Before We Called It “Fake” It Was Called “Lying”
Jan. 9, 2016


Everyday as I scan Internet media I am bombarded with “reports” that are presented as “news” but is indeed propaganda. This past election year and now with the election of Donald Trump the almost furious pace of misrepresentations have clogged the Information Superhighway with daily truck loads of shoveled doodoo meant for absorption by the American public.


I read repeatedly of false narratives and simply made up stuff about people who cleave to Judeo-Christian and Conservative values – judging that my practice of being prudent about spending; being against a wholesale invasion from foreigners – and belief in the Constitution – ranks me right up there with Lucifer, according to Liberals.


Being “Fake” or misrepresenting something at one time used to be called “lying” – but it is now sugarcoated and spoon-fed to the eager masses of the willfully ignorant. The very habit of misrepresenting or faking things goes back decades if not eons. It has been so prevalent in cultures it is now considered by many to be the norm.


There is a lot of “faking” in our culture. In the free-market system we still cling to in America – advertisers fake and misrepresent products and have done so for decades. Even today, watch how many commercials for medicines name the medicine ending in letter A – producing a word ending in the, oh, so pleasant sounding, “ah” sound.


The book popular during my high school years, “The Hidden Persuaders” by Vance Packard, covered how advertising had become the art of studying human nature. Packages with various color combinations were tested with studies revealing which colors and how there were displayed made Mom grab one brand of laundry soap from the shelf instead of another. Such attempts to influence the consumer goes all the way back to snake oil salesmen touting the benefits of an elixir that was heavily laced with alcohol to grant the user a sense of false well being.


In advertising for medicines depictions are made of those using their drug as playing with the grandchildren in the yard, playing Frisbee with your pet at the beach or collecting flowers during a family canoe trip. The big winner is when a new comedy program is produced and even before its first airing it is touted as the “big new comedy hit of the season!”


Fake misrepresentations have been abundant since ancient times. Females used makeup and attire to represent themselves desirable to the male. This continues and is extremely enhanced today as women in the media and the business world frequently walk in footwear meant to give them additional height and tighten the buttocks. Makeup and jewelry are used to enhance the facial appearance and even more frequently now – skin- tight clothing meant to reveal assets of the female.


This is meant to attract male attention but the men of today are miraculously expected to NOT feel that such advertising of the female means that, while the product is being advertised, it is at the discretion of the female whether the attention from the male is accepted or disdained. Just because it is advertised doesn’t mean its for sale.


The feminists of today have lied to themselves so much that many are living in a twisted and false embodiment that being a housewife is akin to suicide. They can parade themselves sexually all they wish but to a man who might even utter the wrong words, he can be prosecuted, tried and convicted. Can’t women see the logic of “false advertising”? Or is that why so many support abortions – there to wipe out the mistake of creating an unwanted human life when their advertising resulted in wanton consensual sex?


During a criminal or civil trial those testifying are made to swear an oath stating they will tell “the whole truth and nothing but the truth”. In this setting, lying or faking information can result in the one perpetrating the lie to be given legal punishment, in the way of a jail or prison sentence. In our culture and in so much of the media, such behavior is practiced daily with impunity.


“Fake News” is nothing new. Just read some of the writings of newspapers going back a hundred years or more or view some of the political cartoons of the 1800’s. One can use words spoken or placed on paper to wrongfully paint a coat of crap over the truth. Just today it continues as I read six mainstream media headlines that stated that the Russians had “hacked the election”, yet no such thing occurred. The lies continue to wrongly convince those who blindly accept what someone or some organization says without seeking the truth in the matter. And who was it that told America that they could keep their doctor and health plan?


In America’s institutions of higher learning, the young of America have been bombarded with so much fake or one-sided information about this very wonderful country that some espouse for Communism, Dictatorship, the taking of Constitutional freedoms from those having a different viewpoint on life or the burning of the American Flag – in spite of all of the terrors and horrors committed via those ideologies. So much fake information has spilled into academia and forced upon the youth of America we now have vast swaths of American youth who would not only cower in fear in battle but now hide away in “safe spaces” when they hear someone expressing an opinion different than what their Liberal professors have taught them.


The disease of lying or telling falsehoods have been around since the Bible story of God asking Cain about the brother he slew and him responding, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”
But like any disease unchecked it has so permeated our culture that it may take an entire generation of attempting to rectify the lies that have been fostered on the American people.


When being raised in the 1950’s I was taught to respect my elders, women, my teachers and especially law enforcement. Today, when some verbally assault a fellow American who utters the sacrilege of “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter” or that someone having voted for the Republican candidate is evil, twisted, hateful, racist – add just about adjective you wish – it indicates how far the disease has advanced. You, as an individual must want to determine truth, or succumb to the disease put upon you by the liars of today.


The question is – can the patient still be saved?