Day 1 10/20/2013

Went online to get insurance for the Mrs. through the website. Had some twists and turns but was able to complete the application process. After it was all done we were informed that she was ineligible for Medicaid. We had not gone online to sign her up for Medicaid and any attempt to find a link to purchase insurance from the Exchanges proved futile. When attempting to find insurers we kept getting looped back to the application process. Not sure what to do next. I guess we'll call the 800 number and see if I can get from them where the link is to complete the shopping process. Stay tuned!

Day 2 10/21/2013

Was able to work my way through the website with some difficulty trying to find the Marketplace itself. Finally found companies and rates for plans ranging from Catastrophic to Platinum. Found a company, Coventry One that served Florida. Could not find any link to actually enroll in a  health plan. Contacted Conventry One by phone after a search but person answering the phone told me she couldn't give me an agent at that time. Even though I had competed an online quote form that I thought was Coventry One, we shortly after get an email and phone call from Florida Blue? I built my first website nearly 20 years ago AND sold health insurance but I'm pretty much lost right now.

Day 3 10/23/2013

Though I finally got through the "Pick A Plan" page there were no links to any of the companies displaying plan costs. Without a subsidy we would not be able to afford the lowest cost selection. A rep from a Florida insurer has been very helpful in helping me negotiate the process and felt that at our income level a susidy would be approved. I took her advice and linking through a proposal page, in order to view plan costs and the amount of subsidy, the insurer's site linked directly to the site as she had instructed. I tried to log onto the government site but a message told me the site could not be accessed. She also said the chance to complete the process at this time would not work as the site was down. I followed through regardless and sure enough, she was right. When her site linked to the healthcare site it called for the user name and password with instructions that the email address would serve as a user name. Neither the original user name or email address would work as the message was, 'user name and password does not match'? Okay, maybe another day.


Day 4 10/28/2013


Went at it again to see if I could get past the first two steps and reach Step 3, "Pick A Plan". Logged on and when using links to pick a plan it kept running me in circles, taking me back to the page to complete an application. This was done on October 10 as described in the first paragraph on this page. Without being able to go any further we are at a dead end. When I clicked on the NEXT button in green I was taken back to the application page. Cannot use this system as it exists now. I will watch the news reports and look to see after November 30th to see if the site becomes functional.

(There are three identical screengrabs from the ACA website that shows the wall I've encountered. While placing the image in three differnt formats, MS Internet Explorer will not display the image. To view them you may use Google Chrome and they will appear below)
Internet Explorer will not display the screengrab. Google Chrome will.


Tried placing screengrab as a resaved image here. Will Internet Explorer show it?

Tried now a third formatting of the screengrab from ACA site. Will post it just below this sentence.