Emotional Retardation is Permissive – Not Progressive
by C.G. Kellerman

Do not assume by the Title that I hold a degree in Sociology, Psychiatry or any other degree that studies human behavior. My observations are from the more than 60 years of living in America. Just as a soldier would recount tales of battle – a pilot telling of near collisions or crashes – a Mother explaining her years of child raising – a policeman telling of dangerous encounters with law-breakers – my years of observing has given me a definite perspective on the issue. Because I don't hold a sheepskin in specific studies on human behavior many will totally dismiss my observations – in spite of them being real. And while some may admit my observations are real they will totally dismiss the conclusions I draw from them.

Permissive Parents

The primary outcome of my observations tell me that over the decades since my childhood, we have given in repeatedly to the youth. Once a child learns he or she can control people via behavior it further diminishes the constraints and limits of young people's actions. When a parent attempts to discipline a child but the child throws a tantrum, yelling, screaming and saying “I hate my Mom” or “I hate my Dad” - this is the critical juncture at which the parent needs to steel themselves.

Should the parent be afraid of such behavior; when a parent becomes afraid of an unpleasant reaction – the temptation is to relent and give in to the child's demands. Then the misbehaving child is victorious and has learned a valuable lesson; that outbursts can control a parent's behavior. Once done and if not rectified, the child is on a path of self-centered actions that will only benefit the child while perhaps making those around him or her suffer.

If a child is in this type of 'permissive' environment the child has not learned delay of gratification, has not learned tolerance and has not learned to abide by rules. Carried on to adolescence and adulthood it can result in the youth being in juvenile detention, then later, jail or prison. A permissive parent only forecasts that problems between child and parent may lead to problems between the child and school teachers, then police. In essence a spoiled child does not learn to adopt perseverance and sacrifice in facing life's challenges, then later becomes a problem for higher authorities to deal with.

That child does not learn the valuable lessons of awaking on time for school, the importance of advancing his or her education or respect for rules. By not resisting a child's demands the parents fail to teach them to deal with disappointments in life, rejection or just not getting their way all the time. Woe to the child who's parent fears their reactions to discipline. In this instance the parent is also emotionally retarded.

This renders those I identify in the Title, people who are emotionally retarded – not having learned diligence and sacrifice, that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose - instead being forever immersed in a child-like world where if a child, then adult, does not get what it wants you'd better be prepared for trouble. It can start early in the school when the misbehaving child attacks the teacher or the young adult feels compelled to murder a convenience store clerk to get money for their next drug purchase. These children are never being given the tools necessary to live a productive and contributing lifestyle among their peers.

Permissive Culture

Raised in the 1950's, I was taught early on to obey rules or face consequences. As the 1960's approached and many of the nation's youth got into pot, LSD, acid and other drugs, the permissiveness had reached a whole new level. Working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democrat Convention let me see first hand how 'protesters' turned from protests to violence. Those like Timothy Leery, who advocated for 'turn on, tune in, drop out' only lent to a path of nonsense to overcome ideologies with which they disagreed – being a forerunner of accepting the use of drugs that would dull sense and reason. The decriminalization and proposed legalization of drugs has given us record deaths due to opioid use.

The upshot is that those in the 1960's, whose outbursts and demonstrations effectively ended U.S. involvement in Vietnam, in collusion with the media, have re-entered the halls of education – not as students but as teachers, professors and administrators. In effect the 60's produced a wave of spoiled brats that are now teaching our young how to be spoiled brats just like them.

For examples just be bold enough to visit CampusReform.org. Here are daily reports of misbehaving adults acting like little brats. What so upsets these young hooligans? Conservatism. Yes, Conservatism; things like work hard to get ahead, study hard for a good education, be tolerant of other's right to free speech and other Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Words used to spur the young towards achievement are now labeled 'microaggressions'.

