Early Nationhood     Supplemental Information For This Era

Events in the mid-1800's shaped what our national boundaries were to become.
Much in the way of land spoils came as a result of the Mexican American conflict.

1813 thru 1890

1813 Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen published
1814 British burn down Washington DC
1815 Battle of New Orleans
1816 Indiana becomes a state
1817 First Seminole War
1818 George Manby invents modern fire extinguisher
1819 Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving published
1820 Fourth U.S. Census conducted
1821 Napolean dies in exile
1822 Young and Champollion translate Rosetta Stone
1823 Monroe Doctine set forth
1824 Bureau of Indian Affairs created
1825 Aluminum discovered
1826 Nicephore Niepcie invents photography
1827 First African-American newspaper
1828 Duke of Wellington becomes British Prime Minister
1829 First book in Braille
1830 Joseph Smith and others create Mormon church
1831 French Foreign Legion established
1832 Jackson vetoes Bank charter
1833 British assert sovereignty over Falkland Islands
1834 Grain reaper patented
1835 Texan army takes San Antonio
1836 Arkansas becomes 25th state
1837 Victoria ascends English throne
1838 SS Great Western first paddle boat to cross Atlantic
1839 Goodyear vulcanizes rubber
1840 First postage stamp issued
1841 'Murders in the Rue Morgue' published by E.A. Poe
1842 Treaty of Nanjing signed
1843 Oregon Trail migration begins
1844 First Morse telegram sent
1845 Original rules for baseball defined
1846 Smithsonian Institute begun
1847 Colt sells first revolvers to US government
1848 California gold rush begins
1849 Austria and Hungary split
1850 California becomes 31st state
1851 The Great Exhibition of the Crystal Palace
1852 Otis invents first safety elevator
1853 Steinway and Sons founded
1854 Republican party founded to oppose slavery
1855 Panama railroad completed
1856 Great Train Wreck of 1856
1857 Great Rebellion in India
1858 Italian attempts to assissinate Napolean III
1859 John Brown raids Harpers Ferry
1860 Abraham Lincoln nominated President
1861 First income tax imposed in America
1862 Battle of Puebla and Cinco de Mayo
1863 Civil War draft riots in New York
1864 First use of submarine warfare
1865 President assassinated