Big Brother (excerpted from Groupthink vs. Truth published in 2016)…and where ‘Progressivism’ is taking us.

A Road Once Taken….

Historically, Dictators employed a common set of practices meant to further their power and control of a people or nation. Some are:

-Burdensome rules and regulations

-Gun Control

-Intimidation by Government Agencies

-Indoctrination of the youth

-Control of media

-Trampling of recognized traditions and rights

The expression “Big Brother” signified the all-controlling fictional government in George Orwell’s book “1984”. But the expression finds factual evidence in past history.

In the Soviet Empire of Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin, the State ruled supreme. Dissension could result in arrest and imprisonment in the infamous “gulags” that served as detention camps and eventual places of death for those who opposed the rules and tactics of the Soviet leadership.

The same tactics of total state rule was mirrored in early to mid-twentieth century Italy, where Mussolini’s Brown Shirts brutally attacked the leader’s political opponents. Adolph Hitler of Germany and Mao Tse-tung of China practiced the same tactics.

Part of this was control of the Media, with newsprint and radio, then television, carrying the message and only that message the leaders wanted to be absorbed by the masses. Newspaper editors or journalists challenging the rules would disappear, either killed by a death squad or hauled off to prison – never to be heard of again. Control of news and commentary was strictly regulated.

Another element of state control was the attacks on organized religion. Dictators understood that any religious beliefs that did not cede control to the ruler of the day represented a threat. Churches and religious texts were burned and religious leaders were given the same treatment as dissenting media figures.

To understand how a type of Big Brother has evolved in our country today, you can easily turn to history for some answers. And some of that history is being created now as this is being written.

The example is Venezuela. Until recently, the heavy hand of Hugo Chavez ruled this South American country. He “nationalized” so much of businesses operating in his country that there was no incentive for businesses to operate there. Venezuela fell prey to the same overburdening state control that destroyed the economies of Russia, China and North Korea.

Venezuela is a classic example of socialism and collectivism run amok, as Venezuelans suffer shortages of basic staples such as water and toilet paper. When a dictatorship kicks free enterprise to the curb, it heralds the inevitable collapse of a nation’s economy.

In every instance of the “Big Brother” philosophy being imposed on a nation, economic health always suffers. Leaders that promise their methods of adopting socialism in order to guarantee “fairness” should be forewarned. Imposition of socialist governments has never yielded the positive and successful results proven through capitalism.

Gun control has been a linchpin used by Dictators and dictatorial governments in the past. At this 1938 quote from Chinese dictator Mao Tze-tung is shown:

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.  The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”
Mao Tze-tung, Nov 6, 1938

Some of the super-cool leaders who killed millions of their own citizens are, besides Chairman Mao; Pol Pot of Cambodia; Idi Amin of Uganda; Josef Stalin of Russia and Adolph Hitler of Germany. Not exactly a list of stellar human rights advocates.
Looking at the numbers of people killed by their own ultra-controlling leaders number in the millions. The D.C. Clothesline website puts those killed by gun-banning leaders as:

Stalin                20 million

Pol Pot             2 million

Hitler                13 million

Mao                 20 million

Dictators in the past realized the importance of inculcating the young. They knew that they could get them early in life and convince them that the agenda and mindset of the State was to be seen as uppermost in all affairs of family and culture.

Hitler was quoted as indicating the importance of indoctrination, stating,

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

Similarly, even in this writer’s childhood memories, it was shown on television how young people in China carried “The Little Red Book”, holding the sayings of Mao Tse-tung.

Considering all mentioned thus far, could we assume history repeats? You betcha!

If we accept only the word of left-leaning or right-leaning media, we are not broadening our scope of understanding the issues and possible outcomes. If we accept only the political philosophy espoused by one political party, the results can be – well, just look at the current economic and world situation now and you get a pretty good guess.