Electronic Psychosis
Jan 31, 2017

Samuel Morse invented the telegraph during the 1830’s and 1840’s. It used a key to complete an electrical connection between two locations. By using the “Morse Code”, a series of dots and dashes across this medium that would be translated into letters – then sentences. You can almost liken this to the human thought process of chemical synapses.

Early on the telegraph was used for vital information – train stations were wired with the new technology and Civil War battlefield reports could be transmitted to leaders of the day.

While a sizeable handful of people experimented with inventing the telephone, it was the patent granted to Alexander Bell in 1876 with which we generally grant the device’s invention. Again, electricity was the workhorse behind this marvelous invention.

It wasn’t long before this device grabbed the attention of America and was soon to become quite prolific. People could not only speak over vast distances but Aunt Mary could spend countless hours tying up a “party line” while discussing quilting and food recipes with her friend across town. It wasn’t long before nearly every household in the country had a telephone. The U.S. had grown into the first stage of the information age.

In 1897 Guglielmo Marconi was granted a full patent on radio. He had perfected the use of radio waves to transmit information. This electrical device caught on like wildfire, yielding famous radio broadcasts from music halls, comedy programs and radio mysteries. During World War II America drew comfort from Franklin Roosevelt’s “Fireside Chats”. Out of this came an immense popularity for music stations – blasting the popular music of the day to the enthusiastic youth of the country. Radio became the top medium for communication over distances and for the many.

In 1907, Russian scientist, Boris Rosing, used a camera to transmit images that would be picked up by a cathode ray tube. It wasn’t long before many jumped on the bandwagon and television began to make inroads to the American culture. For the first time Americans were able to see images on a screen – opening the way for the entertainment industry to spawn a myriad of programming for those fortunate enough to afford this new medium. Today more than 200 various programs are cabled into this writer’s home. This gave rise to the 24/7 news cycle. At any time of day or night people could receive programming.

In 1969 the U.S. government set up the first communication from one computer station to another. The “DARPANET” was intended to keep open lines of communication during any attack on the U.S. Originally this connected scientists at Universities that were engaged in government research but a small nest of “Dead Heads”, those in Academia loyal to and appreciating the music of the band “The Grateful Dead” in the mid-1960’s, were chatting across the ever increasing “nodes” connecting them.

From this of course came the Internet. At Stanford University back then a couple of enterprising students who wired computers together for communication in various parts of the school. When asked if they wished to claim title to the system, as it had been invented on school property, Stanford had no interest. Two of those students went on to start Cisco Systems and the rest is history.

From that point on the Internet grew by leaps and bounds, today populated by millions of “websites” that hold information for any range of human interests, from news to baking cookies to subscribing to Jihadism. Tons of American youth now use Social Media to condemn those with who they don’t like – don’t agree with – or those really interested in seeing nude selfies of thirteen year old girls.

In 1973 an employee of Motorola had the enterprise to invent the “cell phone”. Now a phone call was not relegated to phone lines running hither and yon, but one could actually take the phone with them wherever they went and wherever a cell transmission was available. Since then the cell phone has metastasized into a device held by millions of Americans, and glommed onto by the younger generation. Anywhere, any time, folks could communicate and send images and videos to friends.

All of the communication devices shown thus far have created an avalanche of information available to Americans and others in the world. There is such an abundance of ‘information’ it is easy to understand that all of the information may not only be true but purposely made to deceive, inculcate and brainwash masses of people.

That is the double-edged sword that has been revealed by such a massive trove of information being sent across the world.

When people become ingrained with the information abundance, somehow the human trait of ‘discernment’ seems to have been sacrificed at the altar of propaganda. Right up until the time of his suicide, Hitler’s propaganda machine was broadcasting how victory was imminent. But now, with so many information portals being available, some people have abandoned discernment as a means to determine truth from falsehoods.

This is what I call Electronic Psychosis. It is an abandonment of applying reason to the overwhelming information at people’s disposal. It is echoed in the iconic statement, “I saw it on the Internet so it must be true”

This Psychosis has become so rampant that it is literally making millions of Americans willing to abandon reason and rationale when approaching economic, social and foreign affairs. It is also remindful of that line from a cartoon movie character who stated, “You see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear”

Following will be examples of human behavior by politicians, organizations and even Hollywood that displays evidence of this Psychosis. All of this has been heightened and exploded by those using communication to bend, twist and obliterate truth. The adage, “Do as I say, not as I do” has become the total disease spread by powerful factions. This has grown to gargantuan proportions with the election of Donald J. Trump as president.

Hollywood: Those in Tinsel Town are notoriously Liberal – openly criticizing the new President about trying to prevent Islamic extremists into the country. And after their sanctimonious tirades at yet another awards ceremony to honor their greatness, they retreat to their luxurious homes, surrounded by fences, with grandiose security systems – even armed security guards. They have forgotten that middle America, attempting to make their way though life, really don’t find appeal in giving their hard-earned pay to folks wanting to come here and live off of them. Wealthy Hollywood hypocrites have enough disposable income to afford remaining safe from immigrant criminals and terrorists. They have been at it so long they actually subscribe to the foolishness of their beliefs. Could it be that Electronic Psychosis has made them forget that they win accolades for pretending to be someone they are not?