Horrible, isn't it – that everything that lent to making America the most prosperous nation on earth is now bad for the world. And with so many on America's campuses being taught the fundamentals of Communism and Islam no wonder the country is divided. I would never have guessed as a child that just because my skin is white I magically enjoy privileges that other races don't or that I am automatically a racist.

Students shout down conservative speakers and endorse actions to support Palestinian terrorists against the historically blamed Jews of Israel. They occupy Administration offices, smash and destroy Pro-life displays, block students from sharing the US Constitution and openly display ignorance when asked about anything factual in the world or our way of life. Though hundreds of thousands died to end slavery young people now subscribe to anything from peanut butter to clouds being racist and demand special accommodations for those with black or brown skin. The Civil War veterans must be turning over in their graves.

It is conceivable that youth has been rebellious for millennia but only in most recent times have parents been reluctant to enforce their own authority. In days past the adage “children should be seen and not heard” put children in a place under adult authority. But with each generation adults became more tolerant of children's tantrums. This was highlighted in the mid-1900's as it became popular among 'progressive' parents that spanking should outlawed. I saw enough of the sad results of this type of parenting as I witnessed young parents trying to be 'friends' with their children, sometimes giving them equal footing in decision making.

What some people fail to realize is that spanking had a justification – not to be used to unrealistically abuse a child – but as a means of communication. How does any adult believe that they can conduct reasoning and rationale with a two-year-old? This lack of reasoning by adults should remind them that we do not have two-year-old children running households, in positions of management or government. A two-year-old can not understand or implement foreign policy, hold a job or offer advice on anything adult in nature. They do not have the intellect or judgment to do so.

When a slap on the hand or on the buttocks of a two-year-old happens it is simply because the child cannot rationalize, therefore attempting an adult conversation as to why they cannot have desert without eating their vegetables is lost on them. A little sting in a slap will teach them one thing that words cannot – that you as the parent are an 'authority'. Your authority via a slap communicates to that child what words cannot – that you are in control and they are not. They will never understand a parent attempting to rationalize in words but a little sting on the backside truly sends a message they will understand.

This little bit of corporal punishment teaches a small child that you are the authority and if backed up with an unwavering mindset should mean that this form of punishment, or communication, can be done sparingly – then no more.

Once learning about authority a child from then should respect your authority. Once a little sting to the body becomes more, such as real physical abuse, the parent has lost control completely and has perhaps damaged the child's perspective about authority from then on. If that occurs, when the child ages, the next authority having to be administered might be in the form of a uniformed policeman or policewoman. Looking at prison populations today is a good indicator that parenting at one time failed, either by parental choice or circumstances. One of the most prevalent situations giving rise to this is that lack of a two-parent home for children today.

Once we surrender to the demands of youth we further lead the country into disharmony and chaos simply because of the young who have not been taught self-discipline and self-determination. We end up with a human inhabiting a grown up body but laboring under the aura of seeking another teat from which to suck.

Before so much electronic information sharing became dominant, if someone criticized you to your face it might represent 'fighting words'. But electronic media allows people to be as rude and nasty as imaginable all because the distance afforded them via electronic anonymity allows them to do so. And don't expect the Tech media giants to give a damn because they too are part of the problem. There is no parenting or policing of the Internet – unless you express Conservative viewpoints and if parents do not monitor or control online activity they end up raising another emotionally retarded child.

Electronic media has played a huge role in permissiveness – simply because a parent does not monitor what input a child receives via this medium. It has became a wonderful tool for those turning ever more young into ignorant foot soldiers for their agendas.

If a parent does not want a child exposed to profanity, pornography and propaganda the Internet especially allows a child to view any type of content imaginable. Its okay for youth to be bullies online – they are only mimicking the behavior of those emotionally retarded inhabiting adult bodies with Hollywood, left-wing media and TV personalities actually exploiting the medium to offer anything critical and nothing in the way of solutions – because that's what gets them attention.

