(Please see update posted June 11, 2019 at end of article)

Another postulation from an Undocumented Historian. It is almost without effort to predict national and world affairs simply by seeing bad history ignored and repeated. In this narrative I must point out – and will most likely have this ignored by the Willfully Ignorant, that not ALL COLORED PEOPLE will participate in this downfall. You can count on the Emotionally Retarded to twist my words just like they have since Donald Trump made a non-political attempt to be our national leader.

But, back to my analysis.

Look where we are in technology and science and then try to argue with me that most of the fruits of modern civilization haven't come from the minds and talents of the white races. From medical advancements, engineering and transportation to data and information technology many a European and American white have been the bulwark for creating those benefits. It was the sailing ships of Europeans that ventured around the world for trade, sometimes being very cruel and hostile to those who could be usurped for financial gain. But in many cases when their European misfits were tossed out little to no progress ensued.

Let's see where the original colored people, met when early settlers to America, many fleeing religious persecution, were in the areas of technical advancement. They did not give us the steam engine or the light bulb, not medicine or rocketry. White people were mostly behind this and the colored people they called Redskins were hunters and gatherers for the most part, much like other colored peoples of Africa, the Americas and yet-to-be Middle Eastern Empires. Those mentioned are mostly the blacks and browns that have spread throughout north America and Europe, on a course to replace those white races that gave them their cell phones and GPS devices.

There are the yellow races, mostly Chinese and Japanese. The Japanese became a world competitor economically after the U.S. helped rebuild their economy post World War II. Before then something 'Made in Japan' was reputed to be a cheap imitation of a western product. But the Japanese learned how free enterprise works and are now a huge economic engine. The Chinese gave us the first movable type and the militarization of gunpowder but today the Chinese typically steal technology as the price to be paid for doing business with one of the most populous world markets. The Chinese leaders are spreading influence in Dictatorial Venezuela simply to be a thorn to the United States. They have weaponized homemade islands for which they place military equipment and brazenly claim that the South China Sea, and the sovereign nation of Taiwan belongs to them.

India and Pakistan struggled after the diminutive, non-violent Mohandas Gandhi actually made England 'walk out of' his nation. Pakistan has become somewhat westernized but leaders are still bent on following an Islamic agenda instead of helping to advance their people. Iran was westernized at the time of the Islamic Revolution. Now it is ruled by a theocratic Dictator. India has caught on. Just try calling a help center here in the U.S. and not notice the Indian accent on the other end of the phone. While in America the Spanish language is beginning to rival English in the public arena, other nations teach their children English because it is the language of world-wide business. While Democrats in the United States want to rule America using the faux religion of the Environmental Bible, our country has some of the cleanest air on the planet. Check the stats. You'll see the greatest pollution in the world comes from India and China.

The Russian leadership, representing a true melting pot of peoples from Eastern Asia, plus the original Western European peoples that we see having Caucasian appearance, is chiming in with the colored people simply because of their leaders being so jealous of our wealthy culture. Some day they might learn but it might be too late.

In Africa you have many people not living a better life than their great-grandparents; getting water from a well, herding sheep in barely hospitable environments and still hunting or gathering their food. South Africa defeated 'Apartheid'; rule by the whites. Now in power, blacks are confiscating white people's lands and bank accounts. Like the Chinese, they don't produce achievements – they steal it from other people.

The Muslim influence in Africa and now Indochina is propagating the same hatred of the white races espoused by our very own politicians in America; guys like Beto O'Rourke and Joe Biden, apologizing for being 'white' or assaulting 'white culture'. We've got Kamala Harris and others looking to give Slave Reparations to blacks, perhaps the biggest racial shakedown in world history. In spite of electing and re-electing Barack Obama, a mix of White and African-American, to the Presidency, he used his bully pulpit to spread racism; in the Professor Louis Gates affair, Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, the upheaval in Baltimore and the death of Trayvon Martin.

He marched Federal officers into towns with large minority populations and ham-stringed law enforcement, only to see a rise in minority violence and police being murdered. He did the same in the school system imposing quotas against minority children being punished for being little assholes.

