Era Supplements 1813-1890

Supplemental Information  1813-1890

War With Mexico

Events in the mid-1800's shaped what our national boundaries were to become. Much in the way of land spoils came as a result of the Mexican American conflict.

-Mexico 1845 - 1846
-The John Slidell Mission 1845-46
-The Mexican American War
-Mexican American War - Encyclopedia Britannica
-The History Guy - the U.S-Mexican War
-Map of Mexico & Texas 1845-48
-Aftermath of the War

Images of the Battle of New Orleans
1842 Musket
Pictures of the Alamo
Images of Mexican American War

Brother Against Brother

Our Civil War sometimes pitted brother against brother. While Slavery is seen as a primary force for the Union, many other economic factors predicated this American upheaval.

-The American Civil War
-King Cotton
-Photographs of the Civil War
-Selected Photographs
-Civil War: Industry & Manufacturing
-Abraham Lincoln
-Jefferson Davis
-Gettysburg Address
-Emancipation Proclamation

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Civil War Weapons
Selected Weapons of the American Civil War
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Civil War Artillery
The Brooksville Raid
Images of Civil War Artillery
Naval War of the Civil War
Civil War Naval Pictures

Railroads of the Civil War
Images of Civil War Railroads
Images of Civil War Reconstruction

The Mighty Wheels Turn

The Rise of Industry in America lead to a rapid expansion westward by railroad. Steam and electrical power was harnessed for a myriad of inventions.

-Gilded Age
-Late 1800's Immigration
-Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Economic Trends
-Early American Railroads
-Inventors & Inventions 1851-1900
-The Rise of American Industry
Industrial Revolution in America
Effect of Railroads
Growth of Industry
Growth of Coal Industry