Buying Islands of Safety
Mar 4, 2017

There is a legendary saying, sometimes attributed to Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake”. While history disputes its authenticity the meaning of the words is what gives them impact. Supposedly it was her response to being told of the poverty and hunger of the French people, indicating the peasantry had no bread.

The gist of the story is not whether it is true but that it points out how one of privilege was so out of touch with those who did not share in the wealth and prosperity of the French Royalty. It is referred to frequently when that disconnect between the haves and the have-nots is revealed.

While the fruits of capitalism has wrought so much for so many in our country, with many determined to be at “poverty” levels enjoying wide screen televisions, cell phones and Internet access, not all are so fortunate.

At any time under a system of commerce a family may have levels of income that are extremely low – or extremely advantageous. Any type of economic barometer may be used to determine just when a family income provides only the basics of food, clothing and shelter – and when a family income allows them to reach above the level of subsistence and start to enjoy a little bit of life’s extras.

Perhaps a family income may rise to the point where not only do they enjoy basic necessities but can start to enjoy some of the other rewards life offers – a nice vacation, a set of jet-skis or fancy SUV. At any given time you will find people at various points on the economic ladder.

Occasionally, by hard work or opportunity, a person’s, or family’s income, can reach even beyond having a few bonuses in life. Sometimes people can earn incomes that provide far more than the basics – allowing them not only a home, but a luxury home – not only a vacation but a luxury vacation – not only a boat and trailer but a small or even large yacht.

This writer never has begrudged those who rise economically above the masses and are able to enjoy life on a grander scale. Sometimes though, as in the “let them eat cake” scenario, those who are of far greater means than most can forget that others do not yet or never will share in the greater largess offered to humanity. They can forget or never even experience the common maladies and hardships presented to those of lesser means. It is then with incongruity when those of superior means prescribe behaviors for those who do not enjoy what they have.

Daily in the media I hear people making comments on what our politicians should do on behalf of our citizenry. The “let them eat cake” mentality is alive and well in the world. In a picture of someone from Hollywood attending the Academy Awards, one handsome young lady has written across her chest, “Let them in”. This was in reference to the new American President wanting to enact measures against wanton illegal immigration and Middle East refugees, some perhaps with a hatred and agenda against our country, from entering.

Was the young Hollywood Award attendee of simple means or was her economic status far beyond what would be considered the median for Americans? Did she live on a farm along the Mexican border and have to endure the fear of drug runners and illegals traipsing across her property – causing her to fear for herself and her family? Or did she live in a large home on a large piece of property, replete with a surrounding security fence, security cameras or even armed security staff?

Leonardo DiCaprio, wealthy actor and Environmental Activist, flies around routinely on pollution creating jet aircraft – and was reported to have flown an eyebrow artist from New Zealand to primp him and a fellow actor to attend the Hollywood Academy Awards. Preaching for environmental controls to be put upon the rest of us everyday schmucks is okay for him in theory – but totally disregarded in practice.

Other celebrities who openly criticize our new President for his law and order agenda, sleep peacefully at night on their islands of safety while others in the crime-ridden neighborhoods live in fear nightly from gang violence.

Smug politicians openly advocating for anyone at all who wants to come to America without experiencing the repercussions firsthand have no idea in their islands of safety – purchased by often handsome incomes doled out in public service – totally dismissing those who cannot afford the safeguards their superior incomes provide them. They fully endorse the “do as I say, not as I do” philosophy.

Ignorant Liberals who preach for open borders and open immigration do not consider the plight of those like the family of Kate Steinle – the young lady killed by a five-time deported illegal immigrant in California. Why should the California politicians care about the welfare and safety of the common folk – as long as they can retreat to their bastions of safety afforded them through the power of their economic station?

Before Barack Obama took over the Oval Office, disadvantaged D.C. school children from failing schools had an opportunity to escape a bad system. Some showing academic progress was granted vouchers to attend private schools like Friends of Sidwell in Washington, D.C. –coincidentally where the Obama daughters would attend. As soon as Barack Obama became President he killed that program.

Something that helped those not enjoying the amenities of education money could buy was dismantled – in deference to the Teacher’s Unions. The all-powerful Unions in turn contribute heavily to Democrats – as long as the Union dues are appropriately put back into the coffers of those politicians making the rules. Union leaders erect pedestals and happily climb aboard – where they can glare down and dictate to those that have no pedestals.

The Unions can afford to put millions and millions into politics – and for the most part – the Democrat Party. Follow the money and it makes a complete circle. Union officials can pull down incomes sometimes nearing half a million dollars – and I’m willing to bet they do not live in crime infested neighborhoods or fear their jobs will go to some low-skilled worker who cannot speak English.

Money can buy people islands of security but not everyone in America is so fortunate to be able to distance themselves from the rabble and life-threatening circumstances experienced by so many in America. Hollywood people and many of great wealth poured money into the coffers of Hillary Clinton – an open borders advocate. After all, their islands of safety protect them.

Money can buy people safety but not everyone can afford that safety. When those in politics and Hollywood preach down to the common folk it is the same as telling those who do not have bread to eat cake. Money may provide for your security but it doesn’t offer a lick of advantage in adopting common sense. Placing yourself on a pedestal can often have one unhappy result – you end up looking down on those not having their own pedestal.

When watching the Democrats in Washington at the State of the Union address it was like watching those who have so long been on the pedestal that they forgot about the very people they pretend to care about. They did not applaud when the President stated he wanted to bring back jobs, rebuild our decaying military or cut burdensome taxes and regulations. Instead they sat stone-faced, irritated that someone might suggest they get their asses off their damn pedestals and give a crap.

Some Democrats made open demonstrations of disapproval when the President announced a desire for a better health care system. Isn’t that funny – since Congress voted to exempt themselves from the Obamacare dictates. After all, they are Royalty

Royalty is still practiced today but it is not determined by blood – but by money. A word of wisdom to the Royals of today – get off your islands of safety once in a while and take a swim among the sharks like the rest of us.