Abundance – The Only Life Known by Millenials and Snowflakes
April 16, 2017

The logo on my business card states; “History – Better Studied Than Ignored”.

Having advocated for the study of History for years on my website, I feel an appalling number of young people in America are clueless. When I see videos of College and University students expressing opinions detrimental to their home country, I can only assume that they have been exposed to propaganda – and swallowed it whole.

Younger people today might get a more accurate picture of our history just be talking to the elderly – those who were actually there when history happened – instead of the crap coming from the mainstream media, the leftwing Democrats and our educational system.

I spoke with an elderly man in a Doctor’s waiting room not too long ago. He spoke of the older days of farming and what they were up against then. This drew more people in the waiting room into the conversation. One spoke of drawing water from a well, another spoke of an Aunt and Uncle having a Missouri farm, meaning sunrise-to-sunset work, while a another gal spoke of being very young yet being in the North Carolina tobacco fields with her Mother – as opposed to being in a Day Care.

All of these folks, myself included, spoke of times when we had less than we have today.

On a website named Nostalgia and Now there are listed 50 things we did not have in the 1950’s – a time of my growing up in America. Among them are Google, icemakers, microwave ovens, GPS devices, cell phones and laptops. Add to that all of the medical technology gained since then and it is a mighty representation of all Capitalism has achieved.

Did Communist Russia gives us these advancements? No. Did Communist China give us these advancements? No, they only gave manufacturers cheap labor to steal and copy our industry. What has Communist North Korea given us? A twisted, spoiled fat little pig of a man-child threatening us with Nuclear weapons.

Frequently I have advised younger people to talk to the older folks in our country. You will hear many tales of sacrifice, hardship and long days of work. When these stories are out of sight and out of mind, those not hearing the stories are bereft of judgment, about our country, our culture and our way of life.

There were times when I saw my Mother and our neighbor’s Mother using a washboard. If you don’t know what a washboard is you are unaware of what life was like in America before we came upon the Horn o’ Plenty – delivered up by the years of hard work that evolved into the plethora of modern conveniences we have today. If one had to use a washboard today it might give him or her a better appreciation for the elbow grease used by those who went ahead of us.

It was Moms and Dads from my era that worked at a factory that made radios. Later new Moms and Dads would labor where they made the first cordless phones, then computers, and then cell phones. All advances under American Capitalism meant someone had to work, providing their physical capital in exchange for the wages that would feed and house their children.

Amazingly, I recently read of a student at a high-priced University actually rail against his own Father for the woes of the world produced by Capitalism. But Capitalism was the vehicle for so many – by the labor provided by Moms and Dads – to pay for some uppity know-nothing college student to decry that from which he benefited.

If Millennial Snowflakes had any real smarts they would volunteer at a Senior Center, or talk to their Grandparents, or that old guy living across the street who wears a cap showing he fought in World War II. They have experienced history and their stories would be tales of enlightenment for the “entitlement class”. They are remindful of baby birds in the nest with open beaks pointing skyward, clamoring for sustenance – with the potential to remain in the nest for a very, very long time.

Has anyone taken a look at the contrast between North and South Korea? One, a bastion of Capitalism, has modern cities, roads and manufacturing. The other has masses forced into slave labor and many dying of starvation. Why would any truth-seeking young person ignore such a contrast – and oops, I believe I just answered my own question – believing that a young person would actually seek the truth.

There are many, many young people being raised in America to appreciate the values explained by our history. But there are masses of young people buying into any type of illogical presumption put upon them by educators, the media and the Democrat Party. So many have some pie-in-the-sky belief that Capitalism is evil and that everything we all need should just be given us – by that great Money Tree Fairy!

Turn your eyes to the past if you do not want to be deceived. Talk to those of advanced years – the likes of which who for long hours toiled in factories – or lost friends defending us on the beaches of Normandy or Iwo Jima – against the ones whose lust for power and control gave us Communism – the destroyer of countries, cultures and progress. And, coincidentally having one political party advocating the same tactics of total control and destruction that Communism guarantees; wholly applauded by the masses of the dumb and ignorant.

Older people in our country understood being without. It is easy to imagine that if a Millennial had to go one week without a cell phone they would become apoplectic – or if hearing of a Conservative speaking at their campus – they would be willing to burn down the school. Isn’t that how we all survive and get along? Isn’t that the Progress we get from Progressivism?

The young of today – unless being poverty-stricken – have never been without. They do not understand the abundance they enjoy that was provided by their parents and grandparents. If they continue their disruption, rioting and violence – they will put us back a hundred years. Then they will understand – when it is too late.

Maybe if Millenials and Snowflakes faced a few struggles in life they wouldn’t have time to go out and protest everything under the sun.