Ain't It Funny?

-I heard on a cable new program yesterday a Democrat Strategist calling illegal aliens “undocumented citizens”. Let’s see, the description has gone from illegal aliens to undocumented workers to undocumented citizens. Democrats should just cut to the chase and call them “undocumented Democrat Voters”.

-Fake—or Deception?

I’ve received this type of advertising before. The people try to hide what they are actually selling—Life Insurance.
The first line identifies a “state-regulated program to pay for final expenses. While they make it sound like some welfare benefit you are being offered life insurance. All insurances are “state-regulated”.

“This payment is tax-free for Florida residents” is shown here but all Life Insurance proceeds are tax-free.
“You are entitled to receive no-cost information as a resident of Florida” Again, any insurance sold in Florida must be approved by the State Insurance Commissioner. Until laws are changed you cannot buy life insurance from New Jersey, unless that company has been granted license to sell a particular insurance in Florida.

-Our vehicle is nearly twelve years old. A dashboard icon warns us the 'tire pressure sensor' needs replacing. The tires are at proper pressure and we have weighed options on how to handle the tire pressure situaton - without manufacturer overkill:

Tire Pressure Censor - $84.00            Tire Pressure Gauge - $4.00   

Can you guess the solution we chose?
(Millennials, Snowflakes and Black Lives Matters people will be given an additional week to formulate a politically correct answer)