Chapter 2

Back at his Washington desk, Greg Marcotte started the investigative wheels turning. In an agent staff meeting he stated his directives.

“Bob, I want everything you can get on Alvin Kuntzler.

Marsha, I want you to look at any unsolved incidents over the last two years of any type of political leader, community leader or any type of high-profile citizen killed.

Pete, get me an update on any right-wing extremist goups including paramilitary – I don’t care if they call themselves a knitting group – I want to know what they are up to and where they are.

Simon, look up every name on the list this Alvin Kuntzler sent us. I want to connect the dots on this asap!”

The meeting broke up, all staff members given their assignments. In six days another scheduled meeting took place.

“Alright, let’s see what we’ve got.” Greg Marcotte said in opening the meeting.

“Bob, I want to hear from you first. Who is this Alvin Kuntzler and what’s his game?”

Agent Bob gave his report, sliding folders across the table to each of the attenees.

“I found nothing dramatic on Alvin Kuntzler. He spent most of the last 25 years driving produce delivery around Tampa, Florida. He has a membership with the VFW but seems he only participates rarely in their events. Two years of college, wrote a children’s book that takes place where he grew up in northern Indiana in the 1950’s and has a website that discusses military and political history. His writings are definately right-wing but nothing advocating extremes.

We suspect he has weapons in his home based on how he writes defending the second amendment. For the most part he seems to be a homebody, intent on carrying his message through his website. The site gets maybe fifty hits a day but I don’t get any hint of him associating with or advocating for any right-wing group or organization.

His wife Susan spent forty years as a hairdresser, no membership in any groups or organizations. Another homebody, goes shopping for groceries but nothing much else.”

“Hmm”, was Greg Marcotte’s reaction. “Bob, keep digging. If need be we’ll get a warrant for his computer and see what he’s looking at and who he’s talking to. Simon, what do you have?

Agent Simon slid his folders across the table to each of the attendees.
“There is no connection I found between any of the names on that list. They don’t seem to know each other, no connection through any groups or organizations. But if you look at each of the people on that list independently – there is a similarity.Not so much that in almost each case where they were a public official, they had all taken controversial actions.”

“Give it to us” Greg Marcotte directed.

“Henry Jeerson, District 2 Appeals Court in Washington State, started a lot of controversy when he ruled to throw out a guilty verdict against an illegal charged with attempted murder. That was in quite a few of the papers there. I’ve got nothing on any threats to his life, however, save for the kind you might typically see on the Internet and newspaper commentaries. There may be someone with a real axe to grind but so far I can’t identify any.

Prosecuting Attorney Julie Weston, Philadelphia.” Simon went on. “Again, controversy because she put forth a plea deal and went easy on this kid that killed his Mom, Dad and Sister. A lot of write up on that and a lot of folks unhappy with her. She also prosccuted a white cop who killed a black man during a confrontation. The cop was fully exhonorated.”

“Arthur Armitrage”, Simon continued, “Mayor of Rampart, Minnesota. He was the sole Republican on the list. Seems he got charged with either embezzling money from the town treasury and or granting city contracts to friends willing to give him a kickback. The case is in its early stages but the numbers so far stack up against him.

Bob Linley, a convicted child rapist got out of a Little Rock prison just a month ago. Folks seemed unhappy that he only spent two years in prison. If you tell me to, I’ll run a check on his family to see if anyone vowed revenge.

William C. Martin – High School Principle, Conroy, VA. He stirred things up in his small school distric t by suspending a student wearing a USA flag t-shirt on Cinco-de-Mayo, telling the media it was offensive to those celebrating their Mexican heritage. That ticked off a lot of the Conroy folks.

And lastly, our victim in the recent shooting, Peter Mellor – State’s Attorney – Wesley, California. He irritated a lot of people when he went after churches and clergymen who advocated against the gay and lesbian agenda. He had ordered subpeonas for sermons and any other church docmuments that carried any type of anti-LGBT language. He was gunned down outside his home in the early evening. Police have no clues whatsoever on this case.”

Greg Marcotte seemed to stare out the window for a moment, mentally trying to guess where the similarities in this might be other than public figures doing something that may have upset quite a number of people. Of course, the more people that were upset the wider the pool of suspects that were created. But Greg Marcotte wanted to keep the focus on Alvin Kuntzler first and foremost.