“Trump is trying to keep Islamic terrorists out of the country! Impeach him!”

Does that make any sense at all?

Women’s Groups: Somehow, somewhere, it became chic for women to adore taking the life of an unborn child and those who wish to preserve the lives of the unborn are seen as hating women. How many young girls were sacrificed on the altar of abortion, now numbering somewhere over 50 million, since Roe vs. Wade was passed. Changing governments disbursements and eliminating Federal money, taxpayer money, from going to Planned Parenthood – the nation’s leading baby killer – means now that you hate women.

“Trump is de-funding Federal money for Planned Parenthood! Assassinate him!’

Those who yell for inclusiveness and diversity only apply it to those who share their beliefs. Is this a product of Electronic Psychosis?

Politicians: No group anywhere in America is more notorious in creating falsehoods than America’s elected officials. When Trump announced a halt on citizens from seven Middle East countries, New York Mayor, Bill deBlasio, accused him of religious hatred. This is the same Mayor that encouraged a ban of the Christian business owner of Chik-fil-a, because he encouraged traditional marriage due to his religious beliefs. Religion for the N.Y. Mayor only became a political football for his own political advancement. Recently Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois, blamed Chicago’s gun violence on the NRA – and was totally unchallenged by the program host (Alisyn Camerota).

“Trump wants to cut taxes and endanger all of the needy people in America! He must be stopped!”

Mainstream and Social Media: Here is one of the broadest forums for dissemination of propaganda in America. The Liberal Mainstream Media is the megaphone for Leftwing politicians and much of the Social Media dutifully censors or obfuscates conservative viewpoints. I had to abandon Facebook because I got sickened by those spouting Liberalism – all the while using the same verbiage and sentences used by the like of those on CNN and MSNBC. Democrats lie as easily as they breathe in and out. Chuck Schumer seemed to be in tears over the seven-country ban by Trump – but I don’t recall any Democrat crying when Barack Obama placed a six-month ban on anyone coming to the U.S. from Iraq in 2011.

“It makes perfect sense when a Democrat president bans Muslims! But when a Republican does it – remove him from office!”

Big Money: Money has poured into politics in America like a tap that has been opened wide. The wealthy attend conferences around the world, like the one at Davos, where those having vast holdings discuss just what they will do to keep the wanting masses at bay. George Soros is one who has repeatedly been tied to political activities. It was reported that at the D.C. Women’s March (aka: mean, grubbing bitches march), that more than 50 of the associated groups had ties to Mr. Soros). All in all, big money can buy a huge megaphone, leading to Electronic Psychosis.

It has been reported that his money goes to paid protesters, those paid to claim they need a $15 minimum wage, those claiming it is unjust to block Islamic extremists. After the Mid-East travel ban was announced, amazingly folks showed up airports by the hundreds to protest. Was it their heartfelt convictions that drove them or were they paid to protest?

Big money always comes into play in national and international affairs. Even while working as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton magically collected millions from donors worldwide for the Clinton Foundation.

“Hillary made her money by earning it! Trump is already rich so he must be evil!”

Sometimes I’ll view those reporters on the street – various media groups that send an interviewer into the public to ask them questions. It is quite common for one of those interviewed to recognize the face of actress Tina Fey, but not recognize of the face of then Vice-President Joe Biden. Others just spout the same empty and false rhetoric put out by Liberal media – regardless of it being false.

What causes this other than Electronic Psychosis? Has so much information been made available via electronic media that so many people have abandoned trying to seek the truth about happenings in America? Has the attempt to wade through media to find truth become so tasking and overbearing that it has been cast aside as a waste of time?

Has it become so prevalent now that people are overcome with Electronic Psychosis to the degree that they have forgotten how to absorb and assess information – perhaps not even taking time to look at history and how the lessons of actions in the past have turned out? I have expanded on the famous saying; “Fool me once…”

The new and revised saying is, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me every time – and I’m a Liberal!”

Liberals don’t seek truth; they seek anonymity behind the actions of the mob. A young black man knows it is illegal to throw a brick through a police car window. But he does it to mimic those around him – to fit in. Besides, the Black Lives Matter crowd’ll hail him as a hero. Perhaps he has been infected with the Electronic Psychosis that is permeating our nation – leading to dolts and idiots in our midst.

Perhaps it is Electronic Psychosis that is leading to so many being so utterly ignorant of truth. It is as if all of the Electronic information has dropped a truckload of printed material on the victim – and he chooses to read all of the comic books and casts copies of the Classics aside. What will this Psychosis deliver to America in the years ahead? If you don’t pay attention the Psychosis will envelop you – making you just another “useful idiot” for those who seek power and influence.