Dec. 4, 2016

I am a self-admitted news hound – sprung from my love of history – and history unfolds in front of me daily. When looking at so much information I have to ask – how did we begin to raise so many stupid children? Every day I see reports of “millenials” who couldn’t reason their way out of a paper bag – displaying a disgust for our country as being evil, racist, genocidal and propagating slavery.

While millions around the world attempt to come to the United States to live, some of those who have been here and benefited from what Capitalism has produced, instead choose to dishonor everything about America by burning the Flag of our nation.

I see interviews of snowflakes from one end of the country to the other, dismiss, defile and bemoan the very nation that gives them the opportunities paid for by those who are above them in years – and paying the taxes that gives them their “safe spaces”.

How did this happen? Why are we suddenly inundated in irrational, childlike behavior in our Country?

I have a theory about that and ask the reader to remember this is not a scientific account, its all from my gut feelings and could actually be borne out via some examples – such as the ones I will post in this article.

But the Snowflake and Militant population is not new – the roots began many years ago.

Let’s go back to where I worked during the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago. My goings to and from work in the downtown area allowed me to avoid the hotspots of violence but I caught up on things watching the nightly news.

The issue was the Vietnam War. It was a war, in my opinion; President Johnson had not allowed to be won – in other words, as others dubbed it – a “limited war”. Without a clear strategy to win, thousands of American youth were sent to the slaughter. The protesters had a point but from that era I believe many mistakenly saw ALL war as unacceptable. If that is the case, what should one do when invaded by another military power? Surrender?

In this statement gleaned from on those 1968 Chicago riots, the mindset is revealed.

“No longer would people give the national government unrestrained power to pursue its Cold War policies at the expense of the safety of U.S. citizens.”

But, does it address the question of when we might have to employ our military if our country is threatened?

I suspect the seeds planted in that era, and especially by those at colleges and universities, left many of the young opposed to all war. They went out into the world, some into positions of teaching where they had a rapt and innocent audience that would hear their side of the issue – but the audience did not hear the other side of the issue. Later, those in academia rose to positions controlling academic institutions and their mindset was pushed onto the young and impressionable.

After the Watergate scandal under President Nixon, a sour taste was left in the mouths of many in our country. Did many then subscribe to the idea that ALL Republican Presidents were bad? Is this why nearly all of academia is Democrat?

In another sense, if a couple separates, then divorces, is there opportunity for the parent receiving custody of the children to prejudice and inculcate the offspring that the non-custodial parent is a bad person – hammering that into the minds of children until they approach adulthood? In this instance again, one side only is presented to the children and the custodial parent has produced an offspring that has been taught only one side.

You might wonder how so many young people have a rotten opinion about America but when those responsible for teaching our young present only one aspect you can imagine how the end result is shown today.

Last year my 7th Grade Grandson shared some of his school activities with me, as I am always interested in what happens in schools today. He told me one day they had learned about ‘slavery’. When I asked him if they taught about slavery throughout history he said no, he had only been taught about slavery in the United States. That leaves the young mind believing again that in some separate way, the United States alone was responsible for such evil treatment of fellow humans.

On a weekend following that conversation with my Grandson he visited us for an overnight and I spent time telling him how slavery had been around since early history and was employed by many people. I gave him the “other” perspective that told him we as a country were not the only ones transgressing against others.

In revealing instances of Common Core in our schools, one textbook gave an entire chapter to Islam – and one page to Christianity – certainly biased in discussing world religions with children. There have been also examples of textbooks presenting Gays and Lesbians favorably to those in early grades.

In the news this past year, memorials and the Flag of the Confederacy have been removed from public and private exhibition. Everything about the Confederacy is now unacceptable and is to be removed from history. But do those raising a clamor over the Confederacy know that a reported 98% of those fighting for the South in that war did not own slaves? If they do not know that they have been taught an unwarranted prejudice – that all people in the South at that time were evil slave owners. Again, one side of the issue was presented.

An online search for “propaganda” showed this;




information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view

I have to speculate that propaganda has produced so many young people that want to burn our flag or make “demands” of the University or having separate housing for black students or other such things they have no right to demand.

When terrorists flew into the World Trade Center Towers I started giving rapt attention to what was going on in our country and the world. My intensive study of the media revealed a major portion of “news” outlets either censoring news detrimental to the Democrat Party or entirely falsifying opinions as if they were actual news.

