Chapter 3

It was ten days later that Agent Marcotte’s team had enough information to warrant another meeting on Alvin Kuntlzer and his revelations to the FBI.

Agents Peter, Simon, Mary and Marsha came in with expanding folders – ostensibly carrying the results of their particular assignments. Agency Chief Marcotte couldn’t help but noticing Marsha and Simon each carry a stuffed to capacity folder.

Once everyone was settled and had their coffees or bottled waters set properly. Greg Marcotte started things off.

“Pete, Bob, fill us in. Who is Alvin Kuntzler and what is his game?”

Pete spoke first. “You’ll be disappointed, Greg. We found more about Mr. Kuntzler but basically its as boring as Boyscout Jamboree. He was drafted shortly after marriage, spent time in various industries, nothing really of interest.”

“We found pretty much a mundane American who seems to spend a lot of time reading history and news”, Bod added. “He was steady for all those years of driving a produce truck. He was considered a good employee, always on time, detailed record keeping and good performance ratings. I got the impression his manager would love to have the guy back.
We did follow up on his Internet history after seizing his computer files and checking his phone records. Nothing out of the ordinary for your typical retired mail. He like to look at pictures of girls at the beach online but nothing more drastic. No illegal pornography but a wide range of history and information seaches. From what I gather he’d be a holy terror on Jeopardy.”

Pete chimed in again. “If anything this guy is a history nut, writing about history on his website and talking endlessly how history repeats. Nothing even close to extreme right-wing or anarchy, although he does admire the military – and law enforcement for that matter. Basically, we’ve got nothing other than a guy who does a lot of research.”

“Maybe that’s how he’s figured this out”, Greg mused but Greg Marcotte could be seen to be visibly disappointed in what he was hearing from the two Agents.

“Simon, Marsha” he stated simply, wanting to hear what the other two Agents had found.

Simon and Marsha by now had spread a number of folders across the table. Marsha, seeming to have the greatest command of the material spoke first.

“I kind of feel like I’ve become Alvin Kuntzler.”

The same quizzical looks enveloped the faces of Greg Marcotte and Agents Bob and Pete.
“I’m thinking”, Marsha continued, “that Alvin Kuntzler is simply someone who ‘payed attention’. Once we narrowed down the type of data commensurate with what Mr. Kuntlzer was able to find, we found it too, and in abundance. It was there all the time but it seems Mr. Kuntzler figured it out before we did.”

“There’s nothing that’s secret here,” Simon added to Marsha’s testimony. “Its as plain as day IF you know what you’re looking for. We now find the very same stuff Alvin Kuntler found. Our analysis tells us that because Alvin Kuntzler is a news and history hound, he must have stumbled across these stories and started to connect the dots.”

“All right, lay it out.” Greg Marcotte directed.

Marsha started the report.

“Sancturay City Mayor, Brad Stanish, killed in Myorka, Colorado in January of last year. The hit happened outside his home – no witnesses – no evidence. Shot by a 5.56 round.

At meeting of the New Socialists in Muncie, Oklahoma, the leader of the group took a shot to the head as he exhorted his followers with chants of “Down with America!”

LeDonn Carmichael, killed in an alley near his home in Port Rock, Louisianna. Mr. Carmichael’s claim to fame was a Youtube video knocking out a homeless woman. She suffered a fractured skull – he got only probation.

Wilber Gadsen, a career criminal awaiting trial on assauting a police officer in Marbury, Ohio. His arrest record was a mile long according to reports.

Zamach Muhammad, student body president at a small college in Winona, Montana. He had led a protest against the ROTC, stomping on and burning the American flag. One shot to the chest as he exited his car at a shopping mall.

Aaron Agate, a local news reporter in Moment, Montana. He used his nightly editorial to bash conservatives in Washington and had been cited numerous times for lies and fabrications. This one was a little more dramatic. He left for work one day and died as his car exploded. Professional work – no workable evidence.

Marvin Calender, a Muslim Washington Bureau Chief for the Monmount Examiner in Oregon. Shot outside his home. He was cited for refusing to retract his newspaper stories that smeared a Republican county candidate. The candidate lost and is currently under a state investigation.

Millicent Parks, head of the town council in Fairfax, Arizona. She bent to the will of an atheist group that demanded the Christmas Nativity no be displayed in the town square. The Scene has been displayed there for more than fifty years – population of Fairfax, twenty-two hundred.
Marsha paused and looked at Greg Marcotte as if silently asking if he wanted more from her.

Quietly, Simon added, “For the all the extreme right-wingers in our country, this is their idea of justice. But, since it is so widespread, as the twenty odd cases we haven’t told you about are, the dots weren’t connected until a guy in Florida, namely, one Alvin Kuntzler, did just that.”

The room fell silent as Greg Marcotte and the other two agents having not worked on this aspect of the investigation had distant looks on their faces.

Suddenly the door of the room was thrust open. In strode Mr. William Billings, Greg Marcotte’s boss. Instantly Greg Marcotte wondered what would warrant the Big Cheese to show up here.

Bureura Chief Billings looked directly at Greg Marcotte.

“You’re and your crew are working this Alvin Kuntzler situation?”

“Yes” Greg Marcotte answered.

Mr. Billings spoke again.

“I need you and your crew and everything you’ve got on this case in room C at 3 pm. sharp. This Kuntzler guy went to the press with it – as many as a hundred news and wire services, newspapers and news websites.

Not all the news companies are reporting it yet but some are and its spreading rapidly. All of you, 3 p.m. sharp. And all lips are sealed!”

Without another word the Bureau Chief exited as quickly as he entered. The meeting broke immediately with Greg Marcotte reminding the Agents to bring whatever they had to that afternoon meeting.