This is borne out by the Trump hate-crime hoaxster, Jessie Smollett, Black, having all charges dropped against him by a Black District Attorney in Chicago; and now being considered for an NAACP 'Image Award'.


And an openly anti-white, racist event barring any but the Black Press.


Or that white people's diets are killing Americans.


And to counter Donald Trump's Make America Great Again, you have Eric Holder insisting, “Exactly when did you think America was great?”


Then throw in Hillary Clinton claiming racism contributed to her 2016 Election loss.


And yet one currently running for President and having used fake native American credentials to advance her career, plays the race card in order to stir up hatred by the Blacks of America.


Democrats in New York are working to insure the influx of colored people into America is not interrupted.


Couple the above with some Hofstra University students wanting the statue of Thomas Jefferson removed because he was racist. Instead of having such a symbol to be something we can learn from some want it totally eradicated from history.


This points up how totally brainwashed America is becoming about race, many now accepting self-loathing just for the color of their skin. It won't take much for those being racially inculcated to begin physically assaulting – then killing white people. This behavior has been endorsed and promoted to great effect many times in history.

The newly introduced cancer to our culture is now in the form of Muslims voted into representative government. Ilan Omar, a big-mouth, Jew-hating radical is calling the events at the southern border 'white supremacy'. One can only imagine that if Muslims took over America they would simply solve such a problem with poison gas, rockets, grenades and machine guns.

The racist hyperbole is being stoked everyday by the shills for creating upheaval in America. In recent times we have been told that everything from anything is racist. This is intended to induce disharmony and discord and with the help of the mainstream media it becomes a chorus. Trying to stem the invasion along our Southern Border is of course – racist. In order to take down and forever rule our Representative Republic, the Democrat Party has given an open invitation for foreigners to live for free off our success – with the intent to pass Amnesty and grant Citizenship so that there will be enough non-whites to guarantee there will never be another Republican/Conservative Administration ever again. In order to assure this white people must be marginalized, criminalized and ostracized.

They are already targeting Christianity, Judaism; our traditions of marriage, free speech, small government, etc. The Cloward-Piven Strategy, found endearing by the biggest racist ever to be in Government, Barack Hussein Obama – in cahoots with his own version of the KGB in our law enforcement agencies – is attempting to paint the false picture of everyone white as not good.

I have seen projections showing that by 2050 whites will be a minority in the U.S. But for the most part you don't see white people rioting, killing police, overturning cars or smashing windows, because the majority of white people are not part of the racial mobs now running amok – unless they are the likes of Antifa, trouble makers paid to sow discord among our citizens. Look at the statistics of incarceration rates by ethnicity and you'll see that the colored people in America are the lion's share of mischief makers. Its not racist – its fact. I have counted many 'colored people' among those whom I would die for. I have met Blacks and Latinos who displayed great character and a tremendous work ethic. But this narrative will be twisted simply because I am a white man and today – I am the problem!

The African blacks first coming to America due to the travesty of slavery, have had 150 years since this practice was outlawed, costing nearly a half million lives of mostly white men. Some have advanced using the public gifts of education and free enterprise. But many still want the handout for doing nothing and that is what the nation-destroying, communist bastards of the Democrat Party promise.

Even more striking in changing minorities into majorities is the huge influx of 'people of color' from Central and South America. Barack Obama's administration conducted advertising in these nations advising those looking to illegally immigrant to the U.S. Our Government sealed its own fate by approving the acceptance of those border crosser's only need state they feared for their lives in their home countries and were thus legally granted asylum. Our political leaders only helped the situation when Ronald Reagan granted Amnesty to millions with the Democrats promising to secure the border as part of the agreement. Now look where we are with thousands crossing daily to be fed, housed and receive medical care at the expense of the American taxpayer. Historically, anything the Government subsidizes only gives you more of it. The Democrat Party in America make no secret that this is their plan, through Amnesty and Citizenship, to be the permanent ruling block in the United States. They are throwing gasoline on the fire.

Generally these new arrivals to America from the South, added to the thousands of Muslims imported by past administrations, does not add to the economic prosperity of America – instead being an added burden on our Country. It couldn't have been better planned and mirrors how Obama's abandonment of the Middle East after the Iraq war has pushed millions into Europe, to rape, rob and kill along with bringing their allegiance to their religion and not to their newly adopted nation.

