I never thought I would see the day that absolutely anything could rile a Social Justice Warrior – willing to be upset about any imagined wrongdoing. If this is the “Information Age” it is truly rife with “misinformation”.

Nearly anything I was raised to respect and admire, belief in God, marriage and the family, our law enforcement and military is under attack by those too spoiled by culture to give a whit about what is real and unreal. It must be why so many flock to hear the words of entertainers whose lives are immersed in make believe, about how we should just hate everything that made this country so wonderful.

All of that is being smashed by smithereens by a lying political party willing to sink the Ship of State just because they don’t like the Captain.

All actions have consequences and the battle lines are forming. Conservative and common sense Americans, however, can only be pushed so far before fighting back. What I see as inevitable in America was put into a fiction setting in 2016 and given the title, “2020”. Read it and see if what it portends in fiction can actually become real.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

“2020” was included in a published collection of fiction entitled, “Ten Stories and Falling” and can be reviewed here.

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