Pete gave his report on right-wing groups but had nothing significant to report. Nothing that he could uncover showed any relationship to the killing of Peter Mellor or to any of the names provided by Mr. Kuntlzer.

“Marsha” Greg Marcotte stated.

Marsha took a moment to bring herself more erect in the chair, her body language seeming to indicate at least her report was significant. She bagan.

“At first there wasn’t much as I concentrated on the areas of the country where Mr. Mellor met his end or in or around the Tampa area where Alvin Kuntzler lives. But when I started searching for homicides nationwide that involved high-profile people, things got interesting.”

Marsha paused momentarily, looking at Greg Marcotte and her associates to see if she indeed had everyone’s attention. Assured this was the case, she went on with her report.

“From my search, I now have twenty seven cases that seem somewhat like some right-wing individual or group might carry out. The distances between the cases geographically tends to negate any single individual being able to carry this out. If at all, if these are related, this is widespread and organized.”
Greg Marcotte was intensely interested now.

“Okay, Marsha. Details”

Marsha responded by sliding file folders across the desk to each of the members in the meeting. Then adjusting her glasses she opened her copy and started.

”January 25, last year, Michael Benedetti, another person in academia, teaching at Southern University in Witchita, met his demise when leaving a lecture hall at nine p.m. His lectures included calling the police criminals and murderers. Shot from a distance. No witnesses. The case remains open.

February of last year, Paula Marcu, mayor of Plainville, Utah, shot while leaving a town meeting during the evening hours. One shot to the head, no witnesses, no clues.”

“What’s the tie-in?” agent Marcotte interjected.

“She and the town council had passed an ordinance making gun dealers having to video record all weapons and ammunition transactions within the town limits. The two gun shops had to close up and move outside the town limits. That seemed to make a lot of people unhappy in Plainville.

March 20th, last year, Paul Diligent, a local elections official was charged with stuffing ballot boxes in Merribelle, Louisianna. Also charged with registering dead people and illegal aliens. He was killed outside his home in the early morning. One shot to the heart. He must have had friends in high places as the county counsel, a member of the same political party, got him off with probation and a fine.

That counsel was George Hemmer, a local party bigwig. He was shot twice when leaving his offices at night just two weeks after the ruling. One in the chest, another to his head. No witnesses in either case.

April of last year, Margaret Thune, Judge for the Peterston, Arizona court district, killed while sitting in her car, early morning, just outside her home. Her actions were giving probation to a man after time served for charges of involuntary manslaughter. The man she gave probation to shot and killed a woman and her seven year old daughter a month after his release.”

“Wait” agent Mellor interrupted. “How many of these cases are similar in that the victim had done something, let’s say, hmmm, I’m trying to peg this here. Let’s say, something extremely one sided politically or perhaps left-wing in their actions?”

“For the most part, as far as I can tell,” Marsha answered, “fifteen of the victims who’s cases I’ve studied have done something controversial – something perhaps viewed by someone very conservative or right-wing as unjust.
We have people in politics, government, academics or some kind of criminal malfeasance.”

The room went silent as Greg Marcotte once again turned his gaze to somewhere outside the window.

“Any ideas, folks?” he queried the people gathered.

Simon was the first to give input.

“If we are to believe, or even want to believe there is some connection here, someone, some group is making a statement and if it is all or even partly connected, we’ve got a can of worms on our hands.”

“Marsha,” Greg Marcotte again asked, “Is there anything at all that gives any type of clue or evidence on which we can start to build something, anything to help us tie this together?”

Marsha shuffled a few of the papers in her file.

“In two cases, just two, you’ll see them on page 18 and page 47, a white van was spotted in the area of the homicides. No license plate numbers, nothing significant, no person identified, just a white, plain white van.”

“All right, gang.” Greg Marcotte said, seeming to indicate the meeting being ended.
“Simon, you are now with Marsha. I want a drill-down on what she has so far. Pete, you and Bob, I want a warrant for anything and everything not bolted down at Alvin Kuntzler’s address. Get that warrant – I want to turn Alvin Kuntzler inside out. He’s the only link for this coming to our attention. I want his e-mail, phone and Internet activity – all of it! I want to know Alvin Kuntzler like I know my own family!”