America’s 2nd Civil War



The Great Library of Alexandria, overseen at its height by the female intellectual, Hypatia, was said to have over seven hundred thousand scrolls with knowledge from the far corners of the known world. Its destruction, said to occur anywhere from around 48 CE to 640 CE, was a tremendous loss of information that would have been helpful for humans then and into the future.

Books have been burned by tyrants since antiquity. It was a quick remedy in a desire for censorship. The Babylonians; Greeks, Chinese, the Nazis and the Taliban have burned books.

The Library of Congress is reported to have close to forty million documents. A report puts the number of Libraries in the United States at over 116,000.

There are more than 1,200 daily newspapers in the United States at this time.

There are currently listed 635 Magazine Publishers in the United States.

There are over 1,700 licensed television stations operating in our country.

There are more than 15,000 radio stations in the United States.

There are nearly 900,000,000 (9 hundred million), websites in America alone.

At this time in America information is extremely abundant. But factual information, mixed with false information, is unfortunately also abundant. It is up to the consumer of information to absorb as much as tolerable on any given topic of interest to judge fact from fiction.

In my book, “Groupthink vs. Truth”, the subtitle was ‘Ignorance As A Choice’ – simply because multiple information sources abound, yet are not examined by those uninterested in forming their own opinion. Instead, they subscribe to the opinion of others. These others may be able to string together big words, giving the impression of intelligence, while actually hiding their deceit. A pile of excrement may be described as such but in reality it is a pile of s**t.

At this time in America, information is being censored and controlled by much of the Media, the Democrat Party in America and the Social Media Giants. Yes, there are tons of information available but to get at “truth”, one must do a fair amount of digging.

Until Dictatorship takes over in America you may still access a differing point of view on religion, politics and history. Until then, you must avail yourself of the opposing viewpoints or be destined to suffer ignorance.

From opposing viewpoints, a logical, reasoning human being should be able to arrive at which viewpoint he or she, or nowadays, it, agrees with. Without looking at things from both sides you get the ignorance that is randomly put out at American institutions of higher learning.

If you look at the website,, the site frequently sends a person to a campus and asks students questions on politics and history. Repeatedly, these young people who are there to be ‘educated’, instead are indoctrinated; believing an anti-illegal immigration statement necessarily comes from a Republican – yet indeed comes from a Democrat.

Some students have stated that Television’s Judge Judy is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court and are woefully ignorant and disrespectful of the Rights guaranteed in the United States Constitution.

Does every College and University have a Library? Do many such institutions have computers with Internet access? With so many informational outlets available to Americans how can it be so many are unaware of ‘truth’?

What will happen should Dictatorship take hold in America and ALL information contrary to the mindset of those in power is wiped away – ala, book burning?

What will happen should Dictatorship take hold in America and ALL Radio, Television and Internet becomes State controlled? If you look at some of the nonsense coming from Liberalism, what will happen when Socialism, secretly a mask for Communism/Dictatorship, is entirely from the Leftwing, Big Brother Information Bureau?

We have an opportunity, America. At least until silliness completely envelops our national psyche. If enough people take it upon themselves to view and consider opposing viewpoints there is still a chance.

There is a chance to forestall the Fall of America, but, being a Historyphile, I predict we cannot prevent it, only forestall it. Until then I hope to enjoy my Country, my Flag, my Family and my life under the Constitution of the United States – before it is outlawed or simply burned, just like all the knowledge of the Library of Alexandria.

And, for Rachel, who sometimes wonders why I assume this undertaking:

This book is, by all intents and purposes, a History Book, because History is the future’s guideposts. It is a recording of History that countermands the boatloads of misinformation, disinformation and outright lies by the Leftwing in America.

Should the Left in America once again control all three Branches of our National Government, there is a good chance the Internet version of this book will be censored or disqualified. When Communists and Dictators prevail, History is rewritten because History belongs to the Victors.

THIS is the reason I am compelled to have the book version created. The copies will be held and hidden away only for those whom I feel are deserving of a printed version. Hopefully. my anonymity as an American citizen might guarantee its preservation, where its Historical Truth might be found on some dusty shelf, hidden away from the mainstream of indoctrination and book burners.

