As stated in earlier writings, technology has advanced from the stone ax to information being delivered by a myriad of sources. While we have advanced technologically, some still harbor a barbaric mindset because human behavior has not improved along with technology. I have made repeated predictions that came true; not because I am clairvoyant but because I study history. History tells me that human behavior is the same since the cave man day. Liberalism (Communism), has become so unhinged, so aggressive, that harassment, physical assault and even assassination has been endorsed by the Left. Seeing this development made me write a short story predicting what can happen when conservatism is pushed too far and a backlash results – as villagers may have done in the Dark Ages after being repeatedly plundered by evil hordes. Published in the book “Ten Stories and Falling” in 2016 it addresses that possibility. Because of its relevance I now submit the four chapter story for your perusal. The Title is “2020”. Click the links and you may digest its message.


Is it just too easy to predict the future when you study history? The 2020 story tells of a time when some radical right-wing element takes the law into their own hands. Details in the story tell why. Now, nearly three years after its writing the story has an element of truth. The Leftwing of America is pushing our nation into Socialism and Communism - not for the benefit of America but for the power it cedes to those in Government. Consider these headlines:


What is pushing one person to potential violence? Consider the evil being unleashed by Leftwingers in our nation:







Do those on the Left not believe someone on the right will be pushed to adopt the tactics of the left? Think again. If it continues in this manner the nation will find out exactly why the Founders placed the 2nd Amendment in our Constitution. If you keep kicking a dog it will eventually bite you. This is not a situation I desire for humanity - it is only the trait of greed and lust for power that can lead to tragedy.


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