An Interview With Ribble and Gorn

In January, 2018, NASA reveals that a cloaked alien spacecraft has been circling Earth. Their mission has been friendly, merely for observation of the people on our planet to learn about us. After meeting between Earth and alien dignitaries, the two alien observers, Ribble and Gorn, have agreed to an interview with a single news correspondent.

Max Liarson: “Mr. Ribble and Mr. Gorn, welcome to your first talk with a member of the press on Earth.”

Ribble and Gorn: “Thank you for having us.”

Max: “Gentlemen, this comes as quite a surprise to the people of Earth, telling all of us that there was and is Alien life in the Universe. Can you make any comments about Earth people after watching us all for one year?”

Ribble: “We actually found Earth people very similar to us in many ways but vastly different in others.”

Max: “Can you elaborate?”

Gorn: “We have observed planetary life in many areas of the Galaxy. Planetary inhabitants harbor some of the same beliefs and customs as your Earth people. For instance, most every planet experiencing technical advancements have established levels of government and passing rules and regulations for harmonious living. Some planets are still in stages of primitive beliefs and have a fair share of arguments and differences. For the most part we have no such disagreements that cause violence such as it still does on Earth.”

Max: “I am pleased to hear of harmony on your home world. We still have many disagreements in our cultures – some based on desire for money and power – some based on very basic religious differences. Can you tell me how, for instance, you deal with differences about God on your home world?”

Ribble: “Actually, we don’t have any differences about a God on our home world.”

Max: You mean to tell me that all people on your planet are in agreement about who or what God is?”

Gorn: “We don’t really have any differences about a God because we don’t have a God, or Gods.”

Max: “You mean to tell me you have no belief in a God – as to how God created the Universe and the purpose God has for those on your planet?”

Ribble: “We don’t have a God, Sir. We have a Creator.”

Max: “On planet Rumdum you all believe in one God?”

Gorn: “We don’t believe in a God, we believe in a Creator.”

Max: “And there is no disagreements about that Creator or different interpretations of that Creator?”

Gorn: “We don’t disagree about a Creator because we don’t know anything about the Creator.”

Max: “Then how do you approach the meaning of your life and your purpose if you don’t know anything about your Creator?”

Ribble: “That’s just it, we all believe there is a Creator but we have no knowledge of that Creator.”

Max: “So you’re telling me there are no differences about your Creator or how to interpret the meaning of your creation?”

Gorn: “That’s correct. We have basic tenets about how to act harmoniously among our people. We all know we were created but we have no other way to explain the whys or wherefores of Creation. Why argue or disagree or argue about something for which we have no knowledge? We know we were created and we just let it go at that.”

Max: “Certainly there are those on your planet that offers some opinion about your creation?”

Ribble: “Worrying about something of which we have no knowledge we consider a waste of time. Do you not agree?”

Max: “Unfortunately, that will never work on Earth. We have experienced many deaths on our world over God through the centuries.”

Ribble and Gorn in unison: “Unfortunate.”

Max: “Thank you, Ribble and Gorn.”