I apologize for the times it may be repetitious with some elements overlapping others. I will submit those conditions being attributable to my own frailty as a human being – something unworthy of Life to some, but treasured and cherished by all people in the world who, whether God-fearing or not – place a sanctity upon every human life.


America's 2nd Civil War



From my book, “I Saw It Coming”:

September 4, 2007

In spite of all of the conveniences and modern advances through technology, a presidential race looms before the American people. Democratic candidates, using the current Republican administration as the whipping boy, necessarily have to paint a picture of gloom and doom. They tell just how terrible we have it here, how there are so many poor and those who are "have-nots".

Someday I'd like to have a candidate say that we have it pretty good and its time the American people did something to contribute without always asking our government to hand out something.

By the time this is in print, I will have been on Earth for 70 years. Like those my Senior, I have witnessed many changes in my Country. Many things always viewed as wonderful about the United States are now being touted as harmful – a philosophy used by Democrats in every Election cycle - as an entire industry based on grievances and victim-hood is permeating our culture. I recognized this even in 2007. It was my opinion that when people struggled for survival – before the days of Mother, Father Government – more value was placed on what we possessed because it was by our own sweat and sacrifice we achieved it. I couldn’t help feeling that when survival becomes too easy, it gives some people too much time to dream up all kinds of ways to be miserable.

Holding these perspectives throughout my life and closely observing national and world events since the Twin Towers collapsed in New York City, it was a perfect marriage between history being made and my love for history past. With that, I put a DVD in the player at home.

For what may be the third or fourth time my Bride and I started to watch the Ken Burns series on the American Civil War. While not having watched this series since before the 2016 Presidential Election I nearly sat bolt upright when I found myself making comparisons to the political climate today versus what it was before and after that War commenced. With that I decided to memorialize those comparisons in the ever-eternal belief that history irrevocably repeats.

So, here I am, researching both past and present to offer the stunningly similar comparisons. In each comparison I will list the events leading up to the 1st Civil War, then the events that look like a modern-day replica of those events. At the end will come my summation based on these comparisons as we near the 2020 Election Year.

While on the phone with a sibling I discussed the upcoming book’s title. He stated that in his opinion the 2nd Civil War would be a race war and I had to agree. The pages of my writings detail his projections in black and blue.

Political ideologies differ today – not being about Slavery, although many Democrat Presidential hopefuls insist Slavery is still rampant today – but about Capitalism versus Socialism. In comparisons I will identify Capitalists as “The Right” and Socialists being “The Left”; labels commonly used today to identify the two ideologies. It is up to the reader who might spark widespread violence against the other when the two ideologies clash.

I will ask anyone weighing the possibilities to not narrow their own research to one particular persuasion, but to search and absorb news and commentary from the Left-wing of politics, and from the Right-wing of politics.

How people evaluated information leading up to the Civil War and how people evaluate information leading up to the General Election in 2020 will be a great factor in the voting outcome. Would you, as a voter, identify with the philosophies espoused by the South leading up to and during the Civil War – or identify with the philosophies espoused by the North leading up to and during the Civil War? Then, I ask the reader to apply those same arguments to the current situation in America.

It is important to understand that Civil Wars do not just happen overnight. It simmers like a pot of stew on a stove top, a process that may take years, even decades. It is no different today as those now screaming the loudest for upheaval have followed a decades long process for discord and disharmony that leads to the pot boiling over. This boil over will lead to bloodshed by increasing the bloodshed that has already begun.

Naturally, I write all of this knowing that History has repeatedly proven how Socialism destroys countries and this is written from that perspective. It is History that gives me license to do so.

In my narrative I will place more emphasis on current events as this will affect us and our nation. The past deserves no less credence, but shows how the tactics today mimics tactics of the past – only the end goals have changed. The 2020 election is a huge fork in the road. What path will America take?


