It has come to this.

I am now living in an America where those who disagree with a strong national defense; reducing the bloated government and wanting to use a border wall to maintain our sovereignty, have now deemed that physical violence and mayhem are acceptable as a means to an end.

More frequently I see conservatives in this country being attacked – verbally, physically and using any legal apparatus to tear away at what was so valiantly fought against in World War I and II, the Korean War, Vietnam and now the Middle East.

For those that died for our flag I feel such sorrow. The stealth of Fascism, Socialism and Communism is the lion at the gate of our great nation. All of the blood, shattered bodies and a multitude of military graves in the world – are being pushed into a rewrite of history as meaningless.

It is a vainglorious lust for power – using practices that spurred great conflict and took so many souls – practiced the same way as those long buried – with new faces but with the same ambitions – repeating the same crimes against humanity.

Where does it end, Millenials, Snowflakes, Black Lives Matter, Socialist educators and Sharia Law advocates? Are you rising up because you lack bread, wanting us to believe you are starving? Are you rising up against government goon squads tearing your home asunder in the middle of the night? Are you rising up because of some great social injustice?

No, you rise up for selfish desires, wanting to eradicate any who place God and Country above your veiled tyranny – too ignorant to realize you are pawns.

It will all end if you are successful. Remember, though, you will not survive in the wasteland you create – you will not be able to swim to safety after sinking our ship of state when it is so far from freedom’s shore.

You, too, will reap what you sow.