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More than one issue in the 13 colonies caused people to rise up against the British throne. One reason lost to most Americans is the fact that Britain bore the cost of sending troops to the Americas to fight in the French and Indian War. The unpopular tax acts passed by the British Crown was in part to recover those costs. But many colonists would have no part of it.

Founding of The American Colonies
A look at Colonial America
The Boston Tea Party
The First Continental Congress
The Declaration of American Independence
-The Revolutionary War from
-The Revolution from The History Place
The American Revolution
Revolutionary War Battles
Logistics and the British Defeat in the Revolutionary War
-The Post Revolutionary War Period (PDF)

Armaments of the
Revolutionary Period


Images of Revolutionary War

First Americans to Attack on Foreign Soil

America and the Barbary Pirates
Jefferson Versus the Muslim Pirates
How Did the U.S. Defeat the Barbary Pirates?
Images of Battle of Tripoli

Wars and Nation Building

There are two distinctions to this U.S. war. First: the impressments of U.S. sailors by British ships lent to the harsh feelings towards the British Crown. Second, it was a war declared by our government against a foreign power.

War of 1812 Causes – Impressments
The War of 1812
The War of 1812 –
Guide to the War of 1812
President Elect 1812
President James Madison
Washington Burned
Effects of the War of 1812
War Bicentennial

Armaments of the War of 1812

Muskets, Mortar, Artillery
Images of the War of 1812
Images of 1812 Navy