975 – Present

Bosnian War

Unknown to many, the United States has sent troops to protect Muslims in this region, plus Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Afghanistan.

Bosnian Civil War
What Caused the Bosnian War
Bosnian War - Wikipedia
20 Years Later

Images of Military Ranks
US Bicentennial
Images of Viet Nam Protests
Images of US Embassy
Takeover 1979

the Gulf War and Iraqi Freedom

Under George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, American troops entered Iraq. The first conflict I agreed with, the second I did not.

Saddam Hussein and Iraq
Desert Storm
Democracy in Iraq
The Gulf War - PBS
The History Guy on the Gulf War
Years Later

Norman Schwarzkopf
Images of the Gulf War
Maps of Desert Storm
M1 Abrams Tank

War in Afghanistan
After America witnessed planes flying into the twin towers, the pentagon and into a Pennsylvania field, someone needed a butt kickin'. We are still there fighting.

The Taliban
The History Guy on the Afghan War
Council on Foreign Relations
9-11 Timeline
War in Afghanistan
Troops withdraw from Iraq
Troop drawdown in Afghanistan

More Troops to stay in Afghanistan

Images of 9-11

Images of Afghan War
Shia versus Sunni Muslims
Islam Background
UN Expert talks about drones
Military Installations Worldwide
History of American Wars
by the Numbers
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