This brings up the fact that the National Debt skyrocketing during the Obama administration.

I thought it hilarious that ISIS was called a JV Team by the President yet Liberals were aghast that America would waterboard the enemy - something that is routinely done in Navy Seal training.

When you study history and see the type of progression that is shown above, it tells how we inevitably march toward our own downfall - such as those in Greece, Venezuela and now Europe.

Barack Obama opened up relations with Cuba - granting them many advantages - yet yielding no benefit to the U.S.

Under the Obama Presidency we have a worse economy, worse foreign relations and a rise in racial strife. Either he is a consumate propagandist or he actually believes his own BS.

This illustrates the priorities maintained by Liberal/Progressive Snowflakes.


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You would get quite an arguement from me in advancing the idea that Barack Obama meant to bring the U.S. into chaos and along with his globalist partners, put our country under constraints administered by a small group on this planet who believe you are too stupid to run your own life. Fortunately, the agenda stopped with Hillary Clinton's defeat in Nov. 2016.