Right from the get-go I identify myself as an American Patriot, a lover of our Nation and our Flag; a dyed-in-the wool Conservative. I say this because it is necessary to paint the perspective I use in my assessment of what quite possibly can lead America into an internal conflict - and just who the ones are that are stoking the fires of discord.

There is absolutely nothing new revealed in this undertaking that an informed Conservative doesn’t already know. This is only memorialized in print to be preserved for the generations yet to come. The book form is simply a mirror, minus the ability to link to the Internet references, of the book as displayed on my Website;

Tied to this discourse is a belief I arrived at some time ago and wrote about on my Website. I called it Emotional Retardation – the point being, people’s bodies mature but their minds do not. Pushing a fantasy world of make believe are Democrats, most of the media, our schools, colleges and universities and tons of Leftwing funded special interest groups with an axe to grind.

This leaves an open canvas on which Liberalism may paint any picture desired that the ever-youthful mind does not question.

From that article:

When children are raised in an environment of appeasement they never mature emotionally – leaving them to grow into an adult body but with the immaturity of a spoiled child.

Hitler once said, paraphrased, “Give me the children and I control the future”. It all makes sense why the Left is filling young minds with heavy doses of 'stupid' – that is re-enforced with some polls telling us the young people want Socialism and Communism. Hitler is often cast as one of the evilest rulers of all time – but his tactics are truly loved by the Left. By all indications we are losing the battle for young minds. With all of the left-wing media propaganda so many young people are living their lives in fantasy and unless this all crumbles it will only get worse.

With this as my premise, I can detail and document the sayings and doings of the extreme Left, via their overwhelmingly large megaphones, and lest one wants to risk being targeted by the Mob of Liberalism, the child-like minds agree and nod assent for some of the most wildly insane and crazy demagoguery I’ve seen in my entire lifetime. Basically, these people are nuts, or, to use a more compassionate term – Emotionally Retarded.

With the successes wrought by the Trump administration, the only platform for Democrats is to impugn his character, stir racial hatred and call for violence, a rising up of the mob, employed to continue the Left’s ‘fundamental transformation of America’. By manufacturing a political powder keg, the Left seems only too happy it may lead to open conflict, bloodshed and loss of lives. This would then be America’s 2nd Civil War.

Humanoids left Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago, spread to the Americas and propagated the human species, amazingly, entirely without the help of the Democrat Party.
But the easily misled can put themselves in harm’s way to advance an agenda that would only benefit a few of the elite and powerful – they would be the pawn and foot soldiers for the next Civil War.

The Issues:

  • Chapter 1 - Opposing Ideologies
  • Chapter 2 – Setting the Stage
  • Chapter 3 – Dividing the Union Pt 1
  • Chapter 4 – Dividing the Union Pt 2
  • Chapter 5 – Dissension in the Ranks
  • Chapter 6 - Early Skirmishes
  • Chapter 7 – Calls to Action
  • Chapter 8 – Resources
  • Chapter 9 – Geography and Strategy
  • Chapter 10 – Spies and Subterfuge
  • Chapter 11 – Racism
  • Chapter 12 – Carpetbaggers
  • Chapter 13 – Ghosts of Elections Past
  • Chapter 14 - The Final Question

Because the Internet has so much information, this writing pastes links to stories from Media sources. These will be meaningless in the printed version but point up how easily information may be accessed. The Online publication will carry these active links. Internet publishing also affords the Author the ability to update each Chapter without the additional costs of republishing a hard copy.

References gleaned from Videos will be designated by identifying the Video. When a book is referenced the Book will be designated.

All of the information presented to position my opinion is based on historical fact that can be as easily found by any reader just as I have found it – by seeking truth.

Deny yourself both sides of a process and you eliminate the common thread of rational outcomes – a practice all too common in an age of an infinitesimal amount of information available to every American.

(All research for inclusion in this book ends on August 1st, 2019. The online version, however, will enjoy periodic updates in order to consolidate the arguments put forth here. In some of the italicized writings, reports and commentary, embedded links were left alone and may be used by the reader in the online color version. Should the reader wish to purchase a paperback book version a link will be provided)