Non-Fiction Books
Tales of a Hoosier Boy

I Saw It Coming
(Political Diary)

I Am Not Alone
(Political Diary)

Groupthink vs. Truth
(Historical Perspective)

My Year as a Conservative Refugee
(Political Diary)

2017: My Year as a Conservative Refugee - Connecting the Dots in the Communist Revolution cover image
Trilogy of a Hoosier Boy

America’s 2nd Civil War
Acknowledgment, Foreword and Chapter 1 now available
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Book of Artwork
A Drawn Out Affair
(Family Humor in Art)

Fiction Books
(Children’s - Indian Lore)

Ten Stories and Falling
(Science Fiction)

Kellerman’s Five of a Kind
(Science Fiction)

Four Events in Time
(Science Fiction)

Online Cartooning:
General Political Cartoons
Kat n' Kid Pol. Cartoons

A relevant short story
for today. From
"Ten Stories and Falling":
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4