If a fourteen-year-old girl walks past a fifteen-year-old boy the boy might not give any outward signs of recognition or might even say hello. But have the same girl walk past four fifteen-year-old boys and the most emotionally retarded one will say something mean and salacious because he has an audience – something necessary and vital for gaining attention among the emotionally retarded.

For the emotionally retarded anything and everything is okay to use in their arsenal to teach the young and dumb to be just like them. For instance, consider some of these recent revelations in the media;

Obviously Hollywood plays up to the emotionally retarded in the country. A TV critic speaks the following about those who might enjoy the rebooted Rosanne show because it expresses Conservatism:

“I don't care to understand my divided country from that perspective — I know that perspective because I'm living in it, reading about it and watching its supporters behave badly while also in it. I'm not just happy to be in a bubble from people like the fictional Roseanne (or the real one) — I delight in the distance. I'm a proud coastal elite. I don't want any part of those Roseanne-esque people and their ignorance or viewpoints. That's not soap-boxing — that's fact. Live your tragically insular, religiously hypocritical white lives somewhere I'm not. I'm fine with the divide — you do you. Let's never meet and I'll ignore you and suffer your breathing if we do.”


The writer of this schtick even twists truth by stating “That's not soap-boxing – that's fact.” When actually his words are soap-boxing and it is not anywhere near fact.

A black female conservative expresses conservative viewpoints and is attacked by three white media personalities. One is actor Tom Arnold, who tweets that she should “suck racist dick”. This is not a debatable statement – it is nonsense and stupid – and exactly that which the young and dumb today cheer about.

At the death of former First Lady, Barbara Bush, a University professor expresses happiness at her death, calling her a racist and having given birth to a 'war criminal'. She was cheered at an Art show for her crassness.

Often people that are emotionally retarded don't even realize their own lack of common sense. In New York State anti-fossil fuel advocates rode from the Capital to a New York City rally – in buses!

Time after time those with an agenda fill people's minds with propaganda in order to create a false sense of 'doing good' – a sense of being a Social Justice Warrior, most often not even knowing what they are upset about. One of the most ignorant is David Hogg, the infamous SJW who was the voice of gun-confiscation after the Parkland shootings. Never once has he or his media accomplices blamed the perpetrator, the police or the FBI who ignored the warnings. This is how those in positions of power and wealth use fools like him to further their own ambitions.

Permissive Government



The conservative ideals that were part of my childhood are being drowned out by those with an agenda. By learning of Saul Alinskey's 'Rules For Radicals' and the 'Cloward-Piven Strategy', you'll understand first hand how those in leadership employ permissiveness to aid in their command of people and government. Yes, so often politicians offer to help in situations that has been brought about by their 'adult' behavior. First, create the problem, then run for re-election promising to correct the problem they created. Divorce rates and single parent homes only rose for minorities when the government stepped in to act as the missing parent – not in the form of teaching a child right and wrong but simply rewarding the single parent with money via the Great Society laws passed in 1965.

Where have all the Liberal promises made by politicians done but to just create more of the same for minorities? Minorities historically vote for those making false promises, year in, year out, while living in drug infested, high crime neighborhoods. When those in Washington enact laws, rules and regulations, what are the results that come about from those actions? When so many in one political party tell lies on a daily basis and the young people do not attempt to find the truth – they only become foot soldiers to be used by those who couldn't give a tinker's damn about them.

What was the result of one President encouraging open southern borders? Did this lend to the economic strength of the country because skilled, educated people were stealing their way into the country? No, this meant uneducated, unskilled and often criminal elements entered and became dependent upon American taxpayers for their lifestyles. In this case government was the permissive parent. Look up the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965.

When a young woman was murdered by an illegal immigrant in California and got away with it, a law was proposed to correct this from happening in the future. One political entity successfully blocked it – leaving the spoiled illegals to commit unpunished crimes.

