2017 Political Cartoons

2017 Political Cartoons - Also Featuring:
The Adventures of Rible and Gorn  



Since Donald Trump became President Democrats and their ideological allies in the Islamic world found a new person to blame every unhappiness on. Of course, the mainstream media echoes the same words because they are as corrupt as the Islamic Jihadists they try so hard to protect.


The above illustrates what Democrats have done and are doing to America. Invite as many leeches into the country as possible - grant them amnesty - then the vote. Afterward we will be a Socialist country and we would be there now if Hillary had been elected.












How is it that Hillary lied repeatedly during her term as Secretary of State, using her office to enrich the Clinton Foundation and losing the Election, yet the fawning Mainstream Media continue to give her softball interviews and telling her that to them she won the election? How is it the same Liberals believe that Antifa is just a bunch of sweet, innocent kids crying out for social justice. Somewhere more than half of our country went stupid.




The Social Justice Warriors are fit to be tied because Donald Trump banned Transgenders from the military - and if we look at the reasons it all makes sense - which is why Liberals are so upset - because it makes sense! Personally, having served in the military, I would be concerned having a Transgender next to me in battle with a long object from which bullets come. If he - or she - can't figure out what type of sex organ they have I fear them knowing which end of the rifle is the business end!


Isn't it convenient for Congress exempting itself from the problems caused by Obamacare? Why should they fix a disastrous health care law passed by Democrats alone if they are not subjected to the same conditions as the citizens who voted them into office?



The Left Wing Shooting Gallery
In my study of American political history I have judged no element so destructive for our nation as the Democrat Party. Since the 1930's with the first Socialist Law being passed under the seemingly harmless name of 'Social Security' - it was the beginning of many more entitlements granted to voting citizens in exchange for their ballot. For the first time in many years, a non-politician was elected President because enough American people wanted to stop the Socialist juggernaut skippered by Democrats - a party in reality that should be named the American Communist Party. Even with the help of the Mainstream Media somehow the truth comes out - revealing Leftwingers to be cunning, evil, woefully ignorant and just plain stupid. Democrats continue to place the U.S. on the same path as Venezuela, Greece, France and Germany. And yet, Millennials celebrate the impending destruction of all their cherish, provided by Capitalism - and will wonder what happens when we are in total choas. That is what Liberalism does.


In the United States today the way is being paved for a takeover, as is happening in Europe, of Sharia Law for Muslims - and applied to all Americans. Democrats, Liberals and most of the media camoflage the coming threat with messages of "love" and appeasement.

Europe's leaders are letting their cultures and customs be overrun by radical Islam. How many people must die before free people awake to the threat? In England people are being jailed for even speaking against radical Islam. In America, Obama-appointed Judges are attempting to legislate against the Executive branch. And all along the Progressives (Communists) are using this radical Islamic ideology to paint American-loving citizens as Islamiphobic and racist. They will not be happy until Conservatism dies. Be warned now of those consequences. The American President has vowed to fight this extremism - Globalists in Europe cry out, "Climate Change". Not since Hitler have the masses been so ignorant.



I was watching former CIA Director, John Brennan testifying to a Congressional Committee about possible collusion between Trump and the Russians. Even though, like everyone else telling lies about Trump he admitted not having any evidence. But the mainstream media tells the country he said he "had concerns about Russian contact with the Trump campaign" So, no evidence but the headline is about "concern" by an Obama appointee. Holy Mother of God, Liberals will not be happy until they continue Obama's plan of destroying America.


Hillary Clinton set up a private mail server to hide and transmit top secret information - a Federal offense. She was never charged. Since last summer Democrats have insisted Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to tip the election in his favor - yet no evidence has been produced. Still, the investigation goes on. This is what some of our tax dollars do for us.




The cover of this book is printed out by Liberals, Progressives and Democrats. Don't be fooled - those rioting Black Lives Matter and College spoiled brats is providing the groundwork for what they Left truly represents - Communism. Look at those rioting in Venezuela because there is little to no food - a Socialist and Fascist country. But are those trouble makers in America starving for food - or attention? Fear those like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Sanctuary Mayors and Governors. This is all about Power - nothing else. And the ignorant masses play right into their hands.







America's adversaries learn they can voice their opposition by mimicking American "Fake News" outlets