When our country was founded our Rights included Speech, Religion, Right to Assemble, Gun Ownership and more. Today the Democrats have convinced many, using their modern day Media Propagandists, that Rights today include being given money for nothing, a guarantee of having free medical care, guaranteed housing, a guaranteed job, free food, free college and more!

Hitler had his Gestapo, the SS and the Hitler Youth. Mussolini had his Brown Shirts and Mao used the young in his 'Great Leap Forward'. Today Democrats encouraging violence against whites have Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The Left-wing in America daily tell Americans how deprived and discontented they are – that rich Whitey has stolen everything from them. The year and date has changed but the evil intent by those lusting for power still use the same tried and true tactics. Convince someone they are miserable then hand them a club, tell them to get out there and make things right!

Even a children's story from many years ago warned of killing the Goose that laid the Golden Egg. Oops, sorry, children don't read such things today. They are being taught the goodness of Islam and are read stories by drag queens. Anthropologists have assured us that despite the color of our skin, our intellect and brain powers are the same. There is nothing barring Colored People for being their own Golden Egg-laying Goose – but the Political Left has convinced them its just easier to take it from someone else. It is Evil Leaders who keep Colored People at bay – or enslaved. They are now imported, millions of newly 'needy' people's for whom the promise – not of freedom – but free stuff, will overwhelm the system and make it collapse. That is the premise of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

With so many 'colored people' in the world the forces they can marshal against the whites will be huge. It will come to violence, bloodshed and atrocities to rival those of all history. The white race will have to fight and people will die just as Christians are dying around the world – a fact wholly disregarded by Leftists in Government and Media. They will stop at nothing to take away the potency of the white vote until the time that the white vote will not carry an election. The tactic of stoking the violent mob will become the standard until that day.

Why? Because Societies may advance technologically but Human nature remains the same.

Ongoing Internet Reports that validate the premise of this article:

Yale Law Yanks Stipends From Students Who Work For Christian Firms

Commie Pope Criticizes Building Walls to Keep People Out ---- But The Vatican Is Still Surrounded by Walls

Telemundo Recklessly Hypes Puerto Rican Governor's Tantrum With Gross Mistranslation

What Spin: CBS Portrays Human Smugglers as Good Samaritans 'Helping' the Needy

Pew Research: U.S. Home to Nearly 20% of World's Migrant Population

SCHAEFFER: The Greco-Persian Wars. Introduction: The War That Saved The West | Daily Wire

Linda Sarsour preaches to NYU about voting for 'people of color'


Update: 4-28-2019

As if all of the indicators are not enough to convince the reader that forces determined to destroy the United States are in action daily. Added are links that continue to reinforce the opinion expressed in my article. Europe is already capitulating and with a 2020 U.S. Election looming, all Identity Politics will be 'inclusive' of anyone that is not 'White'. The entire Democrat field in the race for President is willing to seek out any ally that will empower them to take over American Government and that means to render the white voter impotent – except the Useful Idiots still identifying as female. What Leftist leaders do not understand is that once our nation is overwhelmed by People of Color, any White Leadership will seek refuge behind, yes, walls. But no wall is impregnable and through persistence those conquerors will ferret out any remaining whites, to be tortured, pilloried and killed – all in the name of “equality”. Rest assured, when that happens the world will really be in a pickle!

A headline listed here might appear to not even target 'white people' – but any diminishing of what America was up until now means that those affected will primarily be 'white people'. When Democrats/Socialists/Communists control our three branches of Government, religious beliefs, traditional beliefs about marriage and sex, even freedoms to bear arms and free speech will be criminalized if it does not bow to the mantra of Liberalism.

Update: 6-10-2019

The March Against the White Race – Democrat Version

This resolution came out of the gathering last week in a meeting among 2020 Democrat candidates for the Presidency. Read below, please. Any mention of white people being protected against hate speech? Nope.