When two young men rape a 13 year-old-girl and only receive in-school suspensions – those making those judgments have chosen to teach them little or nothing about respecting another human being. When a President a few years ago let loose thousands of dangerous Illegal immigrants accused of serious crimes, was this to make our communities safer? Not likely.

One of the most recent tragedies involved the killing of 17 young students at a Parkland school in Florida. What kept the officials from keeping weapons out of the killer's hands in spite of numerous warnings? It went back to the previous administration. Its attempt to mollycoddle bad behavior by blacks and latinoes was a Washington policy that kept those warnings from appearing on a weapons background check.

17 young people were brutally murdered because one leader decided to put a racial spin on wrongdoing. Just like 70% of criminals incarcerated being minorities being determined that only racist white people enabled this. With 7 of 10 black children being born into a single parent home, it was determined by those seeking votes for office that this was a disparity that entitled them to government assistance – and once you subsidize something you get more of it. Now some are advocating for 'reparations' even though there are no surviving slaves from the Civil War era. But it makes all kinds of sense to the emotionally retarded.

A liberal might believe that some in government enable bad behavior out of compassion. But this is a smoke screen. This is not done to help anyone but the unscrupulous politicians wishing to confiscate one person's money to hand it over to someone else for that almighty vote. The permissiveness of government is not at all tied to helping people become independent – but to keep them dependent – just as so many were in the days of and following slavery.

One political party has glommed onto the use of ignorance to spur young people to protests, then violence. Case in point is the “hands up, don't shoot!” false narrative that spurred rioting in Ferguson, Missouri. Of course the President at the time only endorsed their misbehavior – just as he blamed police in the arrest of Robert Louis Gates, a black professor. The same rhetoric was used during a massive media outburst that Donald Trump stole the election with the help of the Russians. Along these lines as I work on this article, politician, Chuck Schumer, wants to legalize Marijuana nationally. This is the exact type of appeasement used by leaders to garner votes for their party.

Perhaps you may remember some of the platform issues raised by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the last election. Some of the candy promised for Liberals was free college, open borders and free healthcare for all – in spite of this hastening our national bankruptcy.

Some things never change for people in politics. It was just announced some of the issues to be used by the Left include amnesty for all illegal aliens, free abortions, guaranteed incomes and yes, raising taxes! Promises such as these are for those too lazy to see what happens when various legislation's are enacted.

Young people subscribing to such nonsense have no sense of discernment and are crippled logically because of their emotional retardation. “Mommy and Daddy government says I don't need to work or have responsibilities as long as I vote for a particular party.”

As stated by author, David Horowitz in his “Ruling Ideas”;

“The primary source of this confusion is the fact that left-wing politics are based on expectations of an imaginary future rather than assessments of a usable past. The left’s primary focus is not on practical improvements based on an analysis of previous prac­tices, or a conception of the limits imposed by human nature, but on changes designed to satisfy the moral prejudices that make up the leftist faith.”
Consider the website CampusReform.org. Just recently young people at a University thought Donald Trump's ordering the National Guard to the southern border was heartless – when told that Barack Obama had done the same in 2012 they could only claim ignorance. This is not surprising when so many young people seek “news” from Facebook or foul-mouthed nighttime talk show hosts that play up to their emotionally retarded outlook on life. (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10777)

Since the youth of this country have accepted being lied to it is not surprising that so many young people believe any type of BS put out for their consumption. Being emotionally retarded means they will by no means seek the truth – only seizing upon left-wing propaganda to provide them the joy of smashing windows, burning police cars and assaulting those with a different opinion.

Emotional Retardation gives one license to act without thinking – a thought process that yields only crowded prisons – filled with all of those poor, innocent individuals that committed crimes because they did not get the all important teaching that is so necessary early in their lives.

