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Let me see; Obama lied about health care, gave pallets of cash to the Iranians - but Trump is under investigation?

Hillary Clinton broke Federal Law by setting up a Private Mail Server and sending classified mail over an unprotected device - but Trump is under investigation?

Hillary oversaw selling 20% of US Uranium to Russia, then took a multimillion dollar kickback - but Trump is under investigation?

Those in Hillary's circle were granted immunity from prosecution while Trump associates end up in prison for "process crimes" - but Trump is under investigation?

The DNC and Clinton campaign paid for a fake dossier generated via Russia collusion to discredit a presidential candidate - but Trump is under investigation?

The Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media and those in Education has bred an entire generation of "stupid". What will happen when they all suffer under Communism?

Everything - yes, everything the Left accuses Conservatives of is exactly what they do. The country's young are being brainwashed by Democrats, the Mainstream Media and our Educational system - yet all bad behavior is amazingly blamed on others.

How much can the Left continue the run to violence without someone getting hurt? To Democrats, it is all fair and just - for them.
















Yes, it all sounds good at first but history tells us the repeated outcome of false promises - merely because of the lust for power and money.


Democrats have gone off their meds, now. No one is safe if a Conservative. These are the bastards in America. They don't give a twit that the country will be destroyed via Communism - as long as their wealth buys them a seat at the table.


This situation is commonly revealed when questioning those protesting America, Donald Trump and Capitalism. The brainless are easily brainwashed, or, as in the case of those protesting the SCOTUS nomination, can't even tell us what they are protesting. Dumbed down - yes.




When information becomes totally one-sided then those not questioning truth become one-sided as well. I watched a man from Turning Point USA questioning protesters outside the Senate SCOTUS hearings and one of the protest organizers tells the reporter he has to leave - simply because she says so as they both stand on Federal public property. These are the dangerous ones that will adopt more ISIS tactics of property damage and assaulting those with whom they disagree - just as Mussolini's Brown Shirts did, just as Hitler's Gestapo did and just as Mao's student worshipers did. Now, don't you feel better?

Just as California Governor Jerry Brown signs a law doing away with posting bail for non-violent crimes - just as Democrats in Florida vote in the Governor's Primary for an openly Socialist candidate - we see the Deep State in Washington and the Mainsteam Media protecting the criminal actions of Hillary Clinton. Today, 8-29-2018, a blockbuster reports informs us that the Chinese hacked into Hillary's illegal e-mail server and now have tens of thousands of her e-mails she tried to hide from Americans. The "news" agencies not reporting on this: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC. Yet, who is under investigation for nearly two years with still no evidence of Russian collusion? Donald Trump - you know that guy destroying America by lowering taxes, creating a booming economy and strengthening our Military. Oh, the humanity!




This has all occurred just in my lifetime. I was born in 1949 and learned to appreciate all of those Americans who fought and died in World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam. If you examine the history of the growth of Government the most salient programs currently bankrupting the nation were passed by Democrats. Do your homework - its all there





This only illustrates how successfully the "hate-America" has advanced in politics, the media and education. This can mostly be laid on the shoulders of America-hating Barack Obama but the seeds of Socialism began many years before when the Liberal nuts of the sixties took positions of influence in our colleges and universities.




The Democrat Party has made it abundantly clear. They do not support the American people in the United States but those who have not yet come here to
be made into Democrat Voters. What happens when they finally get their wish? Can you say, "Venezuela"?

This is all it takes to garner votes for one political party. Unfortunately for America too many people believe this stuff - proven by the fact
that the criminal Hillary Clinton got more votes than Trump in the last election. We are inundated by the "willfully ignorant".

Democrats are willing to destroy America just to destroy Trump. In California they are registering illegal immigrants to vote. Liberals only cared about immigrant children separated from parents at the border - when Trump is President!


"The Stupid is strong in this one. Making bizarre and outrageous comparisons are the weapon for the Communist Democrats - lamenting the plight of foreign children at the border while endorsing the 60,000,000 killed by abortion since Roe vs. Wade. Nice folks, aren't they?


Yes, I am a white, heterosexual married male - thereby the enemy of the Left. They realize the Cloward-Piven Strategy and Alinskey's Rules for Radicals would work in their favor.


Just today 7-20-2018 , Joe Scarborough wonders what is wrong with Trump supporters. Clue to Joe - read the damn Constitution!


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Check the financial obligations of States and Cities run by Democrats. Feces and needles in the streets of San Francisco, young blacks being murdered
by the droves in Cities like Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis. California has gone the way of the European Union; those who turned Europe into a giant
Sanctuary Continent for Muslim radicals - except not enough Muslims are coming across our Southern Border so they have to settle for those from Central and South America and telling American taxpayers to foot the bill.














Is it uncommon for younger people to be self-absorbed via social media? Not any more.


Democrats believe anything you work for belongs to Government. They are already practicing Socialism right in front of us.