"WHEREAS, Protecting First Amendment rights is critical, but is also limited to exclude hate speech using the concept that offending statements first should be viewed through the lens of the party experiencing the hate, and that Jews, LatinX, African-American, Asian Pacific Islander, Muslims, Disabilities and LGBTI communities can be targets of oppression and hate speech for a variety of reasons."

Courtesy Jazz Shaw on HotAir.com

And at last some justice in America. Black student commits robbery at Bakery. Bakery calls police. Bakery called racist by University. University hit with $11 million plus punishment.

People of European Ancestry, pointing at the greatness and wealth of the United States:

“See that. We built that”

People of Color:

“Yeah, well we're taking it away from you and making it better”

People of European Ancestry:

“Yeah? Like San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago and Baltimore?”


These reports came in just a twenty-one day period. Imagine what the world will be like in ten or twenty years at this pace and what is the mindset of those in the middle of this?

Spain: Does The Term 'Islamist' Constitute Hate Speech? | Zero Hedge

Swedish Teachers Stop Student Speech For Being Too Pro-Israel

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Multnomah County to pay $100k to woman who claimed that “Blue Lives Matter” demeans “Black Lives Matter” | Fellowship Of The Minds

Stanford flier: Massages and acupuncture ONLY for trans/non-binary students

Petition: Yale must disarm police and donate to BLM

Sri Lanka bombings: nearly 300 dead in Easter terrorist attack - Vox

Bernie Sanders dodged questions about his past support for authoritarian socialism

Italian Town to Cover Crosses at Cemeteries So as Not to Offend Muslims (Video)

Bernie Plan Would Allow 183K Murderers, 164K Rapists to Vote from Jail

Williams College Students Demand Censorship on Campus Because 'Free Speech Harms' | Breitbart

Pete Buttigieg lies about illegal immigrants and welfare

Minnesota Democrats introduce a bill to require that voting ballots and instructions are translated in different languages. - Alpha News

Stunning: European Reporter Reveals Trump-Russia-Collusion Hoax Has Its Origins with Soros-Funded Ukrainian Activist Group


Lawrence Jones: Needles, drug use and human waste are the new normal in San Francisco | Fox News

Homeland Security Weighs Labeling Fentanyl as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Feminist restaurant that imposes 18% ‘gender surcharge’ on men will close for good | Fellowship Of The Minds

University hosts no-whites-allowed faculty and staff listening sessions — to promote inclusivity | The College Fix

Newsweek Defends Ilhan Omar Attacking U.S. Troops as Killers, Blames Trump Jr. Instead

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Father Guilty Of 'Family Violence' For Calling His Trans Daughter A 'She'

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Rabbi blasts Ilhan Omar, NYT for pushing claim Jesus was ‘Palestinian,’ not Jewish | Fox News

California May Ban Schools From Suspending Students For ‘Willful Defiance’ – CBS Sacramento

New Jersey mayor tells Twitter user to call the cops on Jewish ‘invaders’

Initiative Aims To Combat Climate Change By Charging Restaurant Customers An Extra 1% On Their Bills – CBS Sacramento

NYC's Green New Deal to Slash Meat in City Facilities by 50%

Trump's DHS Releases 7K Illegal Aliens into U.S. in Five Days

Mass. judge charged with obstructing justice - The Boston Globe

Handshakes could be BANNED under new workplace rules to avoid expensive sexual harassment claims – The Sun

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Florida House Passes A Bill Banning Sanctuary Cities. ACLU Issues Travel Warning. | Daily Wire

Creepy Joe: Illegal Immigrants Are Already Americans

Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke Pledges ICE Will Not Deport Like Trump, Obama

Warren Wants To Give Billions To Historically Black Colleges. They Typically Have Among The Lowest Loan Repayments | The Daily Caller

Sanctuary Airports: Washington State Official Bans Deportation of Illegals

Mark Levin: Trump-Russia Hoax 'Executed by the Obama Administration'

2nd Judge Blocks Trum Rule Separating Abortion from Family Planning

Dem Rep. Cicilline: Imprison White House Officials That Don't Comply with Congressional Subpoenas | Breitbart

Police track down teens accused of taking e-scooters at gunpoint

America, this is the Cloward-Piven Strategy on a Global basis. Good luck!

(Food, water, ammunition)