There are five major media outlets by viewer-ship or Internet access. Of those five, four were decidedly biased against Conservatism or outright lied about events in our nation. In essence, they reported only one side of an issue. If anyone using those news sources but did not take time to seek out the other side of an issue, they were necessarily prevented from making a rational judgment. (My study of the Media in 2013 can be seen on my website, and willful ignorance is detailed in my 2015 publication, “Groupthink vs. Truth’)

We have seen tremendous discord in our country in this most recent Presidential Election with those unhappy about the outcome, in spite of the process being used since our Constitution was written, leading to protests, destruction of property and violence against those who did not accept Hillary Clinton as their candidate.

How do these people get stirred up? It is based on whom they take their opinions from and with one political party so entrenched in deceit and misrepresentation the outcome should not be surprising.

When racial harmony was at one of its best levels before Barack Obama became President – and the fact that America twice voted in an African-American to the Oval Office, soon things began to unwind.

Early on, when there was an arrest of Robert Louis Gates by Washington police, Obama took to his bully pulpit to stir up racial issues. He said the police acted “stupidly”, thus setting the precedent for how he would attack law enforcement in general – even pitting the Department of Justice against police departments.

He also stirred up the issues when Trayvon Martin was killed in a nighttime altercation, stating that if he had a son, “he’d look like Trayvon”.

When a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri, killed a young black man, again the President stirred the pot of racial divide. In the media and even in Congress, the false narrative of “hands up – don’t shoot” became the clarion call against the evils of law enforcement and was repeated endlessly by the leftwing media – even being repeated in the halls of Congress.

Was the President being honest with America or did he harbor the same hatred for white people espoused by his church pastor, Reverend Wright, who blasted white America as the Obama’s attended his church for twenty years? Had the single viewpoint of racism from the pulpit by Reverend Wright prejudiced Barack Obama against white America?

Would the President of the United States tell a lie? We could start with the infamous “you can keep you doctor” lie of 2009. We can tell about the lie of not paying a ransom for Americans held by Iran in a one-sided Nuclear deal – or just yesterday – in his weekly radio address to the nation, he stated as an achievement, “making health care more affordable for all Americans.”

In spite of all the evidence on health care being the opposite the President once again goes before the American people – and lies.

Our president, most of the media and the Democrat Party in America have dovetailed with Academia in presenting a singular view on America – that as a nation we are bad people, unless we are Black, Latino or Muslim.

What is happening in our country is from the fruits of years of propaganda being spoon fed to America, resulting in half of the population being prejudiced and unopened to disagreement. Throw in big money from donors to militancy in the form of Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and others desiring to profit from our national discord and it takes us right to where we are today.

There is one salient result that happens when one-sidedness is so prevalent – that one does not learn “discernment” for decision making after being fed a lifetime diet of leftwing hatred for America. Discernment allows an individual to review and analyze both sides of an issue. But that is abandoned when so many choose to only accept information – or lies – from one side.

The ‘left’ in America has been so successful in camouflaging truth that it has lead to such things as students “demanding” at one woman’s college a “transgender woman of color” as school administrator – or separate housing for blacks or all white students being forced to admit they are racist – erasing all of what the thousands died for in a Civil War to allow blacks to live peaceably among all Americans.

Democrats have been accused of losing this last election due to “identity politics”. They supported all Illegal Immigrants, women, all Black people and all people of any sexual orientation other than the norm as being victims. Where does the white population of America fit into their plans? They didn’t and that’s why I believe they lost.

Unfortunately many in America are not being taught you can’t always get what you want – but instead – if someone else disagrees with you they are illegitimate and are to be forcibly swept aside. With propaganda they are given credence. It’s easy; if you disagree with abortion you are against women’s health. If you disagree with illegal immigration you are racist, etc., etc., etc. When this is supported throughout most of Academia, most of the mainstream media and the Democrat Party as a whole, you can understand the outcomes.

Tremendous upheaval frequently results in a radical change in leadership – allowing enforcement of extreme agendas. I believe that was the intention all along.

For all of those espousing discord and upheaval to achieve their wants and desires, I ask them to read my following assessment:

“Once you legitimize violence to reach your goals you legitimize violence for your own disposal.” Or as sometimes said by some, “Be careful what you ask for!”