One of the most prominent emotionally retarded persons in the media today is the one and only David Hogg, a student at the Parkland school where 17 students died. He is the poster child for ignorance run rampant and the use of profanity that in his mind constitutes a valid argument. In a recent interview he said,

“It just makes me think what sick f***ers out there want to continue to sell more guns, murder more children, and honestly just get reelected.” “What type of s***ty person does that?” Hogg adds. “They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action because they all still see these dollar signs.”
(Courtesy of the Blaze: https://www.theblaze.com/video/hogg-says-our-parents-dont-know-how-to-use-a-fing-democracy-in-profanity-laced-interview)
This young man lives in a fantasy world and if you research his flaming Liberal Mother you can learn where his emotional retardation comes from. He is of a generation that believes if he spouts profane nonsense it becomes common sense!

Government people have learned that to garner votes those votes need to be bought – and those paying for all of the handouts for spoiled kids are the American taxpayers. This goes back as far as the 1930's when government first began to treat voters as children with the passage of Social Security; then the 1960's with the passage of Medicare, Medicaid and Welfare. Not to be outdone in the 21st Century, politicians put forth socialized medicine in the form of the Affordable Care Act – and we all should know how that turned out – unless you are emotionally retarded and think everything is just hunky-dory and money grows on trees.

The Permissive Antidote

One overwhelming condition results from emotional retardation. A person suffering this malady is forever, continuously, in an unending state of unhappy. Take the Parkland student who was part of a nationwide protests against guns. Once the school initiated procedures to increase student safety, the little child spouts that going to school is now like being in prison. If she would have given those procedures a thumbs up, how would she maintain her position as the hero of the anti-gun left?

Its just like slavery having ended 150 years ago but even though no black person living now was a slave then, many are demanding 'reparations' – or a payoff just for being African-American. Why are blacks not recognized as famous doctors, lawyers or authors, just like many consider Jews always being savvy about money? What have Jews and Asians who perform so well in our society done that is so different and why have so many minorities bought into eternal unfairness? My only explanation is Emotional Retardation.

The only antidote has to come from a parent with a Conservative mindset but that parent will face huge obstacles as so many influences outside the control of parents exist today. They are television, smart phones, the Internet, your child's peers and teachers. The struggle is definitely uphill – but a determined and right-minded Conservative can face the challenge.

Information from all of the above named sources must be identified and countermanded. Even with the greatest of diligence the outside forces are so prevalent a parent may still lose the battle. Saving our culture and Constitution means the fight must not be abandoned.

When I speak of college kids shouting down Conservative speakers, who does things like this? Children.

When I speak of the TV critic using vulgar language to condemn Conservatives, who talks like this? Children.

When the actor tells a Conservative to “suck racist dick”, who says things like this? Children.

When an MSNBC guest says that Mike Pence would put gay people in concentration camps should he be president – who makes outrageous statements like this? Children.

When a University puts in a 'crying room' for its students, who are they appeasing? Children.

When Hollywood actors talk about taking away guns from people yet make millions depicting gun violence – who thinks in such a double standard? Children.

When children are raised in an environment of appeasement they never mature emotionally – leaving them to grow into an adult body but with the immaturity of a spoiled child.

Hitler once said, paraphrased, “Give me the children and I control the future”. It all makes sense why the Left is filling young minds with heavy doses of 'stupid' – that is re-enforced with some polls telling us the young people want Socialism and Communism. Hitler is often cast as one of the most evil rulers of all time – but his tactics are truly loved by the Left. By all indications we are losing the battle for young minds. With all of the left-wing media propaganda so many young people are living their lives in fantasy and unless this all crumbles it will only get worse.

Be wary. but you may wish to consider this; with so many ignorant people being churned out by educators – with so many in the “news” media and so many in social media telling falsehoods on a daily basis, with so many left-wing politicians lying on a daily basis – Emotional Retardation is nothing new, and in my view, easily half the country or more is in this category. Just think, a lying, thieving, anti-American, Communist actually won the popular vote in the last election. Soon my warning will not to be wary – but to be afraid, very afraid.