Cowardice Under Fire
Sept. 3, 2017

Throughout written history we have heard of courage, heroism and sacrifice. Read about any period of War and the separate incidents detailing men and women acting to save themselves or others in battle. From Biblical days to the present we hear of those paying the ultimate price in an act of bravery.

We also hear of cowardice – stories of criminals committing a horrible crime then turning the blame towards their accomplices. More famous – or infamous – are stories of those abandoning another human in a time of dire need – like a man or woman abandoning a spouse and child during a holdup.

Sometimes those committing acts of cowardice are even leaders in our Government – and there are plenty of them in Washington – perhaps they are even in the majority.

How do those in Government act as cowards? It is when they act in their own self-interests because of the ultimate reason – attributable to three words, ‘follow the money’.

A person running for public office commonly campaigns on promises of action should he or she be granted office by the voters. But while in office it is common for that politician to abandon the very promises made – like the last elected President of Canada – running on cutting spending by government – then immediately doing the opposite once being sworn in.

Why would they do such a thing?

It’s the power and the position – but mostly it’s the money.

In a recent effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, three Republican Senators voted no and killed the bill. Cue the cameras and media to home in on the troublemakers – because that’s how you get attention in the media today – via outrageous behavior.

After seven years of Obamacare destroying the healthcare system in America – three “attention seekers” ran from their responsibility to act on behalf of the American people – for the attention and aggrandizement of their office. Did they do it to help America or because they knew the Leftwing apparatus of American politics would cast them as the new darlings of keeping the status quo.

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine and John McCain of Arizona ran from their posts during the height of conflict.


Not a single Democrat has lifted a finger to fix the disaster of the healthcare fiasco.

Cowards, one and all.

At this time Hurricane Harvey is still ravaging those in the south. Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, made a plea for Congress to pass a relief bill to aid those affected.

Immediately, New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, blasted Cruz for not voting yes on a relief bill for Hurricane Sandy. Cruz had indicated that the bill was loaded with pork with a fraction of the proposed spending going to Hurricane Sandy victims. Chris Christie called him a liar, as did the Washington Examiner.

The sad part is, Cruz was telling the truth. Drill down on the numbers and you’ll find roughly one dollar out of five actually going to Hurricane victims. The rest was for Pork projects, being added to the bill by legislators buying votes or acting to ensure political donations.

Chris Christie lied – the Washington Examiner lied – par for the course when dealing with cowards.

The mainstream media wields a huge megaphone in America – most of its ‘reporting’ being lies and censorship. Rarely do we find politicians or media personalities telling the truth for fear of the giant cudgel that will be brought down on them for telling the truth.

Of course, the Leftwing apparatus will designate people cowards if they do not toe the Communist line – more government, more debt, more money handed to people for votes – and the closer we move to national bankruptcy.

News has come out in recent days pegging the GDP rate being at 3%. Try finding that report on MSNBC, ABC, CBS or CNN. This would alert America that capitalism works – contrary to their propaganda stating the opposite.

Most of the media is cowardly – even repugnant.

In Berkley, California, the mayor does not want a ‘freedom of speech’ rally held there due to the past instances of violence from masked, club wielding Antifa warriors. What does he say – “don’t hold the rally” because he’s a coward.

During the Baltimore rioting after the death of Freddie Gray, the mayor actually said they wanted to give leeway to rioters to ‘destroy’. That leader is not only a coward but might be criminally insane.

Let us all run away from those attempting to take down America, what it has achieved and the promise it may still offer. Let’s just hide away in the catacombs of Conservative hideaways, cowering in fear over anarchist thugs.

Cowardice is now taught in college with imaginings such as ‘microaggressions’, ‘trigger warnings’ and now, a Missouri University goes crazy over a banana peel left in a tree! A banana peel now strikes fear in students! God help us all.

For those that died on the beaches of Normandy, Anzio, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and north Africa, fighting an evil uprising by three dictators, I apologize to you for the cowardice now so rampant in American media, leadership, academia and citizenry.

There are many true Americans living that still recognize the ultimate sacrifice for men and women to be free.

Right now, if wanting to raise an Army to protect our ideals of capitalism, freedom of speech and worship – you might be hard pressed to find enough willing to crawl out from under the rocks under which they have hidden.