A Prediction
Jan. 14, 2017

The Webmaster has penned many articles discussing history and its repetition. Looking back has advantages over looking ahead. But I now make a departure and want to predict something I suspect America will see in the near future. On January 20th a new President will be inaugurated in Washington, D.C. Expect to see the true colors of the “tolerant” Leftwing of our country.

They have yelled and screamed derision at what the political process yielded and there will be unleashed on our country some of the ugliest behavior by some of the ugliest citizens – and non-citizens – within our borders. You may expect violent confrontations with police, property damage and general chaos – a made-to-order outcome for the one man who for eight years allowed his hatred for America to permeate the minds of those too ignorant to seek truth on their own.

You will see vile behavior that represents everything they attempt to tell you the Rightwing in America is. Speeches were shut down in California by student protesters yesterday – proving that the Constitutional right to free speech is for Liberals but not for Conservatives. What you will see on inauguration day are disobedient children – completely hypnotized by the most hideous puppet master of our time – Barack Hussein Obama. All the justices they seek for our country they ignore because they are the unbridled “useful idiots” for all the Barack Obama’s of the world.

For years I have struggled to put my finger on just exactly what made someone a Liberal as opposed to being a Conservative. Finally, today, I have an answer.

Just as a child develops physically or matures from a newborn – the body size increases – bones become larger – body mass increases. From what was a boy at three and a half feet tall at age six – comes a young man at six feet tall at age twenty-one. Liberalism represents the failure of a human to mature emotionally. As a newborn one whines and cries for the necessities of life – food, diaper change, being burped. Typically a human matures and learns to accept boundaries – no, you can’t take that toy from your playmate in kindergarten – no, you can’t stay up all night playing – no, you must do your homework.

For a Liberal, however, the boundaries are not enforced. You can take something from someone else if you want – you can march in protests and throw projectiles at police – you do not have to have a job or take any responsibility for your self.

This is what is being displayed today in our political process and amongst those demanding enough wages to buy a house and car right out of high school just because that’s what they want – not what they are willing to work for. Liberalism is a result of the emotional maturing of our young people being halted while young – not learning to accept the rights of others. Liberalism is represented today en masse by the Democrat Party in America – willing to take from someone else and give it to some spoiled brat – especially when that spoiled brat is granted the right to vote.

The Democrat Party in America has played upon the weakness of the emotionally immature to wield laws and rules meant to favor those who do not contribute over those who do. The disease of Liberalism is promoted by and is the hallmark of Democrats in America. You have to give them credit, though, as they have been so wildly successful – and our Country is now so wounded as a result of their success.


I purposely left the above post in place and now I want to see how good I was at predicting. Actually, it does not take much skill as the Left in America is so downright predictable!

What America Faces
Jan. 20, 2017

We read stories of ISIS destroying homes, historical sites, burning people alive and having children cut of the heads of their enemies. Radical Islam, having adopted horrible and absolutely frightening tactics in their bid for a global caliphate, illustrates some of the worst representations of humanity to date.

The tactics of violence in order to place extremist views upon “the enemy” is now taking shape in America. Those unhappy with the election of Donald Trump find it totally acceptable to be violent to achieve their goals. This is displayed via the protest coverage by the Media. Do we still have a Democracy when one faction attempts to force its will upon others? This has all been spawned by the Democrat Party and their mouthpieces:























And just like a dutiful slave, the Leftwing Media in the U.S., and abroad, has sharpened their knives against the new president – before he has taken the chair in the Oval Office.















Now I will give the reader a vivid example of how propaganda from Democrats and the Mainstream Media attempt to “educate” the American people.

Following is news story I read today on the ABC news site.


The headline is warning that the poor, the chronically sick and the unemployed will lose healthcare if Obamacare is repealed. Notice the headline does not tell the reader that a number of replacements have been in the works for years. Telling the truth is not an objective of the Leftwing Media.

Let’s take a closer look at the ABC story; Poor, Chronically Sick, Unemployed Most Likely to Lose Coverage if ACA Repealed, Study Finds

Early in the article this statement is made:

“Those most at risk for losing coverage are more likely to be poor, have a chronic illness or be unemployed, according to a study published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association.”

Sounds pretty dire, doesn’t it? But a little further down in the same article is this:

”It remains unclear if repealing the ACA and replacing it with an alternate plan will imperil these individuals coverage in the future, the study authors said.”

The quote above takes the entire Liberal wind out of ABC’s argument. But it is not an argument at all, it is propaganda and might I say it, “Fake News”. And what the headline does not reveal is that most states have levels of care for the poor under Medicaid, wholly separate, and state-administered healthcare – not Obamacare.

Just as the anger that has arisen from Muslim ideologues, the same anger is now shown by those who blindly support Liberalism – despite history repeatedly warning us of its dangers. I don’t expect this to simmer down. Barack Obama plans to return to Washington – where he and his willfully ignorant sycophants will again attempt to destroy what is good and wonderful about America, via a “Community Organizer”.

Jan. 21, 2017

Update: 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time Zone
All four of the mainstream media carry as their top story the women’s march in Washington to protest Donald Trump. I might have suspected that the permissive and “me” centered culture in America would produce an entire generation of whiny babies. But it is what it is.