You can wait to purchase this book in a few days since it is already at the Publisher's. But this is something I feel it is necessary to understand about what is happening in 'The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave'.

In this publication I lay out a preview of what I see as Pre-History, or, something that is bound to occur unless someone in America stops it. At this point in time, America is still a Representative Republic. This means we 'vote' for Representation in Washington D.C. to carry out our wishes - or not.

You may question the advent of a 2nd Civil War but the battle lines are already being drawn in the American political arena. For this reason I will include a new Chapter once a month beginning on my 70th Birthday - September 10th, 2019 - with the last Chapter posted just prior to the General Election in 2020.

Future events are so vitally important to the survival of what was, and narrowly still is, a Great Country. But dangers lurk ahead and my viewpoints are too significant to be shared only with those willing to purchase the Paperback. (I will not be upset if you insist on owning a hard copy)

Without further ado;

Acknowledgment and Foreword

Chapter 1 - Opposing Ideologies

Chapter 2 - Setting the Stage