Political Cartoons 2019 via ©Krood Komics

This depiction should be self-explanatory - as witnessed daily in worldwide news.


Guest-Oppo News
"It was announced today that the Democratic National Committee has partnered with Muslim leaders here in America and around the world to depose Donald Trump as President. Following the announcement the chants of 'Death to America' and 'Death to Trump' received a round of cheers. At this early reporting the motto for the group is said to be, 'Make America a S**thole Country Again'. More on this development later"
“For the benefit of our viewers we wish to clear up some vague issues when we report the news. As you know, some reporting does not clearly indicate the basics of the story. For this reason we now have appointed a “News Clarifier” that removes any doubt about the truthfulness of the stories. We now bring in Brad Backstabber with his first 'News Clarification'Brad Backstabber: “Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen, non-binaries, transgenders and LGBTers. In our first story we refer to how a wealthy industrialist that once attended banquets where Donald Trump and Bill Clinton were in attendance, was arrested in a prostitution sting. For Clarification we wish to say this headline was incorrect. The Clarification is; 'Friend of Trump arrested on sex charges'. Thank you.

“In other news, witnesses claim that Donald Trump stopped his motorcade in order to help a little old lady cross the street. Critics were quick to point out this was an obvious attempt to push the old lady in front of a moving vehicle so she would die and he would reduce the Social Security rolls.”

Interviewer: “Today we are speaking with Conservative Leader Tom Truthson about proposed legislation for Slave Reparations. Mr Truthson, don't you believe those payments are justified for all of the blacks in America who are still suffering from the effects of slavery?

Truthson: “Actually, I can't believe that 150 years after Emancipation blacks still lack in areas of education and job skills. If you look at statistics it is black men killing more black men than whites killing black men – and also shows a huge majority being incarcerated for crimes. It makes me wonder if Reparations are paid out that the choice facing some young black people would be to rob the convenience store for their next drug fix or if they can hold out for their next Reparations check. I only wish you people on the Left would admit to that”

Interviewer: “You rotten racist bastard! You are white and you are the reason the blacks have been oppressed for those 150 years! You white supremacists are truly the source of violence in America!”

(Interviewer pulls out gun and points it at the guest)

(Camera cuts to still photo of Donald Trump)

(Gunshots are heard)

Interviewer again on screen: “We'll be back after this commercial announcement”






















(Webmaster's Note: It seems pretty far-fetched, you might imagine. But this, plus welcoming all of Central America into the United States to live off of the United States only amplifies the desire by those who's primary goal is to take down a Democratic Republic and replace it with Communism. If you study the Cloward-Piven Strategy it mimics those prescriptions to a T. Unfortunately we are bombarded daily with Fake News, assumptions, innuendos and outright falsehoods from most of the Media.)




I suspect that selling abortion as "women's health" only leads to an insensitivity to life itself. The hypocrisy is that Democrats decry child-parent separation at the southern border but are totally fine with a permanent separation resulting in death of the newborn.

My fear is that when survival comes so easily it allows people's imaginations to be driven towards idiotic and nonsensical endeavors.


That's right, folks. In New York you can kill an unborn anytime right up until birth but if
you serve plastic straws at a D.C. eatery you can be fined $800!

"The Stupid is strong in Liberals"

Nothing is of any importance to the Left today - the Nation's southern border, a robust economy, a strong military - all are unimportant since the mission is to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency - by any means - legal or otherwise.